How FBI Allegations Against DCP Kyari Encouraged The Force Authorities To Probe Him

By Lateef Adegbite

Trouble is not yet over for Abba Kyari, a Borno state born Deputy Commissioner Police, who is regarded in security agencies circles as an untouchable Cop.  Kyari, who has been in the good book of past and present Inspector General of Police, IGP, as a crime buster, including PresidentMuhammadu Buhari Buhari, a retired Army General,  who gave him a Presidential award of Courage in 2016, may have tarnished his own image by associating with Rammon Abbass, popular, Hushpuppi, an International fraudster.

 He was said to have played a major  role in the activities of  the International fraudster, who was said to have had $41 million cash, 13 luxury cars, valued at about $6.8 million and a Computer, containing  more than 100,000  fraud files and the addresses  of close to two million  possible victims including an expensive phone with several phone numbers and emails , at the time of arrest in Dubai, United Arab Emirate, UAE, in June, 2020 and extradited to the state of California, in the North American country of the United States.

Hushpuppi Luxury Vehicles In Dubai, UAE

Hushpuppi, may have roped Kyari, in into trouble when he successfully used him to arrest Chibuzor Vincent, a member of the cybercrime gang, who had fallen out with him for   daring to expose the plan  to fleece a Quatari businessman of $1.1 million.   Hushpuppi may not have found this funny, as he was said to  have hatched out plot to use Kyari, a DCP, A and close ally , who was said to have been protecting  his interest  to harass and arrest him on the excuse that he wants to harass his family. 

Perhaps to ensure that Kyari carry out the assignment without failing he had sent Vincent ‘s photograph to him for eay indentification. That may have helped the celebrated crime buster to arrest Vincent, who has fallen out with Hushpuppi and detain him. Although, the Police DCP, had said nobody demand any money to carry out the assignment.

Initially, the Police Authorities , had wanted to threat the matter with  kid glove until the US, Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, stepped in insisting that Kyari has a case to answer. The FB, officials may have shocked Usman Alkali Baba, the Nigerian IGP, after a meeting  on Thursday, July 29, 2021,  at the Force Headquarters , when they had presented to him  a Communique  from the Central District of California   Court to show that   Hushpuppi, had actually used the embattled DCP,  to arrest and ensure that he was jailed as a way to silence him .

The FBI, presentation may have convinced the Police Authorities  that Kyari  arrested Vincent, Hushpuppi, estranged close friend  and cybercrime ally after he had threatened  to expose  a $1.1  fraud  committed  against a Quatari  business man. This may have informed why the Police Chief, ordered an internal review of the FBI allegations against the Nigerian senior police Cop.

Recall that the US, Court, had issued an arrest warrant  on Kyari in Nigeria and extradited to the US, to face trial based on the allegations against him. Many believe that the IGG, had given him a soft landing by setting up a Panel to review the US, Court allegations against h

im.   In a letter to Musiliu Smith, Chairman ,Police Service Commission, PSC, on Saturday, July 31st, 2021,  the Police  helmsman  had said that the recommendation for suspension of DCP Kyari by the Special Investigation  Pane, SIP,l  was in line  with  the internal disciplinary  process of the Force.

The Police Authority who did not hesitate in acting on the Panel recommendation barely two days after presentation. The Police boss had said that the suspension of the senior Police Cop ‘’is to create an enabling   environment for the  NPF, SIP, to carry  out its Investigations into the weighty allegations against the officer without interference. 

Given the seriousness attached to the Investigations, because of the International connection may have informed why Baba, the IGP, appointed Joseph Egbunike, a Deputy Inspector General of Police, DIG, in charge, of the Force Criminal Investigations Department, FCID, a position last occupied by him before his elevations to the position of acting IGP, by Pesident Muhammadu Buhari, a retired Army General last April and later confirmed him.

DIG Egbunike: Heads SIP, Probing DCP Kyari

A Statement by Frank Mbah, a DCP, and Force spokesperson shows that  the SIP, consisting of four senior officers ‘’is to undertake  a detailed review  of all the allegations  against the police embattled  DCP   by the US , Government as contained in the relevant documents  that have  been availed the  NPF by the FBI.

It is also expected  to obtain  a detailed representation  of Kyari to all the allegations against  him  and conduct further investigations  as it deems fit and submit recommendations to guide further actions   by the Force Leadership  on the matter’’.  

Kyari, may not have any reason to worry about being forced out of the Police unceremoniously   but to speak out    as the IGP has reconfirmed ‘’ the Commitment of the Force to the Rule of Law of Law, meaning that the sanctity of the probe  as well as well  the absolute   respect  for the rights and privilages  of the officer  throughout the period of the Investigations.

Recall that he had confirmed in Social Media page that the International fraudster sent N300,000. 00 which was used to buy clothes and Caps,which was paid into the clothes seller’s account and not his account.  He had said that he saw the clothes and Caps on his Social Media page andliked them.  He was said to have  stated on the Social Media page   that Hushpuppi  is connected to the clothes seller and thus, paid the amount directly into his account.

 He may have  shocked his followers when he said in his  Social Media page that the five sets of native clothes and Caps to match   were brought to his office  and he sent somebody to collect them.   The fear in both official and unofficial circles is that DCP kyari may not survive the probe because of the damming allegations against him by the US , government and his own postings  on  his Social Media page  which is very indicting: relating with an International fraudster.

He may have sent message to those waiting on the wings  for  him to be forced out of the service that they will be disappointed that he will come out from the probe a free person  because his records in the service for the last two decades which speaks volume.   

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