Rivers State: A Miracle Woman thrown Inside Well By Kidnapper Rescued Alive After three Days


By Elizabeth Chukwuma

   For  years, Kidnappers operating in the south east of Imo, home state of Rochas Okrocha, a Senator of Federal Republic of Nigeria had taken advantage  of the state, sharing boundary  with the oil  Rivers state, along the Omerelu Community in the Ikwerre Local government Area of the state to take over the Port –Harcourt Owrri road carry out their kidnap, operations, even in the surounding villages and escape into the thick forest unhurt.

Nyesom Wike, governor of Rivers state and Rotimi Amaechi, a two term governor of the state and now minister of Transport hails from the the Local government Area.

 Aware that the Port Harcourt / Elele /Omerelu,  road , as well as the  Ubima /Omerelu road  in the Ikwerre Local government Area has become  a den  for the Kidnappers, on a daily basis, as  motorists and passengers including villagers are abducted and taken hostage in the forest may have forced Joseph Mukan, the  state Commissioner of Police to initiate measures to  tighten up security on the flash point major roads between Rivers and Imo, home state of Rochas Okrocha, a Senator of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

A combined Team of Police men  on search and rescue and soldiers were said to have mounted roadblocks on the flashpoint roads between the  two neighbouring states. They were said to have  made eight arrests along the notorious Port Harcourt /owerri road in the recent time. The latest was the arrest of the of the  abductor of  one  Mrs.  Chizoba Eke,who was declared allegedly missing in Rivers state.

  Mrs. Eke’s ,case, may have become a national issue because of the circumstances surrounding her kidnap and how  she was rescued  from a well by the police after three days. People may have known about the Omoduku  kidnap incident   when, Eke, the husband of the victim  raised alarm when he could not find his wife along with his six-month-old baby  when he returned from work.

Well, where Mrs .Eke Was Thrown Into

He was very uncomfortable when he could not get a clue about their whereabouts despite getting in contact with close neighbours and relations.

Eke, who was said to be losing control of himself was said to have also reached out  to Clinton Orie, the Pastor of the Assemblies of God Church where she worships to ascertain if she came to the Church for a  programme or given assignment outside the village .

Worried that the victim  may have been  kidnapped because of the notoriety of Port/Harcourt Omerelu road,the  officiating Pastor of the Assemblies of God Church at was  said to have declared a week Fasting and Prayer for Almighty God intervention to save her life and that of her  six month-old baby.

  Desperate to re-unite with lost wife and his the six month –old baby , he was said to have reported to the  Igwuruta Divisional police  station in Rivers state about his missing  wife and child.

The DPO  at the Igwuruta Police station was said to have sent  a signal to the  state Police Command about the missing woman and  her six-moth-old baby. This may have informed why the search and rescue officers intensified their search on vehicles along the Port Harcour/ omerelu / Owerri road in order to apprehend the suspect was believed to have entered the road with the victim’s baby.

mrs. Eke, A Kidnapper Victim

  The villagers were said to have also set up a search party for the missing woman and her six-month –old baby.  The  local  kidnapper may have known that the game  is  up  as he had tried to escape with the baby having overpowered the woman  and thrown her inside a  well in an uncompleted building  at Igwuruta in Ikwerre Local government.

 But Luck may have run out  of  the suspect  when he was intercepted  with the victim’s  baby  by a Team of policemen on search and rescue operation at Omerelu, boundary town between two states.

 Many believe that the suspect may have separated the baby  from the mother  because he has  an ulterior motive but met his waterlo  on the road. Appreciative Nigerians have given kudo, to Mohammed Adamu, the Inspector General of Police, IGP, for restoring people’s confidence in the police by  ensuring that his men  along  the PortHarcourt/Elele/ Omerelu/  Oerri road  arrested the suspect.

The suspect who is currently in police Custody at the Rivers state Police Command, Port Harcourt, according to security sources  is undergoing interrogation to unravel the truth about the Kidnap incident

.The good news was that the victim had been  discovered and rescued from the Igwuruta uncompleted building well where she had been thrown into by the abductor in order to die, which may have killed every available evidence against him if caught and dragged to Court.

Joseph Mukan: CP, Rivers state

She was said to have  been rescued alive after three days of being inside the well  without food and  water . Orie, the Officiating Pastor of the Assemblies of God Church, Omoduku, believes that  ‘’it is the grace of the Almighty God  that kept the woman  alive  for the three days  inside the well’’.

 The Divisional Police Officer, DPO, at the  Igwuruta Police  station  was said to have taken up the responsibility  of taking her immediately to the Hospital after she was brought out from the well for Treatment without awaiting for any member of the family to show up. This may have be informed because of the severe bruises on her head , face and other parts of the body. That much was confirmed by Nnamdi Omoni, a Deputy Superintendent of Police and Spokesperson of the Rivers state Police Command.

Perhaps, to ensure that Eke was truly  the father of the rescued child, having lodged Complaint at the Iguruta Police Station about his missing wife and child, he was said to  have  been invited last Friday, to identify the child .  He was said to have  honoured the invitation at the Igwuruta Police  station where he was briefly interrogated. yewitness account said he had identified  his own child which facilitated the release of the baby to him.

He may have been  emboldened to speak out about the person he believes that master-minded the kidnap incident because of the tight security at the police station. Eke , the victim’s husband, who could not hide   his feelings  was  said to have told the Investigating Police officer that the suspect, one  Chinedu, who lives in the same Area, is known to him .

  He disclosed that on several  occasions  , the alleged abductor of the wife and his six-month-old baby  had made attempts  ‘’to rape  her when, she was Pregnant, fueling speculations that there must have been something connecting the duo which remain a closely guided secret.

A A security  expert who spoke to the Value News  believes that the suspect may have resorted to cover up his atrocities in the family by throwing the victim inside well  in order to die . Given an insider information on how she fell victims to the Kidnapper antics, she disclosed that he had come to their house,” claiming that  her  husband  wanted her  to come  to his house to collect some money”.

The question on the lips of most people  was: what was the relationship between Eke, the husband of the victim and Chinedu, the Kidnapper, that could have warranted him to send him on errand to the wife instead of calling her on phone to give  her whatever message he may have wanted pass on to her regarding the suspect coming to the house?.

 This is an indication that suspect may have been using such tricks in the past to penetrate  the woman, which may have resulted in the plot to kidnap her without the information leaking out.



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