The Face of A Kidnapper

By Our reporters

  Officials of the Nigerian Immigration Service, NIS ,  and Border patrol appear to have tightened  up security at Seme/Krake Joint Border between Nigerian and Republic of Benin, a neighbouring country in the West African sub-region and other  Communities,  across the country  to checkmate the activities of cross –Border  human traffickers and kidnappers. This is because of the activities of  Cross –Border  human traffickers and kidnappers  

A visitor to  the  Seme/Krake Joint Border and  idiroko in Ogun state recently    would be surprised at the   large  array of NIS, Nigerian Customs Service, NCS, and the  police on the road. The NIS and the other  security  agencies operatives have  every   to populate these major Border routes in the south west,  geo-political region to  curtail the activities of these criminal elements operating  along the Abidjan corridor. The most worrisome is  the  Idiroko axis  in Ogun state, which, going by NIS records, has  over 80 unapproved routes that are  used by these   Criminal elements to carry out their nefarious activities and still escape unhurt.

  The tight security at Seme Border, according to a security source,  may  not be unconnected to a recent security meeting  following a  signal from the Ghanaian  Immigration Authority  of  an alleged  Kidnap case involving a Nigerian in their country. The Seme  Heads of security agencies were said to have joined  their Colleagues in other  land Border  areas across the country   to embark  on a manhunt  for an suspected kidnappers of Ghanaian three girls who  had gone into hiding with the girls.

 The suspected Nigerian  kidnapper was said to have  kidnapped  three girls  demanding  millions of GhC   from their  families  to facilitate their release. Going by the  exchange  rate  at the nation’s  parallel  market, a GhC, exchanges for N100.00. The Ghanian police were said to have started the manhunt  for thee criminal  by  mounting  road blocks at  strategic  locations in the when information filtered out about the kidnap incident.

 They were said to have equally sent out mesaages to other countries in the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS, member countries, including Nigeria, to be on the alert to arrest the alleged kidnapper in order to  rescue the girls. The Ghanaian Immigration and police   message may have encouraged  Muhammed Uba Garba,  in his Capacity as Chairman, of the inter-agency security Committee at the Seme Border to rally round  the Heads of the other  security agencies  at the  Border to rub minds to ensure that the alleged kidnapper was  did not beat the tight security in the area.   

The Seme Customs Comptroller’s effort may have paid off as the Cross- Border  Kidnapper   may have found the  Seme route a n go area, thus,  forcing him to change direction in order to enter into Nigeria. He got it wrong as the news about  him and the three kidnapped Ghanaian  girls have gone viral in the social media.

The Kidnapper’s Passport

 He may have  played into  the hand of the police  at an  undisclosed location in the country  through his  telephone Conversations  with  suspected   friends. The call  was said to  have been  diverted  into a wrong number as was usual with the service of the   net providers in the country which may have  exposed his  deals.  The alleged  curious friends may have suspected  something fishy  prompting them to post  his picture and that of the  girls on  the social media in order to help the security operatives from   Ghana  and the ECOWAS countries  to track him  and rescue the girls .

  The Value News learnt that  he may have opened up a channel of  negotiation  with the family  of the kidnapped   girls from his undisclosed  hideout . Unconfirmed report disclosed  that  he had he  revealed  his name to the  so called friends as ’’ Buba Muhammad’’ , a Fulani Herdsman from Nigeria. He may have claimed to be a fulani Herdsman , from Nigeria, because of  the  recent  kidnap cases that had had been linked to the group  in the country.

Indeed, the  recent attempted kidnap  and killing of Mrs. Funke  Olakunri, the  daughter of Reuben Fasoranti,, the  leader of the Yoruba socio-cultural Organisation, Afenifere ,which many believe had  heated up the polity  linked to the Fulani Herdsmen in the south west geo-political region may have encouraged t him to claim to be a Fulani herdsman as well.

 Note  that President Muhammadu Buhari   who was rattled by the kidnap cases  and killings linked  to the Herdsmen, recently met behind closed door with the  Service Chiefs including Mohammed Adamu, the Inspector  General of Police, IGP,  at the Presiendential Villa to rub minds on the security situation of the country and how to curb the activities of the Criminal elements.

 The Service Chiefs were said to have briefed the President on their effort to bring the situation under control. The meeting may have prompted Adamu, the IGP and his men to go back to the drawing  board  to fine-tune  their  security strategies  to stop the  criminality in the country, particular, the activities of the  kidnappers.

was not surprising why the Nigerian Police  had used  the pictures of the alleged Fulani Herdsman kidnapper  and  the  three kidnapped  Ghanaian  girls  which had gone  viral in the social media  to Collaborate with their Ghanaian counterpart  to trail him  in the country.

 The suspected kidnapper may have gone wild and ready to kill the girls when information filtered out that Immigration officials  and other security agencies personnel from  Ghana and Nigeria , have intensified their manhunt for him forcing to have at the back of his mind that  thegame was over. 

Aware that his plans to use the three kidnapped girls as a bait to extort money from their Ghanaian  parents had failed,  he was said to have killed the girls, who were  in his Custody  before the police could swoop on him in his hideout.

 Security analysts believe that he may have desperately killed the girls to facilitate his escape.  Unknown to him  the  Ghanaian  and the Nigerian  police,  Immigration and Customs personnel have been strategically positioned at strategic locations at the Border armed with their pictures   for easy identification.

The Three Kinapped Ghanaian Girls.

   A s a t press time, it could not be ascertained whether it  was  the Ghanaian police or  the Nigerian police that arrested  the kidnapper  and at what location. Insiders informed the Magazine  that when he was taken into the  police Custody and    Immigration officials  invited to  interrogate him to ascertain that he was  actually a Fulani Herdsman, he could not speak the fulbe, language, the official language of the  Fulani tribe all over the world.

 The only word of fulbe, he could volunteer, according to security sources was that he knew  Fulani town of  Jos, plateau state, an indication  that he may not have been a Fulani herdsman as he  had made  people including  his  police captors and interrogators to believe.

 This may have informed the reason why thePolice and  the  Immigration  officials had  to take a closer look  at his international Passport with  registration number,  A01091647 which was said to have been seized from him Immigration. The Immigration officials were said to have  found  that his real name was  Samuel Udoetuk, a Nigerian , born on May 1988, in Port Harcourt ,Rivers  state.The  Nigerian International Passport  which he was said to have been ,  carrying about to carry out his dirty businesses was  issued to him in May. 2009 but  expired    at May, 2014.

  The arrest of the alleged Ghanaian girls  kidnapper,   may have emboldened security agencies  personnel , particular, the police and the  NIS Border Patrol officials,  across the nation’s land  Borders to always  take a second look at strangers  found with kids coming into the country either for a business deal, visit or holidays.  

Eyewitness account  disclosed that  travellers from other member countries  of the  ECOWAS, who could not  properly identify themselves or  their business in Nigeria , had been taken to  NIS  Border Patrol  or police station   at  any Border location   for interrogation or forced to return back to their country.

 Mohammad Bandede, the Comptroller General, NIS, was said to have mandated  the  officers at the  nation’s land Borders to be more alert to their duties to ensure that the activities of these   Cross-Border human traffickers and kidnappers which is giving Nigeria bad name in the comity of nations  were  stopped.

 Abdulrahman Dambazou, a retired Army Lt. General  and former Chief of Army Staff, CAS, ANDminister of Interior   was said to have been much concerned about the activities of these Cross-Border human traffickers and kidnappers that  he  gave  a marching order  to NIS operatives at the Borders to sit up or be fired.  But that was how far  he could go,  before he was dropped by  the Katsina state  born Nigerian President in this his second term in office.

Security analysts have opined that the arrest of  the fake Mohammed , an alleged Fulani, herdsman,  was a clear indication that there is no trick  these fraudsters would employ to   carry out their criminal activities in the country  that would  not be nipped in the bud by the police and other security agencies operatratives at the nation’s borders.

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