Energy: Why NNPCL May Site A120,000b/d, Refinery And Petrol- Chemical Plant In Gombe

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Suleiman Umaru

 After several years of failed seismic survey in the Lake Chad Basin, in Borno state, north eastern Nigeria, under the siege of the Islamic Fundamentalist Group, BokoHaram and the Islamic State of West Africa, ISWAP, which was said to have gulped over N194 billion .the region can now heave a sigh of relief of being counted as one of the oil producing in the country.

 This is because hydrocarbon has been discovered in Commercial quantities by NNPC and its partners in Kolmani river,located between Gombe and Bauchi states within the region. President Muhammadu Buhari, who could not hide his feelings that the black gold has been discovered in the north and no more the exclusive preserve of the Niger Delta had flagged off the Kolmani Integrated Development Project,on Tuesday, November 22, 20222, in the region .

The Kolamani oil fields exploration was said to have been flagged off by the Nigerian President on August, 10,2019, barely three months into his second term in office, of the reservoirs in the Kolmani river  as well as  perforated  hydrocarbon gushing  into the oil well ahead.  

President Pointing At The Maiden Oil Drilling At Kolmani river, located Between Gombe And Bauchi States

An elated Katsina state born Nigerian President, who was said to have put smiles in the faces of the people of Gombe and Bauchi states, particular, and the north in general, with the inauguration of the much publicisd Kolmani Integrated Development Project, which was said to have so far attracted over a $3 billion worth of investment.

 He is optimistic, that that the project would be a huge success and not another Lake Chad experience. Beaming with smiles the prominent northerners and top government functionaries from the region , both at the state and Federal level, who had turned up to witness the inauguration of the Kolmani Integrated Development Project, felt that Buhari had done what no former Nigerian Leader from the region had over the years.

Going by the operational reports presented by NNPC, the country is expected to tap one billion barrels of Crude oil from the first reservoir of the Kolmani oil fields site, Oil Prospecting Licence, OPLs 809 and 810. The Nigerian oil octopus had said  that the county  will also recover  an additional 500 billion standard  Cubic Feet  of gas  from the first  reservoir   with  prospects  for  higher volume of gas in the future.


The Profile provided by Mele Kolo Kyari, Group Managing Director, NNPC, on the OPLs  809 and 810,  production sharing contract , PSC,  , in which  NNPCL,  is,  the Concessionaire  of the oil blocks  while the NNPC Exploration  and Production,   and the Nigerian Development Company,  NDC, are the contractor parties.

There are indications  that these contracting partners , at present  , have a strategic partnership with Africa Oilfield  Movers Ltd, , AOML,  Consortium to provide  funding  and Chemical capabilities for the Kolmani Integrated  oil and gas development project. The company, according to informed sources is to be compensated from the contractor’s profit of oil after commencement of operations.

Giving the discovery of oil in Commercial quantities in the Kolmani river in the  north eastern geopolitical region may have informed why  Kyari, the NNPC, Chief Executive Officer, CEO,  had said that  that the first phase  of the Kolmani river oil and gas development project  will entail  an in-situ  oil refinery  of up  to 120,000b/d capacity,  and Gas processing plant  of up to 500 million  standard cubic feet, a power plant  of up to 300 mgawatts, MW, and a fertilizer plant of  2,500 tons per day.  

Bauchi And Gombe States, Now Oil Producing States

 Atop government official in Gombe state , had told The Value News that Kolmani river- I, OPL 809, was drilled by SPDC , and Nasara-I, on OPL 810, drilled by Chevron Nigerian, unlimited, as part of their minimum work  programme obligation.       

Inuwa Yahaya, governor of Gombe state happiness, is that the state and its neighboring neighbouring Bauchi, have become part of the oil producing states, and will now benefit from the 13% oil derivation funds approved for the eight Niger Delta states of Abia, Akwa Ibom,  Bayelsa, Cross river, Delta, Edo, Ondo, and Rivers  in the PIB Act and other Development projects meant for the oil producing states.

Perhaps, to avoid a repeat of the environmental devastation  of the Niger Delta region  caused by oil exploration and production  since 1958, when oil was first discovered in Commercial quantities in Oloibiri, in the present day Bayelsa state, and now, the Gombe  governor who could no hide his feelings had said  that   ‘’the state  of ministry of Environment  and NNPC,  are working closely together to mitigate the misstates  and pitfalls  that have been  the major challenge  of oil explorations and implementation  in the region’’.

The governor was emphatic: We have learnt our lessons with the developments and what has  been happening  around the Niger Delta and other oil producing  areas of the world, particular, the Middle East, noting that ‘’the two north eastern states that share the Kolmani Integrated oil and gas development project   will not follow the Niger Delta track.

In spite of the fact that NNPC, has not started proper drilling  of oil in the Kolmani river, let alone export produced Crude oil , Yahaya, the Gombe Governor, had said that the state government  will be working with some Consultants, both within and outside the state,  that will be guiding it  as to what the sate needed to do at every point in time  to remain in the oil producing states bracket, particular, ‘’ providing  the required professional skill, workmanship  and labour that is needed  in order  to be  useful in the oil  explorations and exploitations business’’.

Gov. Yahaya,may have gladdened the heart of the people of the state when he said that  ‘’there will  job  and business opportunities for the people of  Gombe’’.  He did not stop there. He had said   that the government has developed a window to discuss with the people, stressing that the government   is ready ‘‘to engage the local business community so that the value chain, will be fully exploited’’. 

Appealing to  those who are interested  in  taking advantage of the oil exploration and exploitation  in the state  to identify  where to fix  their businesses and where  to invest, he had said that ‘’it is the only way to further boost the economic activity of the state for the people to fully  enjoy the oil exploration activities’’ .     

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