NDLEA: No Hiding Place For Unusual Drug Pedlers

By Stephen Ubanna

 Buba Marwa, a retired Brigadier General and a former Nigerian Ambassador to South Africa  who is now the Chairman, Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency drug war appears to have disrupted business of the  drug barons and their agents at the land border, seaports and airports .

          This may have become possible because of the good working relationship between the NDLEA Operatives and Hamid Ali, a retired army Colonel and Comptroller General, Nigerian Customs Service, NCS, officers and men at these Land borders, seaports and airports  in different parts of the count

The recent seizures of several sacks of  Sativa Canabis, popular Indian Hemp, in Local Parlance, heading to Nigeria the West African country of Ghana, speaks volume.  The sacks which were neatly packaged with over 230 parcel of the West African country  grown  Indian Hemp, was valued at about N0.41 billion

Customs Seized Indian Hemp, Handed Over To NDLEA, Seme Commander By Compt.Jibo

  The Customs intercepted Indian Hemp, was, however, o  handed over  to the NDLEA, Commander at the Seme Border Community , which is between Nigeria and Benin Republic, Nurudeen Audu, for further investigations. He was said to have sent the report of the Indian Hemp, drug seizure handed over to the Command by the  Seme Command Customs Authorities  to the agency  Management at the Abuja Headquarters, who were very appreciable.

 The seizure of the Ghana grown dangerous weeds may have informed  why the two Collaborating agencies Operatives have beamed their searchlight on inbound cargoes, mostly in  sacks coming  from  Ghana into Nigeria to ensure that the Sativa Canabis did not enter the country illegally from  Benin to fall into wrong hands.

While Jibo and his Enforcement officers  have made the Sativa Canabis  business, a difficult  one at  the Seme  Jurisdiction, the unusual cocain, Heroin peddlers using the Murtala Muhammed  International Airport, MMIA, Ikeja, Lagos, described as the major route of   drug pedddlers  in Nigeria, appears to have devised new tactics to carry out their nefarious activities  at the Nigerian’s busiest International airport.

 An eyewitness account told The Value News that they may  not  have been lucky in  applying the new tricks of their trade  to smuggle the drugs into the Nigerian market as the NDLEA Operatives, at the country’s airports  who were said to be following the instructions  of Marwa, the  Chairman, on how to identify the traffickers  have  continued to puncture all the tricks.

This is evident going by the large quantities of pellets of cocain, Heroin, that was said to have been seized from the drug  traffickers between April 10, 2021 and April18, 2021 at the MMIA, alone. Some of the seized pellets were said to have been excreted by  the suspects under close Observation.

 Many believe that the NDLEA Operatives were able to identify the suspects who had excreted the pellets  from their behavior. This is because   the drug swallowed has the number of hours it could stay in the stomach and be excreted at the designate  location or it will explode and kill  the trafficker.

T Take for instance, the NDLEA, Operatives operations on Sunday, April 18, 2021, which had resulted in the excretion of 191 pellets. The operation had forced  the suspect to excrete 191 pellets, equivalent of  834.5Kg of the  illicit  drugs by a trafficker heading  to the North American country of the United States and the United Kingdom,UK  .

MMIA: Major Route Of Drug Pedlers In Nigeria

 Prior to the Sunday, April 18, 2021, operation, the NDLEA  Operatives at the MMIA,  had on April 12, 2021,  during an inbound eamination  of Consignments  on an Ethiopian  airline  cargo flight  from South Africa,  made a seizure  of 11.50Kg  of Heroin,  packaged and concealed  in Corn Flakes cartons.

 Four clearing agents  were said  to have been arrested and detained in connection with the drugs import and  who are currently assisting the Drug  agency Operatives  in carrying out further investigations on the illicit drugs. Ahmadu Garba, Commander , NDLEA, Command at the MMIA, had said that the Cocain-Heroin drugs  were discovered   when a’’ sting operation  was executed  on the address provided by the suspects’’.

 The address was said to have given a clue that the drug import has a link with, one Kayembe Kamba Mazeppy, a Congolese living in Lagos. He was said to have been promptly arrested. On interrogation, he was said to have mentioned the Nigerian who was to receive the drug imports from him.

 Acting on the information supplied by the suspect,’’ another sting operation was said to have been conducted’’  on Saturday, April 17, 2021,  as the person that would take delivery of the parcels had come to collet it based on the arrangement with the barons but was  arrested by the NDLEA Operatives and detained.  Bad market for the oversea drug barons and the trafficker.

As a prelude to the Saturday sting that led to the seizure of another batch of Heroin at,  the MMIA, the   the NDLEA operatives were said to have intercepted  and seized  882.950Kg  of Heroin  heading to the United States and UK. The trafficker, one Ezekiel Chibuzo, was said to have arrived from Brazil, a North American country,described as a notorious drug country, onboard a Qatar airline.  He was said to have exreted 99 wraps   after being arrested for drug ingestion.  

It would be recalled  that  penultimate weeks,  a Madrib , Spain –bound, drug trafficker,   one Okonkwo Chimezie,  Henry,  had excreted 13  wraps  of cocain after his arrest at  MMIA.

..    Recall that on April 10, 2021,  during the outward  screening of Passengers on a  Ethiopian  airline  to Italy, the NDLEA, Operatives at the busy MMIA had  intercepted and  referred one suspected  Chukwududi Destiny,  for proper scanning  and the scan result was said to have proved to be positive  to drug ingestion. He was said to have been placed under excretion Observation and finally excreted  92 pellets of Heroin, equivalent of 1.300Kg.

  The excretion of the  Heroin drugs by the outward  Passenger on an Ethiopian airline  placed under close Observation  may have forced the NDLEA Operatives at the MMIA, to further  subject all inbound cargoes  on an Ethiopian  airline cargo flight from South Africa, to examination Tthe  Marwa’s boys  at the SIFAX Cargo Handling Company, SAHCO,  Import Shed were said to have  made a seizure  of 11.550Kg of Heroin. The drug peddler was said to have cleverly packed and Concealed it  Corn Flakes  cartons. Bad news for Corn Flakes dealers.  The seizure of the offensive drugs by the NDLEA Operatives may have informed why the agency Operatives at National Cargo Handling Company, popular, NAHCO, and their Customs Collaborators, have tightened up security at the Import shed.

Aliyu Sadiq, a Deputy Comptroller, overseeing the NAHCO Shed, was said to have given a matching order to his  officers  to work closely work with the NDLEA, Operatives at the NAHCO shed to properly scrutinize all inbound cargoes before they are cleared. The worry of many is that since the had made the first attempt  to use the SAHCO, shed, but were caught, they may also want to try  to use the NAHCO import shed to carry out their nefarious activities.

A ”40” Container Used In Concealing Cocain-Heroin At A Lagos Port

Maritime analysts fear that there may be a replay of what happened at the Lagos ports. The Cocain/Heroin baron and their agents from their Brazil base had attempted to use the Tincan Island port to smuggle 43.10Kg, allegedly Concealed  in Raw Bulk sugar stocked in a ‘40’ Container   which was loaded  in an MV.SPAR Scopio vessel  arriving from Brazil.

The problem encountered at the Tin can Island port may have force forced the Brazilian drug barons and their agents  to take their drug import business  to  the premier port, Apapa on the second leg. The drug barons were said to have shipped 40parcels  , equivalent of 43.1 Kg through the Apapa port  valued at at  about N32 billion  but the agents were unable to exit it from the port.  The shipped parcels of heroin were said to have into Customs and NDLEA, officials’ hands at port during routine examination.

Between January and March, 2021,  the had reported   that it made over N75 billion worth of drug seizures  across the country, land borders, seaports and the MMIA. The agency was said to have also made 2000 areests in connection with the drug seizures.

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