‘’Nigeria Committed To Greener Shipping In Line With IMO Campaigns’’- Minister

By Stephen Ubanna

Today, Wednesday, September 28, 2022  2022, all roads, lead to Eko Hotel and Towers, Lagos, the nation’s Commercial nerve centre as Nigeria, join other nations to celebrate the world maritime Day. Kitack Lim, Secretary General,   International Maritime Organisation, IMO, had said that the 2022, World Maritime Day celebration is ‘’in line with the IMO,  Campaigns, for sustainable development’’.  The theme for the 2022, celebration, according to Lim, is ’’New technologies for Greener shipping’’. He had said that the theme for the 2022 celebration, ‘’reflects the need to support a green transition of the world maritime sector’’.

Lim: IMO ,Secretary General

 In his in his message to the member nations of the UN, maritime agency, he  was emphatic  that  the theme for the 2022 world Maritime Day,  ‘’New technologies for greener shipping  will provide an opportunity  to all maritime nations ‘’to promote  inclusive innovation, research and development  and technology Cooperation and to showcase solutions  for decarbonisation  and more environmentally friendly shipping as well as on climate action’’,

Lim noted that these ambitions ’’will benefit every maritime nation, stating that no country will be left behind’’. He had said that the theme for this year’s World Maritime Day, is not only a theme but ‘’it marks a pathway to implement the United Nations, UN, 2030, agenda for sustainable development’’, which was said to have set out 17 development goals or SDGs, particular, SDG13 on climate action, SDG 14 on sustainable use of the oceans, seas and marine resources and SDG nine on industry, innovation and infrastructure.

He averred that ‘’ it is all about partnership and inclusive technological solutions, reflecting SDG, 17, which highlights the importance of partnerships and implementation to achieve all the goals’’.   Lim, the IMO , Secretary General, had said that that the ‘’New technologies for greener shipping which is the theme for the 2022, World Maritime Day, would up a larger conversation  about shipping’s direction  and how technologies can be harnessed  for a more sustainable future. An elated Lim disclosed that ‘’it would also provide an incentive to further examine how digitization an automation can support shipping’’.

He may have gladdened the heart maritime Administrators, the world-over, when he said that ‘’throughout the remaining months of this year,   IMO, will highlight green-shipping solutions across the industry and provide platform for sharing information and best practices’’. This is in addition to fostering a dialogue on innovation and technology needs for greener shipping, sharing knowledge at the global level.

This may have informed why he had said that IMO,  will continue to provide updates and initiatives being trailed  and piloted  by the Organisation  established  Maritime Technology Cooperation Centres, MTCCs and the Green Voyage  2050, decarbonisation  project while further initiative t and the Blue Solutions project.Another global project, which he had said will showcase solutions for biofuling management to protect biodiversity and reduce emissions while further initiative will tackle marine plastic litter.

Recall that at  the 2021, Greener shipping summit that was said to have been organised by  Newsfront/Naftiliaki under the auspices  of Greece ‘s powerful  technical body, MARTECMA, the Summit was said to have presented and discussed developments at the IMO regarding NOX, CO2 and PM emissions.

The summit was said to have also looked further down the road to decarbonisation, speed limits of vessels, emission caps, and emission trading systems, alternative fuels and methods of propulsion. Among the environmental  regulations that were said to have been discussed at the Greece summit  include zero emissions agenda, Commercial  measures for emissions reduction through ETS and Levy on fuel emissions as well as   the impact of  the environmental  regulations in ship financing and  the Commercial operation.

 The far reaching decisions taken in the 2021, greener shipping summit in Greece may have informed why IMO officials have attached much importance to the theme: New Technologies for greener shipping in the 2022, World Maritime Day Celebration.

 As part of the events planned for this 2022, World Maritime Day celebration, Lim led agency had said that a virtual IMO-UNEP, Forum, would also hold at the Headquarter in London, United Kingdom. The global platform, he had said ‘’is aimed at championing innovation to accelerate the transition of the maritime sector towards zero-and-low emission  in future.    

  Muazu Jaji Sambo, the minister of Transportation, had told those cares to listen in the nation’s maritime sector, that ‘’Nigeria would not be left behind  in the global move  towards greener shipping , while also reflecting  on the need  for industry stakeholders   to begin exploring ways  to transition  into a greener  and more sustainable future’’.


 Barshir Jamoh, Director General, Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, NIMASA, on his part , noted that  the theme  for this year’s  world maritime day celebration  is in line   with the agency’s mission  of achieving  cleaner oceans  in developing shipping  in Nigeria’’.

He revealed that NIMASA, under his close watch is ‘’already working in line with the call by the IMO Secretary General for developing countries to adopt green technology’’.  According to him, ‘’Nigeria represented by the agency, is an active member state of the IMO, is involved in the processes of creating  new international agreements  and protocols  to address  environmental issues  such as  marine pollution,  oil spils and emissions  from the nation’s shipping industry’’.  

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