NPA: Hajia Usman takes Nigeria To The Center Stage Of IMO Politics, Re-elected Vice Chairperson Of The United Nations Agency’s Facilitation Committee For Another One Year Term

By Stephen Ubanna

The monthly meetings of all the Heads of the nation’s  naritime agencies appear to have fostered a good working relationships among  all the Chief Executives  as they forgOt about T their differences to work as a tem in the International Maritime Organisation , IMO, Conferences and Committee meetings.

This is evident going by the recent  International Maritime Organisation, IMO, an  Agency of the United Nations, UN,    Facilitation Committee meeting  to elect its officials for another one year –term in office in its Headquarters in London, United Kingdom. The election was said to have taken place between Monday, September  28, 2020 and Friday, October 2, 2020.

  Hajia Hadiza Bala Usman, Managing Director of the Nigerian Ports Authority , NPA,  who was first elected  as Vice Chairperson  of the Facilitation Committee, FAL,  IN 2019 ,  which elapsed this year had presented herself for the office this year.

 Recall that in 2019, with the backing of Daku Peteside, the then Director General of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, NIMASA, and other African delegates,  She was  unanimously elected into the office. The gain of the NPA Managing Director at the IMO Facilitation meeting  was the loss of NIMASA ,  at the UN Agency Council meeting as  Nigeria  failed to  clinch  the Coveted Category C Seat.   

Having taking Nigeria to the center stage of the  IMO politics , by being elected the Vice Chairpeson of the UN, Maritime agency, in 2019, on the first attempt for the exalted position, Hajia Usman may have considered necessary  to seek a re-election into the office after the expiration of the first term  .  

Lim: Secretary General, IMO

Bashir Jamoh, Director General, NIMASA, an agency which had domesticated over 15 Conventions of the agency including the Ballast Water Management Convention, was said to have mobilised support to see to the re-election of  Hajia Usman, his Nigerian Counterpart for the exalted IMO Facilitation Committee Vice Chairperson Seat.   She got it.

 The Committee which has Marina Angell, as the elected Chairperson from the European country of Sweden, is expected to work together  with the 173  -member states of the Organisation. The Committee, The Value News learnt  was set up to address  the efficiency  of shipping  by dealing  with matters  related  to enabling  International  maritime traffic., including  the arrival, stay  and departure of ships , persons and cargo  from ports of member countries.

The Committee, The Magazine gathered also ensures that electronic business, including the Single Window Concept and aims  struck the right balance   between International Maritime trade.  The Committee’s additional responsibility   was to ensure the Observance   of all the Conventions  and Protocols  of the IMO, to ensure the security of global shipping  business  as well  as the port environment in the respective member countries. The Committee, an insider informed The Magazine also takes care  of updating  the FAL  Convention.

Note that that in order to forster  better  understanding  of the implications and impact  of IMO Regulations  on the port environment and vice versa,  the Committee  ensures that  that the ports  ‘’provide efficient and environmentally  sound facilities  and procedures for disposal  of ship wrecks , waste in order , to develop procedures for complying  with the  need  to verify Containers’ weight.   

Jatto Adams, a  General Manager  and  NPA Head of Corporate and Strategic Communications  in a Statement said the IMO Facilitation Committee  election the led to the emergence of Hajia Usman , who incidentally is the Vice President , African region  of the International Association  of Harbour and Ports, IAPH,     took place  during the closing  of the 44 session  of the IMO Facilitation Committee, FAL 44 between Monday, September 28 and Friday October 2, 2020.

 Hajia Usman, who could not her feelings over  her re-election into the exalted IMO Facilitation Committee office  had thanked  other member nations of the IMO,  describing her reelection ‘’ as an honour to Nigeria’’. An elated Hajia Usman , was said to have given her words  to work closely with M. Marina  Angsell, the Chair person and the IMO Secretariat   in the realization  of the lofty objectives  of the Committe.  and the IMO. She was said to have also extended her appreciation to  Kitak Lim, of  the Asian country of the Republic of Korea and the Secretary General of the IMO, for throwing his weight behind her re-election bid .  

Meanwhile , Hajia Usman , had continued to receive  letters  of Congratulations from friends and Colleagues both within and outside the country as Facebook is filled with  messages. The NPA Staff are not left out as they see her as a source of pride. This is because no Nigerian had ever occupied the position in any of the IMO Committees.    

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