Piacy: Why Boden Denzcilik Officials Were Silent On Ransom Paid To Pirates As The Freed Turkish Sailors Tell Their Heart breaking Story

 By Stephen Ubanna       

More facts have emerged why officials of the Istabul, Turkey, based Boden Denzcilik, a shipping Company, which provides technical support services to the Liberian flagged MV.Mozart, a Container ship,  which was abducted on Saturday, January 23, 2021,  had been silent on the ransom paid to the Pirates to secure the release of the 15 Kidnapped sailor  on board the ship   after 21 days in Captivity.

The Company may have kept a closed lips on the issue of ransom ‘’to protect the security and health of the sailors and their families’’. More so, there was fears in both official and unofficial quarters that the Pirates could  resort to plan B, of killing the sailors , if the ransom demanded  become a public issue and therefore, to keep the matter a closed guided secret.

 The Turkish Container ship which was sailing from Lagos , Nigeria, to Cape Coast, South Africa, had been  attacked , off the Coast of Nigeria, which was about 100 nautical miles or 185 Kilometers of the Island nation of Sao Tome and Principe and  15 Crew members kidnapped.

 Many believe that the Pirates may have  succeeded in kidnapping the 15 seamen by forcing their way into a secure room in the ship  after a five-hour struggle. They were said to be opening fire and constantly firing randomly outside  to scare them.  Perhaps, it was one of such strait bullets that was fired  that  may have hit at  the Azerbaijani sailor  on the belly, and he died instantly .     

Feed Turkish Sailors Arrive Airport To The Warm Embrace Of Relations And Friends

 Note that the Turkish  sailors who had regained their freedom from the custody of the Pirates had been flown back  to Istabul, Capital of Turkey, on Sunday, February 14, 2021, on a Turkish Airlines flight. Given the importance attached to the return of the sailors back to the country, Mevlut Cavusoglu, the country’s minister of Foreign Affairs at the instance of Recep Tayip Edogan the President and several other top  government officials including    the  family members  of the returnee sailors were at  the Istabul International airport  to welcome them back to the country.    The arrival of the MV Mozat Crew members in Turkey, on Sunday, February 14, 2021, may have given them an opportunity to speak out about the Negotiation  for their release and experience in the hands of the Pirates after  21 days   in their Custody.

Jamoh: DG, NIMASA, Gave Assurance Of The Release Of The Sailors

 Signs that the Turkish Crew members would be released soon  emerged  some two weeks ago when Bashir Jamo , the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency,  NIMASA, Director General, had informed   Ulueren, the Turkish Ambassador to Nigeria to be prepared to receive the sailors anytime soon in order to arrangement to fly them back to Turkey. This may have informed why the officials of Boden shipping Company hastened up the Negotiations with the  Pirates  for  the ransom demanded to be settled.   

Kaya, President Edogan Of Turkey Helped To Secure The Release Of The Sailors

  It is not surprising why, Mustafa Kaya,  Captain, MV.Mozart,  had  said that the trio of Edogan,  Cavusoglu  and Uleren,’’ made all kinds of sacrifices  to facilitate their release’’ , stating that ’’the Company was with them as they were extremely  careful  in the Negotiations’’ to avoid playing into the hands of the Pirates who were looking for the slightest excuse to boggle the talks and still keep them longer  in their Custody  in order to increase their demand.

The Company Representatives during the Negotiating and  who are based in Hamburg and London, may have known this  that they were said to have  threaded softly in order to get the abductors agreed to release the 15 sailors .

Given an insider information to  what happened during  the Negotiation   for the  ransom to be paid to the Pirates in order  to secure their freedom,  Kaya, reportedly said  that they exerted ‘’psychological pressure on them’’, warning that ’’if  Boden shipping Company, which had engaged them failed to do what they want, that they would  be killed.  This may have informed why the  sailors  had cried out to the Germany and UK, Negotiators to  agree to the demand of their Captors  in order to get them out of their custody.  

 The officials of the  Istabul  based shipping  Company were said to have persuaded  the Pirates  to release the sailors  through the Negotiations conducted by the  Representatives of the Company, Borealis, in Germany and UK .

The fallout was the release of the 15 Turkish  seamen who  were  said to have been  carried  by boat  from an unknown location in Gabon, and dropped  in a  place  specified by the Company. The release of the sailors had come  two  weeks after  the Pirates had  made contact  with the Boden Denzcilik,  officials ‘’to discuss tissue of ransom’’.

 Prior to the release of the Turkish seam by the  abductors,  Levent Karsan, an official of the Turkish Company had told those that cares to listen that the attack on MV Mozart, and the kidnap of the  15 sailors on board the Container ship on January 23, 2021, was not’’politically motivated but aimed at getting ransoms’’.

Recounting their experience for the 21 days in the Custody of the Pirates, the MV.Mozart, the ship Captain, who may have spoken the mind of the  other  seamen, released alongside with him  that ‘’they were  in a forest  in rough conditions for the three weeks they were in the Pirates custody’’. He had said that though, the Pirates did not expo  them  ‘’to physical violence and treatment  but ‘’they were sharing environment with reptiles  and dangerous animals’’, noting that  there was nothing worse that.  He further stated that they were always  under  the custody of armed men’’  which inflicted pain on them.        

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