Coronavirus Finally Settles The Trade War Between China And The US, As Ehanire, Minister Of Heath, Put Officials On The Red Alert

By Stephen Ubanna

The 18 month old  trade  war between the Asian country of  China and the United states of America, USA,  appear to have come to an abrupt  end  with the outbreak Coronavirus disease, popular, Covid-19, in the Wauhan, a town in China , towards the tail end of last December. Signs that the trade war  had  ended emerged  when  Trump signed  a ‘’phase  one’’ trade agreement  with China  as the two biggest economies try  to end the   trade war.The deal  includes , according to sources , include provisions to ‘’root out  intellectual poverty , theft, forced technology transfer and  increase  in Chinese  purchases  of US goods’’. 

It was not surprising that when the Coronavirus broke out in China last December,  the  US government threw  its weight behind  the Asian country to develop the vaccine for the cure  of  killer disease this year.

 The Coronavirus, according to business watchers  , had exposed  the US retail supply chains   to be too dependent on China. This is evident going by the fact that about 90 percent  of all the footwear  under $100 at retail  shops in the US, are coming out of China. That much was confirmed by Terry Lundergren , a former Chief Executive Officer of  Macy, a retail shop.  There are indications that portions  of the Chinese economy  have been effectively shut down  in recent time  as US, patronage of their manufactured  goods  have dropped , thus sending  a financial ripple  to the Chinese Manufacturing firms.

Even  Tech Companies  such as Apple  and Microsoft  which  had earlier   warned about  the impacts  of the trade war to their business are now worst hit because of the Coronavirus out break. The retail Companies are not left out.     Under Armour, which  had  expected not only sales decline in China because of the trade war  are now witnessing shipping delays because of the Coronavirus.

Although no person  has contacted the sickness in the north American country, since its outbreak last December,  Trump ,  has said that  the COVID 19, risk to the people of the US remains low.  Curiously, he has appointed Mike Pence, the  Vice President to be in-charge of the country’s response to the  virus.

The appointment was said to have  come ahead of the report  from  the Centre for  Disease  Control  that one person  in Northern California    has contracted  the sickness  without travelling outside  the country or having contacts with a  confirmed case. This may have informed why Trump has said that  he was ready to spend ’’whatever  is appropriate , even it meant asking for the   additional $2.5   billion in emergency funding  to fight the virus.   

He was said to have requested  for  Congress approval  for a  $1.25 billion  in money diverted  from other government  programmes  to fight the virus. More so, the White House Budget office   was said to have also planned   to move  $535 million allocated for the prevention and treatment of Ebola to contain the further spread of the sickness in China and other parts of the world.

The rugged American President has told those that cares to listen that Pence would  be working  closely with  the Centre for Disease  Control  and Prevention CDC, and the National Institutes of Health . NIH, the Department of Homeland Security, DHS and other government agencies to Coordinate  the response.       

The British government may have taken a cue from the US governmen, to announce a donation of #20 million or $26 million  to help  fund  the development  of the vaccine for the cure of the virus. But Pharmaceutical experts were said to have warned that  ‘’it could take  a year to develop the vaccine  for the cure of the virus described as having  reached a’’ decisive point and having   a ’pandemic potential’’ by the World Health organization, WHO.        

The US NIH may have gladdened the heart of  people across the world, particular, the Chinese,  as it has said that  they are working on a  vaccine  against the new deadly virus  which had affected  thousands of people and killed  many in Asia, particular, China. Anthony Fauci, the US , Director  of the National Institute s  of Allergy  and Infectious Disease   has said that the agency in the process of taking the first step towards the development of the vaccine, noting that it would take a few months  until  the first phase  of the Clinical trials  get underway  and more than a year until the  a vaccine   might be available .Even a group of scientists from the US and China, were also said to be at work to develop  a develop a vaccine for the COVID 19.

But Drug Maker Moderna Inc, a US, based Pharmaceutical Company , was said to shipped the first batch  of its rapidly developed Coronavirus vaccine  to government researchers  who are expected to run the first Human tests of heather the  experimental shot  could help to suppress the epidemic in China and other Asian countries.

As of Friday, February 24, 2020, the WHO, has said the disease had affected  80,00 people globally. The WHO also said that in mainland China alone, there had been 77, 658 reported cases and  2, 667 deaths, mostly in the central  province  of Mubei.

 Given the search for the  cure of the deadly disease and heavy budgetary allocations for research and investment on the  Health secto by the Chines government r which had begun to produce results, no fewer than 12,000 people  affected by the sickness were said to have already recovered. This should gladden the heart of medical expert who fear that  the spread of the deadly sickness to other countries , particular, Africa,  may be disasterous.  

Sawo Olu: Governor Lagos State

In spite of the fact that COVID 19, had originated from China, Iran and Italy  had suddenly become the centre of export to other parts of the world.  Take for instance, Italy which was said to have  exported it to 14 other countries. The Italian government have been forced to quarantine 11 towns In Northern Italy, shut down factories and schools to forestall the spread of the sickness.

 Note that the Lagos state  ministry of Health, south west Nigeria,  on Wednesday, January  27, 2020 confirmed  the first case  of  COVID-9 which it did  not  hesitate in reporting to  the officials of the Federal ministry of Health at Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, FCT. The reported case, according to the ministry of Health  officials was the one involving  an Italian Citizen  who had entered  the country  on Monday, February 25, from Milan,  for a brief business visit. He was said to have fallen ill on  Tuesday, February 26, 2020, and was quickly transferred  to  the state  Biosecurity  Facilities  for isolation and testing.

The  test conducted at the  Virology  Laboratory of  the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, part of the Laboratory network for Nigeria disease control confirmed him to be carrier of the virus. The patient is currently being managed   at the  infectious  Disease  Hospital at Yaba, Lagos, a Health official said. Sanwo-Olu, the governor of Lagos has assured  residents that there was no cause for alarm as the situation is under ‘’firm control. The  Samwo-Olu led All Progressive Congress, APC, government was said to have  activated the state  Emergency Operations Centre  to work closely  with  the Nigerian Centre  for Disease Control, NCDC.  To respond to  Coronavirus cases.

 Dapo Abiodun,  governor of Ogun, the  state where the factory that  the Italian,  who tested positive  to Coronavirus had visited and the 28  persons  who were said to have contact with him were said to have been quarantined. Funny enough , the undisclosed Company where the Italian had visited at Ewekoro, was said to have been shut down.

 The information making the rounds was that the Company had set up two isolation centres, an indication that the officials  were aware  that a foreigner who a business dealing with the  Company has contacted the sickness.  The essence of  setting up the isolation centres may have been to forestall the spread of the sickness in Nigeria.  was to avoid a spread of the disease in Nigeria.

Meawhile, the Taxi driver , one  Adewale Isaac Olorogun , who was said to have taken the Italian to the undisclosed Company at Ewekoro, Ogun state, was said to have disappeared into thin air , threatening to be joining public buses in order  to spread the sickness across the country  if  the government fails   to meet his  N100 million demand .   

The Coronavirus outbreak may have forced President Muhammadu Buhari  to  inform  Nigerians  that his Administration has committed one percent  of the  country’s Consolidated revenue  Fund for basic health care  provision fund , in line with the National Health Act.

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