UBA Takes The Nation’s Entertainment Industry To A Higher Level

By Stephen Ubanna

United Bank For Africa, a giant in the nation’s  Banking Industry  may have realised the need to  sponsor events in the nation’s  Entertainment Industry to entertain the younger generation and keep them busy.

 Last Saturday,  the Bank, gave meaning to the definition  of Entertainment  success in a very clourful event in Lagos. Eyewitness account disclosed   from the lights  to set up of the stage, the atmosphere  of the event’s hall was filled  with the euphoria of excitement. Note that was finally over for the first season thriller  that was said to have taken place about  six months ago.

As a prelude for the sponsorship of the season  two thriller also in Lagos, the nation’s commercial  centre,  a private screening was said to have been held  at the IMAX  Filmhouse  Cinema, Lekki.  A Statement by the Bank  confirmed that  in attendance at the screening exercise were the ”cast , crew and Industry supporters”.

 Given a further insight into the screening, the Bank   disclosed  that  a little  waiting room held a re-enacted set   from the show’s  opening  montage,  signature cocktails , mock tails and delicious canapes were served .   

Season Premiere Movie Producers

It was learnt  that  who is who in the nation’s entertainment  Industry, particular Lagos, were at the event.  They were  Kemi Adetiba, Boble Igwe, Eku Edewor, Ashioonye Racca, Bola Atta among  others. The guests were said to have mingled  and re-lived  their favorites scenes  from season one  through pictures and interviews.

Obinna Okerekeocha, Creative Director, REDTV,  according to the Bank sources, was said to have ushered invited guests   into  the screening Hall , intimating them  and Fans  about the new season  which is expected to bring new dimensions into the Industry amidst cheers.

Many believe that REDTV,  has taken drama to another level  in the country ”and still not scared   to push the boundaries further. ”Our  vision at REDTV, Okerekeocha  said,  is to continually  produce  premium  content of  entertainment ”  The Men’s Club is real, stressing that  ”it is” inspirational and relatable’.

He noted that the  country’s  cinematography  and scores  of films are top class  and its wonderful to see  how  the lead actors  have grown.  He averred that the season two thriller    is going to be a ”bigger hit  than season one ”. Appealing to guests and Fans to spread the message,  he urged them, to ”invite  friends  to subscribe  on the REDTV”.

It is not surprising why  the REDTV Executive Director  described the TV Channel  as a ”fast paced  lifestyle  that had put  Africa  on the global  stage with the support of the African leading Commercial Bank, UBA.  This in addition to Collaborating  with the most  talented , creative minds daring  to believe  in a new Africa , putting together  content that reflects  it.

Insiders disclosed that as ”end credits  from the  show   reeled on the screen, the Hall was filled  with  resounding applause.  Bola Atta,  one of the notable Executive Producers who gave the closing remarks   expressed her utmost joy   that the” UBA sponsored  Men’s Club show Entertainment had gone beyond expectations”. She gave Kudos to the Bank for their endless support to EDTV .

 The events was said to have come to a close  with the final address   from Odunsi and Akins  , popular AK Akinkungbe , returning immense gratutude  to the each of the actors involved in the Men’s Club  and the Crew behind  the scene, thus reminding   the guests  that it is easy  to see the finished  show  but every person who had contributed to the success of the show desreve commendation.

There indications that the Men’s Club  new season show  will drop on ”You Tube, today,(Thursday), May 23, 2019, on the REDTV Channel.  Those who had subscribed to the  TV Channel   confirmed that  that the UBA sponsored network   can entertain and very informative  with rich content  that  feature the best  of African focused  on Entertainment, fashion, News, Music,  Sport Movies and much more.

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