CGC Strike Force, lagos Zone, Crack Down On Smugglers, As FOU Zone C And Sector 3 Border Drill Personnel Tighten Up Security In Their Respective Regions

By Elizabeth Chukwuma

 Until last January, nobody knew that kakudi, an Assistant Comptroller, who  was  made to take over as Coordinator,  Comptroller General Strike Force, Lagos Zone, could effectively take control and supervision of  the Team  with the deployment of Usman Yahaya, the former Coordinator, to federal Operations Unit, FOU, Zone A, as the acting Comptroller.

People have every reason to worry that the Team may run out of steam as Yahaya, the former Coordinator, was said to have left  with Jack Okpabi, a Chief Superintendent of Customs, CSC, overseeing the the Strike Force Operations to the new Command and several other Patrol Team Leaders. But the biggest problem that Kakudi  may  have had  under Yahaya,  the former Coordinator was that he  was technically sidelined from the Strike Force operation as Yahaya and Okpabi, were made to handle everything  leaving   him with little or nothing to do.

Mohammed Abdullahi, a  CSC, who could have handled the Strike Force Operations ,was said to have  found his way back to FOU , Zone A, where he was made the ‘’2 IC’’  to Riks Lura, CSC, and Head of the Command Roving Team.   Given the large array  of the  the FOU, Zone A and Border Drill, comprising of Customs, as the lead  agency, Nigerian Immigration Service, NIS, Army, Police and Department of State Service, DSS, comprising of Customs, as the lead agency, at the south west geo-political region,  Kakudi and his men were only supposed to be seen and not heard.

But the new CGC , Strike Force Coordinator was said to have made a bold Statement that he was ready to crackdown on the Contraband  smugglers, particular, foreign parboiled, Vegetable Oil  and vehicle smugglers through the land border.

Guided by the government policy that Foreign parboiled rice, and vehicles should not be allowed to enter  into  the Nigerian market, Kakudi, who was set up a new Operation  Team, Headed by  one Babalaye, a Superintendent of Customs, knew that he has the FOU and the Borer Drills  personnel to compete with to make seizures.

Sector 3 Border Drill Foreign Rice Seizures

With the support of the Coordinator  who was said to have given him all the necessary working tools Babalaye and his boys were said to have swooped on the smugglers at the Idiroko axis where they made scores of the Asian country of Thailand parboiled rice and vegetable oil.  The Contrabands were said  to have been loaded into the Strike Force Team patrol Team operational vehicles and transferred to the government  warhouse at Ikeja, amidst tight security.

A senior Customs officer who spoke to The Value News  said the CGC Strike Force, FOU, Zone A and Border Drill personnel may be making Contraband seizures in the south west because the

transit goods importers in Benin Republic and the smugglers used to cross the goods through the unapproved routes  or Creeks in the region are frustrated as Customs anti-smuggling officers are everywhere in the region.

Investigation by The Value News shows that that virtually all the warehouses at Cotonou, Capital of Benin Republic and its environs are filled  up with uncleared rice and vegetable Oil which are  scheduled to enter the Nigerian market. the situation is made worse as the two seaports in Benin, Benin Terminal, Cotonou and Bollore ports have several shiploads of rice  on the High sea , awaiting to be given signal to  sail to the port to berth and discharge.

The Beninese customs Administration officials may not have control of the transit cargoes discharged in their ports as they are after collecting the relevant duties and surcharges for the government. How the cargoes leave the Cotonou Terminal or Bollore port to Nigeria or Niger, a land locked is the importer’ arrangement.  This may have informed why all the Customs anti-smuggling Teams across the country: FOUS, CGC strike Force and the Border Drill personnel are making spectacular seizure of foreign parboiled rice and vegetable oil at various unexpected location.

The Contraband smugglers who have escaped the eagle eyes of the CGC Strike Force, Border Drill or FOU, Zone A personnel ,were said to have fallen into the waiting hands of Comptroller Kayode Olusemire’s Patrol Teams personnel along Ondo-Benin road or Lagos –Benin road. It is not surprising why the Government warehouse in Benin City is filled with seized goods awaiting for  orders from Hameed Ali, a retired Army Colonel and Comptroller General, Nigerian Customs Service , to take Contraband cargoes, particular the foreign rice and  vegetable oil  seizures to Internally Displaced People’s camps in the north east or Edo state.  The Comptroller may also be waiting for orders from Ali, the Comptroller General to destroy  the  second hand clothing seizures occupying space in the Warehouses under the control of the Command ,

If the Contraband seizures at FOU, Zone C, Owerri, Imo state, in the recent time is not worrisome, that of the Ilorin, Kwara  state based Border Drill and his patrol Team leaders appear worrisome. Transit foreign par boiled rice  and Vegetable oil importers who have  attempted to use the Border Communities in kwara, Abdulrahman AbdulRazaq  home state, Niger, home state of former military President Ibrahim Babangida , a retired Army General and General Abdulsalami Abubakar, a former Head of  state, would never forget their experience in a hurry as they have lost such goods to the Muhammed’s men  combing the bush or on the road..

It is not surprising why the smugglers who have  escaped from the Oyo and Osun axis of the south west to operate in the Illesha Baruba, Yashkira, Chikanda, described as having a very difficult terrain and Okuta Border Communities in Baruten local government of Kwara state are no longer finding it funny because of the tight security mounted in the Area described as legendary  residents as Contraband seizures are made daily by the sector 3, Border Drill personnel daily.

The Contraband  seizures being made by the various Border Drill sectors across the country may have informed why the Katsina state born Nigerian President has described the ‘’Border Drill as a huge success’’, thus giving an insight that it has come to stay in order to give a bite to Customs anti-smuggling drive.

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