Herdsmen Attacks Too Many

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By Suleiman Umaru

In spite of Farouk Yahaya, a Lt. General and Chief of Army Staff, COAS, promise to take the battle to the Bandits Camp in the north wesernt states of Zamfara, described as a home of the Bandits, Kaduna and Katsina, President Muhammadu Buhari, a retired Army General home state, armed herdsmen, which has been the major problem of Samuel  Ortom, governor of Benue state,  has become a major threat in  Kaduna state, to further  compound the insecurity situation in the state.

The Value News online Magazine findings shows that in the last couple of weeks a number of villages in Zagon Kataf and Kauru, Local Government Areas of the north west state, have been attacked by suspected armed Fulani herdsmen, leading to the escape of over a thousand residents from the affected Communities  to  the internally Displaced  People,  IDP’s Camps and other  areas, where their security could be guaranteed   in the state and neighbouring Plateau state.

.  The situation was so bad in the two Local government Areas that neither the troops nor Usman Alkali Baba, the Inspector General of Police, IGP, men, have an answer to the attacks   as many of the villagers were said to have relocated to  Kagoro, Kanfachan and neigbouring Jos, Capital of the north central state of Plateau state  to escape the attacks.

Suspected Herdsmen Attack In Zagon Kataf And Kauru , LGA, Forces Residents To Flee

Luka Binniyat,  spokesperson of the Southern Kaduna,  People’s Union, SOKPU,  who could not hide his feelings shad described  Nasir El-rufai, a former  minister of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, , during  Olusegun Obasanjo  Presidency and  now governor  of the state  attitude  in handling of the crisis perpetrated  by the a suspected armed  herdsmen in the two flashpoint Local government Areas very unimpressive. 

An aggrieved Binniyat,  noted that   the Humanitarian crisis  caused by the suspected  armed herdsmen attack  on the two Local Government Areas  may not have bordered El-rufai, the state governor,  let alone offer assistance to the people  or alert the Army, in order strengthen the  security  situation because of his attitude towards the people.

  Although,  the SOKPU, spokesperson,  had said  that  in the one week of the armed Herdsmen siege  in the two   Local  Government  Areas of the Late Balarabe Musa, home state,   32 people were killed and four villages , sacked, but  the Channels Television , reported  that five people killed.

 The Channels Television report was said to have been confirmed by   Samuel Aruwan, the state Commissioner of Home Affairs. The Commissioner who was said to have provided an insight into the armed Herdsmen attack on the Zangon Kataf and Kauru Local Government Areas Communities   had said that those  killed  were around  the Maduachi Forest.  However, he disclosed one person was killed in Kurmin-Masara village, along  Bakin Kogi in Atyap Chiefdom.

Herders In A Zagon Kataf Communitiy

Residents also  said the armed Herdsmen attacked   the Jankasa  General Area Ground-, which is the boundary   between Zagon Kataf and Kauru , Local Government Areas, and killed a man in his fam. There are indications that the  assailants  extended their attacks to Ungwan  Rana  in Zonzon  District   and killed  one other person at Ungwan  Gaiya village.

Many believe that both for the quick intervention of Operation Safe Haven and Police Tactical Squad, who were said to have responded to a distress, the attack could have spread to other   neighbouring Local  Government Areas to Zagon Kataf and Kauru in the state, which may further deepened the crisis.

A security expert who spoke to the Magazine on condition  of anonymity, disclosed that El-rufai,  the Kaduna state governor  may not  have taken immediate action to ascertain the level of damages in the two Local government Areas  attacked because of his  believe that the attackers are Bandits  because of the government refusal   ‘’to Negotiate with them  in order to pay ransom  to secure the release of abducted persons  including AlHassan Adamu , 83 year-old, Emir of Kajuru, in Kajuru, Local Government Area and 13 members of his family including    the  Emir of Jaba Chiefdom in Jaba Local Fovernment Area. The Bandits had demanded  for N200 million ransom to release the Emir of Kajuru and N100 million on the Head of the Emir of Jaba Chiefdom.    

The Kaduna state governor  may have told those that cares to listen that  ‘’the Bandits  and their Leaders  have  decided Collectively  to target  the state  because of the position of his government  never to Negotiate   with Criminal elements  to pay  them  Taxpayers money’’. He was said to have made it clear to those coming to Kaduna for Banditry, in the guise of Herdsmen or involved in  Kidnapping that they ‘’will most likely end up dead ‘’.

While residents  of Zango Kataf and Kauru, Local Government Areas in Kaduna state are crying out over the  repeated attacks by  suspected  Armed Herdsmen attack, the situation in Bassa, one of the  flashpoints Local Government Areas in Plateau state  for such attacks  are back  on the news.

 Ronku Aka, a Clergyman and Bra Ngwe Irigwe  of Irigwe, ethnic Nationality,  had said that  the  soldiers deployed to the ccene  watched ‘’as residents of his Community and other neighbouring Communities  were attacked and killed by the  armed Herdsmen   during a recent attack of the Bassa  Local Government Area.

He had alluded to the fact that the soldiers could not do anything because they had claimed that they did not have any instruction to make arrest from their Commander to stop the attack.   The aggrieved Monarch , may have opened up  when  Gideon  Para-Mallam,  a Cleric  and President of  Para-Mallam, Peace Foundation , a Non- Governmental Organisation  and other officials of the  Foundation  visited his Palace  in Miango, on Saturday, August 7, 2021.  

One Of The Villages Attacked By Suspected Armed Herdsmen iN Bassa LGA, Of Plateau State

The Paramount Ruler  believes  that the insecurity situation  in the state  may  be getting worse on a daily basis  because  the  governor,  who was supposed to be the Chief Security officer of the state  was helpless as he could not give orders  the Army Chief or the Police Commissioner in the state  to deploy their men  to a troubled Local government Area in the state without the  approval of Yahaya, a Lt. General and COAS or the IGP, who must give the final order.

The Plateau state Monarch may have sent a message to residents of  Zangon Kataf and Kauru,  Local Government Areas , in Kaduna state, running  away from  suspected armed Herdsmen attacks in their villages  to Jos, that the state  may not be safe for them for now  because of the recurring armed Herdsmen attacks.

Security experts believe that the frequent attacks by the suspected arms Herdsmen, in different parts of the country could be stopped if only the Leadership of the Myetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association, MACBAN,  could step in to call their members to order.

MACBAN, which has been an Advocacy Group for the Fulani Herders for decades, have its Headquarters in Kaduna. Note that the Association is involved in liaising with the government both at the state and Federal level, on behalf of members, land use rights, Nomadic Education, and Conflict resolution, between the Pastoralists and farmers.

 Indeed, the continued involvement by the Herders in Banditry activities in Benue and other parts of the country including Kaduna state and the failure of the MACBAN, Leadership to control the Herders may have informed why there have been calls on the Katsnina state born Nigerian President to declare it as a Terrorist Group just as the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, have been  labeled  as a Terrorist Group. The call which is coming mostly from the southern part of the country may have been ignored by the Nigerian President on the ground that they are Pastoralists, were not into any Criminal activities.

It is on record that at different times the duo, Buhari, and former President Goodluck Jonathan, from the south-south state of Bayelsa, had at different times served as Patron of MACBAN. At present, Sa’ad Abubakar, a retired Brigadier General and Sultan of Sokoto, is the Patron.

 It is not surprising why Nigerians believe that the Daura born Politician  and Abubakar, the Sultan of Sokoto, particular, have a major role to play to bring the Banditry activities of the Herders which have resulted  in  killing and slaughtering   innocent people in different parts of the country under control.


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