Israeli PM, Continues His Mediation Role On The Ukrainian Crisis, Exporters Lose Out Due To The War

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 By Lateef Adegbite

Naftali Bennett , Israeli Prime minister , PM, who  flew to Moscow on Saturday, March 5, 2021,  with the blessings and encouragement of Joe Biden, the North American country of the United States, US,  and Germany,   had said that mediation on the Ukrainian crisis is not likely to yield any  success but had said he will continue trying until the two countries agree to a permanent ceasefire. He had travelled to Russia to meet president Putin over the country’s Special military Operation in Ukraine to stop the US, from building a military base in the east European country.  

 Even Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey President, was said to have spoken to the  Russian President on Sunday, March 6, 2022,  has given his words    that the country is ready to help  resolve the crisis. He has offered to host talks between Ukraine and Russia, insisting that the two sides must stop fighting.

Erdogan has vowed that Turkey will not abandon its ties with Ukraine or Russia. There are indications that Narendra Mordi,  the Asian country of India PM, which over 500 of the country students studying in Ukraine are said to be trapped  was said to  have spoken  to  Zelensky and Putin, on Monday,  March 7, 2022. He had said that  Presidents Zelensky and Putin must have a direct talk.  Another world Leader that was said to have spoken to the Russian Leader over the Ukrainian crisis was Emmanuel Macron of France.

Modi: India PM, Insists That Zelensky And Putin, Must Have Direct Talks Over The Ukrainian Crisis To End The War

The Israeli  PM, may have kept too his word that he will stop at nothing until Ukrai and Russian resume talks again.  On Monday, March 7, 2022, Representatives of the two countries began the third round of talks in Belarus. The development comes amid the  temporary  ceasefire  in the Ukrania port cities of Sumy and Mariupol including Kyiv, the  capital and Kharkiv , a major city in Ukraine.  

 The Russian Defense ministry had said that the ceasefire was undertaken to open a humanitarian corridors  for the evacuation  of civilians in the besieged port cities of Sumy, Mariupol  , including Kharkiv city. Many see the hands of Benneth, he Israeli PM, in it.

   Recall that the Israeli PM, had the initial fears that there would not be any success  in his mediation of the Russian –Ukraine war  is because, of Russia’s demand   that Ukrain must  drop the idea of joining NATO, or give the US the nod to establish a military base in the country.

This is because of the events of 1962, when the US  had frustrated Nikita Krushchev, the then Premier of the old Union of Soviet Socialist Republic , USSR, from establishing a military base in the Island of Cuba, on the invitation of Fidel Castro, the country ‘s Persident.

Russian may have seen that NATOs’s target to drag Ukraine into the Organisation as it  had succeeded in getting Romania, Bulgari, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovania, Estonia, Lactia and Lithunia, into  the body  was  because of the country’s three Nuclear plants in order to control it.

It was the  therefore, not surprising  why  the Kremlin had taken took the bold initiative ‘’ to conduct a Special military Operation in the country’’ thus  sending a message to the US, UK and EU, particular, that Ukraine can never join NATO.

Putin: Russian President, Conducting The Special Military Operations In Ukraine As Planned

 He could beat his chest that the Russian Forces have  seized and taken control of two of   the Ukranian nuclear plants  and are advancing toward the third one  which is sited in Yuzhnoukransk, 75 miles north of Mykolaiv.  Even the United Nations, watchdog,  could Authoritatively confirm  that Russian forces  have seized Zaporizhia new plant  and have placed its  own staff  to be  running the facility  under their Command and restricted Communications with the outside world. The takeover of the Ukrainian Nuclear plants and other major cities may have informed why Putin had said that Ukraine may lose its ‘’stahood’’.

Andrei Fedorov , a former  deputy Foreign Affairs minister of Russia, had said that  Putin is pursuing a clear goal that’’Ukraine as it is today  should be changed’ . Hear him : I have  known him for many years, he will  stop at nothing until he achieves his goal.  He is optimistic t that in the next 5-6 days , the military Operation  will be extended to more territories , including the port city of Odessa.

 He has predicted that Russia Army will surround Kyiv, Capital of Ukraine  and force President Zelensky and his governemnt to resign, in order’’ to set up an interim government for Ukraine’’.  President Zelensky has called for support from the NATO countries, particular, the seven east Europe member countries to supply it Russian manufactured planes to strength its Air Force to defend the Kyiv city.

There is no gain saying the fact  that the situation in Ukraine , with all the support of the NATO countries, particular, US,  remains dire  as the number  of refugees  fleeing  the country  due to the Russia invasion since Thursday, February 24, 2022,  had reached 1.5 million  , according a report by Filippo Gandi,  the Head of  the United Nations, UN,Human Rits Commission, UNHRC.  The UN HRC, boss had described the Ukraine-Russia war as ‘’the fasted refuge crisis’’ in Europe since the end of the WWII.

 Note that despite the gang up of the NATO countries, against Russia,   the Kremlin, which   had described them as ‘’behaving like bandits’’, had said that Russia is ‘’too big to be isolated as the world is much larger than just the US  and Europe’’.

 For now, the Ukrainian President believes that the NATO countries are not giving the country enough support to fight Russia, a nuclear power.    He has heaped  criticisms on the western Leaders  for not responding  to the Russian Defense ministry ‘s recent  announcement  that ’’it would  strike  Ukraine’s  military industrial complex’’, while telling employees  of these defense plants to go to work.

 This may have informed why he has urged the US and its allies to strengthen the sanctions against Russia. The NATO countries may have gotten the message clearly as  the US, Germany and Netherlands,  were said to have agreed to deploy more troops  to Lithunia, a former Russia ally and now a member country of NATO.

 The US  Leadership were said to have concluded arrangement to send a troop battalion armed with tanks to Lithunia to support Ukraine. The  US  military deployments  are also due to include  more troops from  the Netherlands, which were said to be separate  to another set of troops  coming for military exercises in Lithunia this March.

 Arvydas Anusauskas, Lithunia, Defence minister  had said   that the NATO  countries   deployments and military  exercises   which was 3,000 will increase to 4,000 by the end of March, 2022 .Lithunia Authorities may have  known that the country has played into the hand of Putin that  they  have asked NATO, to add more troops  and equipment to the country.

Presidents Zelensky and Joe Biden on Monday, March  7, 2022,  were said to have met  over the Ukraine criss . Zelenskyy was said to have used the opportunity of the meeting to ask for’’ more financial support for Ukraine in the face of the crisis and stiffer sanctions for Russia’’. Recall that Putin had described he west sanctions by the west and implementation of a no fly zone over Ukraine  as  a ‘’declaration of war  on Rusia’’.

President Zelenskyy: Wants More Financial And equipment Support From US And Other NATO Countries To Fight Russia

  Boris Johnson, the UK, Prime minister   had announced a $100 million aid to Ukraine to support their fight against Russia on Sunday, March 7, 2022. The $100 million financial support which is to be provided through the world bank  is in addition to the #220 million  of overall aid  support to Ukraine by the NATO country.  The Ukrainian government had cried out that the Russia Forces are killing their people but have resorted to Adolf Hitler style of Propaganda during the WWII, by claiming that over 11,000 Russian soldiers have been killed since the war started while only about a little over 10,000 Ukrainian troops have been killed. The Russia ministry of Defense had said that only 500 of the country’s soldiers have been killed in the war.

 Many believe that if the Ukrainian forces   with all the support of the US and its allies, could kill that number of Russian troops, there would not have been any need for the 66,200 Ukrainians staying abroad including students to have returned home to join in the fight against Russia. It is shows that the country is desperate.

Given the direction of the Ukrainian crisis which had affected its Agricultural export market and to ensure that the country’s Agricultural goods will not get into the Russian markets, the Zelensky government had introduced export Licenses for its key Agricultural Commodities such as wheat, corn and sunflower oil. The Ukrainian government was said to have also made it mandatory that   traders of poultry products and eggs would need the License to export to their oversea Customers.

. Prior   to the Russia invasion of Ukraine on Thursday, February 24, 2022, the country was said to be the world’s leading producer and exporters of rain and Vegetable oils. As the world’s largest exporter of sunflower,  more than 60 million toes of grains annually including 33 million tons  of corn,  and 23 million tonnes of wheat was exported.

The war- torn   east European country was said to have suspended exports of several Agricultural Commodities in the face of the Russian in.  The government was said to have suspended  exports of erye, oats, millet, buckwheat, salt, sugar, meat and Livestock,  to Customers oversea  by ship,

 The country  was said to have use its railway facilities to deliver   its grains to borders with Romania, Hungary, Slovakia  and Poland  and which are delivered to the ports and Logistics of European countries  but all that had stopped since Thursday February 22 and now. Agency report had it that the country had exported 43 million tons of grain as at February 23, 2022, which was below its market target.

  Given the drop in the Ukraine Agricultural export market may have forced Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, a former minister of Finance and coordinator of the Economy during the Administrations of Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan and now, Director General,World Trade Organisation, WTO, that it was  not good for the world economy, appealing to the two sides t to   end the war because of the people suffering.

I n a related development,  Putin, the no nonsense Russian President  may have sent a signal  to the US and its allies  to expect a wider war if a ‘’no fly zone  is set over Ukraine, as Russia forces were said to have resumed  offensive against the port city of Marupol.

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