Why The Battle For Control of Ukraine Has Become More Tense As china Provides Soft –Landing For Russia

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 By  Lateef degbite

Between 1987 and now, Vladimir Putin, described as a ‘’Spymaster’’ in the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, USSR, and now President of Russia have never been happy. This is because of the dissolution of Russia Federation into smaller countries and the collapse of the former Soviet Union. 

Ronald Regan, a former President of the North American country of the United States, was said to have initiated the process for the collapse of USSR and dissolution of Russian Federation, which was said to have been completed by President George Walker Bush in 1992.

As a prelude to the dissolution of the Russia Federation,  Regan and Mikhail Gorbachev, a former Soviet Premier,  had signed a Landmark Treaty    that called  for ‘’the destruction  of more than 2,600 Soviet and US,  Nuclear Weapons in 187’’. The former US President had described the Treaty as not just an ‘’arms control’’ but an arms reduction agreement’’ that would actually reduce the number of Nuclear weapons in the world.

Gorbachev:”Former Premier Of Russia Who Presided Over The Collapse Of USSR And Dissolution Of Russia Federation

Regan may have cashed in on the political naivety of Gobachev in International politics to force him ‘’to tear down the Berlin Wall’’ as a way of encouraging the Russian government to work on bringing’’ the East and West Berlin together’’.

He had made Gorbachev to understand that ‘’prosperity can come about  only when  the farmer and businessman enjoy economic freedom’’, stressing  that economic miracle like,’’ the Wirtscgaftswunder that  took place in Western Germany  was  because the Leaders, reduced  tariffs, expanded free trade and lowered taxes, noting that this could be recreated in Eastern Germany ‘’ if such reforms could be implemented’’.  

The US President who has a grand plan to ensure total collapse of the USSR and the dissolution of Russia Federation had said that ‘‘where for four decades there was rubble, today in West Germany, there was the greatest industrial output of any city in the country, busy office blocks, fine homes, and apartments, proud avenues,  and the spreading lawns  of parkland’’ which is lacking in East German. The message was very clear: Gobachev,’’Go and initiate bold economic and political reforms in Russia’’.

He had alluded to what Nikita Krushchev, a former Premier of the Soviet Union had said in the’50s, where he had predicted that ‘’ Russia will bury the US. He opined that ‘’today the reverse is the case’’.  Hear him: We see a free world  that has achieved  a level  of prosperity  and well-being unprecedented  in human history compared  to the Communist world  where  ‘’we see failure, technological backwardness,  declining standard of health, even want of the most basic items  including food’’. Freedom leads to prosperity’’, he had said.        

   Unknown to him, the former US President had a hidden agenda: Dissolution of Russia Federation into smaller countries to prepare the ground for NATO to expand into Eastern Europe. George Bush , who had succeeded Regan in 1989,  may not have automatically  followed  the policy  of his Predecessor in office,  in dealing  with the naïve Gobachev and the Soviet Union, as he was said to have ordered  a ‘’policy re-evaluation  in order to establish  his own plan  and methods of  dealing  with the Soviet  Union arms control’’.

 Indeed, Gorbachev’s decision  to loosen  the Soviet grip  on the countries  of Eastern Europe   was said to have  created  an independent , and democratic momentum  that  led to ‘’the collapse  of the sBerlin Wall in November 1989’’. Bush had encouraged the Gorbachev reform efforts for’’ finalizing START negotiations, completing the Conventional Force in Europe Treaty and moving the former Russian Federation towards a Democratic system and market –oriented economy’’.

Bush: Former President Of US, Who Facilitated The Collapse Of USSR And Dissolution Of Russia Federation That Has Laid The Foundation For The Ukraine Crisis

  With the dissolution of Russia completed, Bush was said to have moved a step to recognise all the Independent countries to spite Goorbachev who felt a sense of betrayal. They are Uzbeekistan, Armenia, Moldova, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan,  Tajkistan, Georgia, , Kazakhistan and Ukraine including Russia and the Baltic states of, Lactivia, Estonia, and  Lithunia.    

R Gorbachev may have gotten  his first major shocker over his romance with the West when in  2002, seven former allies of the former  USSR: Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lactivia, Slovania, and Lithunia joined NATO, against the  earlier promise made by Bush, the US President that NATO, will not expand its tentacles to Eastern Europe.  The  security alliance was said to have targeted Ukraine in 2008 , that the US  government boasted that Ukraine is the next country from Eastern Europe that would NATO. The US government may have slowed down its efforts in pressurising Ukraine, Russia closest neigbouring country  to join the Security alliance because of the strong opposition of Putin who had emerged as Russia President in 2012.  Bush could not penetrate him to complete his agenda of taking Ukraine to join NATO to forestall the country from taking over control of the four Nuclear plants in the country which would give it an edge over Russia.  

  Putin   had expressed his anger over ‘’the collapse of the former Soviet Union and the dissolution of Russia Federation as ‘’the greatest geopolitical disaster of the century’’ and had vowed to ‘’to reverse this sad chapter of history’’. The invasion of Ukraine on Thursday, February 24.  2022, was a message to the International community that he process for reversing the dissolution of Russia Federation has begun.     

 In invading Ukraine, Putin had said that the Russian government   had ‘’viewed   through its lens and cannot face the risk of US assault from the Ukrainian territory’’.‘’The puppet regime’’, referring to Volodymyr Zelensky government ‘’will have to be removed’’.   This may have informed why he rolled out the tanks to Ukraine to remove ‘’the Zelenskyy regime’’  and  return to the status quo where the 15 republics carved out of Russia will still be part of Federation.  

President Zelenskyy: Fears That Putin May Roll Out The Tanks Against Other Russia Allies Romancing With The West After Ukraine

Zelensky may have read the handwriting on the wall  of what is going to happening next after the Ukraine war  might have ended as he has sent a message to the Leaders of the other former Russia Federation Republics still romancing with the west not to relax in their efforts to strengthen the security architecture of their countries   as ‘’Putin will come after them to force them back to Russia’’.

The Ukrainian President had said that ‘’small towns no longer existed in the western Ukraine region since the Russian invasion’’, nothing that over’’ 2.5 million Ukrainians have fled to neighbouring countries’’. He had told those that cares to listen that the Russian President has not shown any readiness ‘’to make peace’’, but he is ‘’ready’’ to hold direct talks with him to end the war. 

 The US may have entered into the Ukraine war to save its face. Joe Biden, the US, president was said to have approved $200 million in arms and equipment supply for the country.The latest arms package include Javelin antitank missiles and stinger ant-aircraft missiles. The Package, is coming on the heels of the earlier $350 million arms package extended to the country Last February.

 Altogether , the Bidden Administration,  was said to have  spent $1.2 billion  in weapons supply  for Ukraine  in the past one year, meaning that  the US, had known that Russia will  roll out  the tanks and widen its air raids because of its established  military presence in Ukraine.  

Aware that the $1.2 billion spent on military aid in the last one year in Ukraine to strengthen its military against any eventual attack by Russia was nothing compared to the $2.3 trillion spent on the Afghanistan war in the 2000   may have encouraged Biden to approach the Senate to approve an additional $6.5 billion   military assistance for Ukraine in the fight against Russia, which was said to have been approved on Thursday, March 10, 2022 .

Biden: US pResident, Provides Financial Support For Ukraine To Fight Russia

 Many believe that the Ukrainian war appears to be getting out of control as the EU Leaders have agreed ‘’to finance ‘’the purchase and transport of arms worth 450 million euros or $502 million to Ukraine. Germany, alone, which Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, was making strenuous efforts to end the war, was said to have agreed to supply 1,000 anti-tank missiles and 500 stinger missiles, in a U-turn from its policy of banning weapon exports to Ukraine.  The Norwegian government  had  promised  last February , that it will donate  between 1,000 and 2000 M72 anti-tank weapons to Ukraine  to support the east European country in the fight against Russia. The two countries, Germany and Norway may have kept to their promise.   

 Note that the US weapon suppliess for Ukraine, were sent to the country from its existing stockpiles in Europe but flown to the neighbouring countries of Poland and Romania for easy transfer to the country.  In less than a week of the war, for instance, the US government was said to have shipped into western Ukraine more than 17,000 anti-tanks weapons, including Javilins.

   This may have informed why Russia Forces  have Launched multiple  air raids  on a large  Ukrainian  military base,  outside the western city of Kyiv, the Capital of Ukraine,  near the Polish border, in what military analysts had described  as ‘’the most fierce attack’’  since  Russian invaded Ukraine  late February, 2022.

The  360 KM  or 40 square miles , Yaroriv  military facility , which according to informed sources  was less than  25 KM or 15 miles,  away from the Polish border, was said  to be one of Ukraine’s  biggest  and largest in the western part of the country, where Ukrainian Forces hold most of their drills  with the NATO countries. Oleksii Reznikov, Ukrainian Defense minister had confirmed that ‘’ foreign military instructors worked at the facility’’.

Until the recent  attack of the Ukrainian military base near the Polish border, Sergei Ryabkov, the Russian Deputy Foreign minister, who may have spoken the mind of Putin ,on Saturday, March 12, 2022, had said that  Russian troops  would ‘’target supplies  of Western weapons in Ukraine.

 The minister had said that the   Russian government had repeatedly warned  the US, that  ‘’the orchestrated  dumping  of weapons  from a number  of its allies in  Europe  was not just a ‘’dangerous move  but a move that will turn  these convoys  into Legitimate targets’’.  

Jake Sullivan, President Biden National Security Adviser, NSA, may have spoken the mind of the US President, when he said on Sunday, March 13, 2022,  that ‘’Russia  will face a response  from NATO,  should any of its attacks and air raids on Ukraine military installations  cross –borders hit members  of the security alliance. 

The NSA  may have alluded to Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria,  Estonia, Lactivia,  Slovania, Slovakia and Lithunia.  Recall that the start of the Ukraine war,   President Biden had said   that ‘’the US, will work with its allies to defend  every inch of NATO territory’’.  The NSA, may have sent a message to Putin that ‘’a military attack on NATO territory  would cause  the invocation of Artcle 5, which stipulates the ‘’ Agreement for collective defense of a member country under threat of attack by another country’’.

Gen. Steltenberg: Secretary Geneneral NATO, Fears That Russia May Use Chemical And Biological Weapons In The Ukraine War

There are fears making the rounds in NATO member countries that Russia might be forced to use ‘’Chemical and biological weapons in the Ukraine war if pushed to the wall’’. Jens Stoltenberg, the German born NATO, Secretary General, had said that there have been reports about ‘’the existence of Chemical and biological weapon Laboratories  in Russia, urging the US and other NATO member countries , UK, Canada and the  27 EU, member countries to be on the red alert to forestall plans by Russia to use chemical and biological weapons in the Ukrainian war.

Given the biting  effects of the US and allies economic sanctions on Russia economy  may have encouraged the Asia country of China to prove it  with a life line which Biden did not find funny.  The US and its allies had deprived  the Russian government   access to $300 billion  of its $640 billion  in gold and foreign exchange reserves.

Anton Siluanov, Russia minister of Finance, had said that they could breathe a sigh of relief  because  Russia  have part  of its gold  and foreign exchange reserves  in the Chinese currency Yuan. There are indications that the Western Leaders have mounted pressure on China   in order ‘’to limit  mutual trade with Russia as there is also pressure  on the country ‘’to limit Russia access  to its foreign reserves’’.  The Russia Finance minister could beat  his chest  that their partnership  with China  had allowed  them to maintaintain the Operation  that they have achieved  so far   but will  increase   in an environment where Western markets are closing.

Jinpin: Premier Of China, Provides Soft- Landing For Russia To Access its Foreign Reserves In Yuan

China’s Xi Jinping  may have thrown his weight on Russia despite pressure from the US, to limit its trade with the East European country  because of their Agreement just  weeks before Ruussia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, that there  will be ‘’no limits  in the friendhip between the two countries’’. 

China is Russia’s top export market after the EU. Russia exports to China were said to be worth $79.3 billion in 2021 , with oil and gas , accounting  for 56% of that, according to  China’s Customs agency.

China has every reason not to play along with the US and its allies  in supporting its sanctions against Russia because it invaded Iraq, Libya  and several other countries across Europe, Asia , North and South America under false pretenses. Jinping had said that world Leaders should be more concerned to ensure that ‘’the Ukraine tense situation did not get out of control’’. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish President and Greek Prime minister  Kyriakos Mitsotakis,  had said that both countries have a great role to play in  changing the security situation in Europe after Russian invasion of Ukraine.   


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