Boko Haram : MNJTF Takes The Battle To ISWA Den As Buratai Blame Soldiers For Attack

   By Suleiman Umaru

 The leadership of the Islamic state West Africa, Province, ISWAP, a breakaway faction of BokoHaram, sponsored by ISIS, Never expected what they saw at Doron Naira an Island in the Lake Chad region, when the  Multi-National Joint Task Force, MNJF, comprising of soldiers from the West African Countries of Nigeria,  Niger , Chad and the Central African sub-regional country of Cameroon, swooped on them on Saturday, June 15, 2019.

The insurgents may have been attacking  military bases in the north east in the recent  including carting  away military weapons  from the Barracks but this time  around  they could not confront the MNJTF, soldiers who were prepared for them as they were armed with sophisticated weapons.

Security experts  told The Value News that the soldiers may have gone back to the drawing board after the attack on  military bases in Borno, one of the flash point states in the north east geo-political region, by ISWAP fighters.Timothy Abtigha, a Colonel and Chief  of Military Information of the MNJTF, said  the attack on the insurgents at the Lake Chad region was part  of the military  ongoing  ”Operation  Yancin Tafki”, in the region to  ”flush out  ISWAP elements  from the north east theatre”.

An elated Antigha,  disclosed that  the MNJTF, soldiers, who were determined the ISWAP, fighters a lesson of their life  had killed no fewer than 42 of their fighters in the Island and weapons and gun fitted trucks including motor cycles. He noted that  it was  the greatest ever suffered  by the terrorists  in the one operation in the last six months. The killing of the ISWAP, fighters  my not have been without  a loss on the par MNJTF,  soldiers The Army Colonel  confirmed that a soldier was killed  and ten others wounded, an indication that it was not easy to overrun the  terrorists.

It was learnt that same week,  the ISWAP, soldiers , who have virtually taken over the  battle in the north east  from BokoHaram fighters had attempted to  attack  MNJTF , soldiers  in Sector 1, Forward Operation  Base in Nguma, Cameroon but lost five of their fighters and one captured , who is now helping the soldiers to track others on the run  . It was gathered that 13 AK-47 rifles  and hand grenades were recovered from the ISWAP, terrorists.

Determined to flush out the Islamic Fundamentalists , from the north eastern states of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe, the Air Force wing of the Operation  Yancin Tafki, were said to conducted  air raids  in Arege Malkorony,  axis,  in Borno state, killing some of  the ISWAP members  as the alleged Headquarters and logistics base of  one Abu Talib, a top official of the terrorist group, was  said to have been targeted in that operation.  That may have sent a signal to the  ISIS sponsored ISWAP, that  their days in the Lake Chad Basin  are numbered.

 The terrorists may have taken it up against the President Idris Derby, of Chad , soldiers , for opening the door , for the MNJTF , soldiers, to neutralise them in the Lake Chad region. Last Friday, a Boko Haram  insurgents    ambush at Mbomouga in the country’s  Ngouboua  area,  against Chadian soldiers, had killed  seven of them  and a local guard  described as the latest in a surge of attacks in the region by security  sources. 13 other people were said to have been killed during the attack. The terrorists had also attempted  to ambush troops of the 26 Brigade Garrison of the Nigerian Army  on routine patrol around Wala village , Borno state, but were lucky to lose two of their  fighters to the superior gunfire of the soldiers.  

Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai: : Chief Of Army Staff

The question on the lips of most people was: how did the BokoHaram fighters knew Nigerian soldiers were coming on patrol to the Wala Community  if there is no mole among  the 26 Brigade Garrison, feeding the Insurgents about the movement of the soldiers. Sagir Musa, a Colonel and Army Public Relations officer, who could not hide his feelings  said ”intelligence had revealed  that  the terrorists were informed  of the troops movement   in order to use the opportunity to grab foot stuff and other items”.

He may be right that the Insurgents had advance information about the soldiers movement  as he disclosed   that as the soldiers advanced to the village,  they discovered two  Improvised Explosives Devices, IEDs, Concealed  along their axis of advance, an indication that the terrorists were prepared for the soldiers. The good news was that  IEDs were sucessfully defused and cleared by the soldiers, he said.            

Only recently, President Muhammadu Buhari, held a closed doors meeting   with the 36 state  governors  and the Service Chiefs  over the prevailing security situation and other issues besetting  the country  at the Presidential Villa. Only, recently, Baru, an Engineer and an outgoing, Managing Director, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC,  had revealed  that $1 billion , had been taken from the Excess Crude Account  to finance  the insurgency in the north east.  That much was  confirmed by  Kayode Fayemi,  governor of Ekiti state and Chairman, Nigerian Governors Forum, NGF,  had said that the amount  was not ”enough to frontally  address the myriad of security challenges facing the country.

Kayode, the NGF, Chairman, noted that $1 billion may seem like a huge  amount of money  but when dealing with security issues, where  a Tucano Jet  costs over $50 million and the country has placed order for 20,  which is  equivalent  to that 1 billion removed from the Excess Crude Account to finance the BokoHaram war.

He  disclosed that the  NGF, were supportive  of the 1 billion removed  the excess crude account on the approval of the Katsina state born Nigerian President and Commander In-Chief  of the Armed Forces , to resolve  the security challenges in the country.  According to him, the $1 billion, which was shared among the security agencies  was well spent by  the security Chief  as it afforded  them the  opportunity  to brainstorm  on wide ranging issues  of security, insurgency in the north east , banditry in the north west, kidnapping, robbery among others.

In spite of the claim by the NGF , Chairman, that the Service Chiefs spent the $1 billion given to them from the excess crude account  judiciously, Tukur Buratai, a Lt. General and Chief of Army Staff  recent Statement on the reasons for the resurgence  of the  terrorists attacks in the region speaks volume. He had accused soldiers of displaying  a poor commitment to defend the country in almost every task  they had been assigned, a situation described as unfortunate.

The situation  may have been worse   the Nigerian Army  were said  to have released  a video  deploring  the poor state of their equipment to fight the insurgents in the north east and Lake Chad Basin, fueling speculations making the rounds that the $1 billion  released by the President to service Chiefs  for the purchase  of military   hardware  for the use of the Armed Forces  my not have been spent wisely against the claim of the Presidency and the NGF.

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