Borno: Who Are Those After Prof. Zulum’s Life?

By Suleiman Umaru

Babagana Zulum, a Professor and governor of the north eastern state of Borno, is a lucky man. This is bcause of the three  consecutive  attempts  on his convoy between July, and Saturday, September 26, 202020,   by assailants suspected to be  BokoHaram Insurgents with the intention to kill him .

  The  two attempts on the governor’s convoy, that APears to have  dominated  people’s discussion  over the last one week, was that of Friday , September 25, and Saturday, September 26, 2020, an internal of 48 hours.  The attacks   were said to have occurred within the same location, along the notorious Maiduguri – Baga road, in Kukawa local government Area of the state.

 In the case of the Saturday incident, the governor’s convoy  was said to have ran into the ambush  by the BokoHaram suspects at a location  called Korochara, which was said to be about  two kilometers  away from  the base of the Multi-national Joint Task Force, MNJTF, comprising of soldiers from Nigeria, Niger and Chad, on the way to the Baga fishing Community.

 This may have fueled speculations making the rounds that there are military  spies  from the Islamic Fundamentalist group, BokoHaram, which had penetrated the ranks of the MNJTF, to embarrass the government, and prolong the terrorist war in Borno and other states in the north east.

The Saturday attack  shocked people of the state and other parts of the country as the governor was in the convoy being escorted out of Baga town after successfully conducting his official engagement  of receiving the indigenes who had been in exile between December 28, 2018 and much of this year, following the takeover of the Commercial town by the Insurgents after allegedly   overpowering the soldiers  in their Barracks, thus  exposing the people to danger.

BokoHaram Suspected Attackers On Gov. Zulum’s Convoy At Korochara axis Of Baga Town

 The  Baga indigenes , who no longer believe that the MNJTF and Operation Dole soldiers could guarantee their security in the town were said to have gone on self- exile   to Munguno, Maiduguri, the state Capital and its environs, for their safety . Note that Maiduguri, is the Operational base of the Operation Lafya Dole.  

 The  assailants  may  have made a wrong calculation  on the September 24, 2020, attack  on a convoy  being escorted by  armed  police men to Baga. The  military personnel may have known the dangers on the Maiduguri –Baga road that they had arranged one of the Operation Lafya Dole gunship Helicopters which flew the governor and some of the dignitaries   to  the Baga fishing Community.

The attack may have turned out to be   disappointment to the Boko Haram assailants who had laid   ambush for the supposed  governor’s  convoy along the Maiduguri and Baga route.  They may have concluded that  Zulum, the Borno state, who had remained a thorn in their flesh over the last 18 months, of assuming  office in the state would not escape  unhurt.

. They may have been  forced  to go back to the drawing board , to plot  on the next line of action on how to get the  governor  with the collaboration of their informants when the Thursday failed to achieve the desied result .But the  Tukur Buratai, a Lt General and Chief of Army Staff, CAS, trained soldiers deployed to   the north east Commercial town to tighten up security because of the governor’s visit  were not ready to give  room  to the Insurgents to cause any embarrassment in the state.

CP. Makwashi, Borno State, Releases Names Of Police Officers In Gov. Zulum’s Convoy Killed By BokoHaram Suspects

 The soldiers, who were said to have supported the governor’s police escort Team out of Baga town back to Maiduguri when They the suspected BokoHaram fighters  opened fire on the convoy  were said to have engaged them   in a gun duel , forcing them to flee, but some policemen on the convoy were said to have been  hit by the Insurgent’s bullet and died on the spot, an indication both for the military escort, the Professor, who was been  accompanied  out of Baga,town, with his entourage  would have been killed. Bad news.

The visit of Zulum, the Borno state governor  to the State Police Command may have provided opportunity for Bello Makwashi, the state Commissioner of Police, to release the names  of the officers  killed by the Insurgents in the Saturday attack.  Given an insider information, the  CP, had said that eight Police officers fell to  the assailant’s bullet.

An aggrieved Makwashi, who was not happy that his men deployed to be in the  governor’s escort team in and out of Baga town  back to Maiduri, could be killed.  He  may have released the names  of the officers  who paid the supreme  price in defending the governor in t times of danger  because of the  alleged  pressure  from several quarters both within and outside the state  to ease the restiveness in the Police Barracks and  furtherrestore Confidence to the officers. 

‘’The Borno  state Police Command may have broken  the sad news  to the families  of those in Maiduguri’’ to bring the situation under control. This is an indication that the number of slain officers by the Insurgents  in the Saturday attack could be more, as the CP had said that  some families  were still on their way coming to the State Police Headquarter to make inquiries.

 The governor who had expressed  deep regret  about the incident , described  as the first  since he assumed powers about 18 months ago , may have gladdened the heart  of Makwashi, the Borno state CP and the families of the deceased when   he  promised ‘’ to support the deceased officers’ families  livelihood efforts and the Education of their Children’’.  

Zulum who could not hide his feelings was said to have further told the CP, ‘’I am not at the state Police Command  to just see you and go to Government House  without saying a word,’’God willing  we shall not let you down, we shall support you to do your work’’. He could make such prmise because he had Witnessed the bloodbath which have deeply touched him.  Security analysts would want the governor to extend  such promises to the Policemen  families who were killed in the Thursday attack, that exposed the security lapses in the state.

  Recall that on Friday, September 25, 2020, assailants suspected to BokoHaram fighters had laid ambush on the convoy  of the Borno state  government  officials heading to Baga to join the governor, allegedly killing eight police men and thre Civilian JTF, but the Reporters on the Team claimed that  sixteen  security Operatives were killed  while unspecified number of other officers remain unknown.

Political analysts  believe that the  assailants could easily emerge  from their hide out in the bush in the  Baga axis to carry out attacks on the Maiduguri  – Baga route and escape because MNJTF and Operation Lafya Dole  , may not  fully reclaimed the fishing Community   to make it a no  go area for the Insurgents to cause any havoc.   

The All Progressive Congress , APC, governors, are not happy about the   continued  plot by perceived enemies and party  thugs, hiding under the cover of BokoHaram to kill Zulum, who had proved a hard nut to crack. The APC governors,  noted that ‘’the attacks  on the convoys associated with the Borno state governor  was’’ a ploy to distract him from fulfilling his electioneering Campaign promises to his people and ensuring that life returns to normacyl in the BokoHaram  ravaged state.

In condemning the attacks on the Professor, turned Politician and now governor of  Borno state, the APC, believe that the resort to guerrilla warfare by the Insurgents in the recent time was  a   clear indication that they are losing ground and an’’evidence  to show that  the government is winning the war against terror in the north east state’’.

Given  the  attacks on the police  escorts of the Borno state governor in the recent time, ostensibly  to kill him and halt the development of the state and the programmed  resettlement plan of the displaced people of the state the APC governors, appear, to have thrown their weight  behind  the Borno state  governor’s efforts ‘’to end all activities  of BokoHaram Insurgents, which promote trade and tax Administration that fund their  murderous activities’’.   This should gladden the heart of Zulum, who has been  fighting a lone battle against the Insurgents over the last one year in the state  with its lean resources.

The BokoHaram suspects continued atatempts on the life of,Zulum, the Borno state governor may have   forced  President Muhammadu Buri and Commander –In-Chief of Nigerian Armed Forces,  to renew his commitment  to degrade  the Insurgents, Bandits  and other Criminal elements along Nigerian borders.

Rauf Aregbesola, a former governor of Osun state and now mnister of Interior, broke the cheering news on Monday, September, 28, 2020, during  the passing out parade  of 320 Immigration Officers who were said to have been trained  in the ancient town of Kano, north west Nigeria’’ to participate in a Special Operation in the north western part of the country

. Aregbesola , who could not hide his feelings said  ‘’the increasing  number  of security personnel  at the nation’s land borders will not only  check  the proliferation of  light weapons  and Contrabands  into the country but also cripple the activities of the bandits, Insurgents  and kidnappers’’

. The minister who could hide his feelings had said  ‘’that much has been committed  to the training of the  Nigerian Immigration Service, NIS, personnel,  urging the Immigration pesonnel to justify  the huge amount spent on them by the government by being Professional in all their doing  to protect the country from influx and infiltration of  by illegal immigrants. He urged them not to hesitate to call for the support of the military personnel when the need arises.

Political Observers believe that this would go a long way to reduce banditary in the northwest and Insurgents activities in the north east states of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe, as the Boko Haram fighters would find it difficult to migrate from Niger, Chad  or any part of of the Sahel region to enter into   inNigeria , Launch attack and escape to their hideouts in these  neighboring West African countries.  


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