Buhari Orders Service Chiefs To Find Lasting Solution To Banditry And Terrorism In Nigeria

By Suleiman Umaru

When  Tukur Manu,  Media Aide to Sheikh  Abubakar Gumi, a popular Muslem Cleric,  raised alarm last June  that the lives of 51 victims of the March 28, 2022, Abuja-Kaduna Train attack by Ansaru Terrorists Group and their Bandits Group Collaborators were in danger, security agencies personnel may have laughed over it.  

Akeredolu: Terrorists Take Over Nigerian Forest

Manu could speak out  as someone whohas regular contact with them in their forest hideouts. Rotimi Akeredolu, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN, and governor of Ondo state had told those that cares to listen   that the Bandits Group, the Islamic Fundamentalist Group  BokoHaram and The Islamic State of West African Proince , ISWAP,  including the Bandits Group  could terrorise Nigerians because  they have taken over the forests across the country. The has pleaded with the International Community  for help  in the fight country’s against terrorism  as the Federal government appears to have become  helpless.

 Even Abdullahi Ganduje, governor of Kano state, after a meeting  with the  Katsina state born Nigerian President  last December  had called for the establishment  of a military Training base  bothering  Kano, Kaduna, Bauchi and Plateau state, to checkmate  the activities of the terrorists in the north.

 The governor may have been encouraged to speak out his mind because of the unfortunate insecurity situation in northern region.  From Zamfara, Katsina, Buhari home state. Kduna, Sokoto, Niger, Ibrahim Babangida, a rtd Army and former military President home state, Borno, Yobe to Imo state in south east Nigeria, the story is the same: forests taken over by the terrorists to wreak hovoc.

The Bandits group  and their BokoHaram and IWAP Collaborators may have identified  the lapses in Nigerian security system  that they could attempt  to invade   a military base  in  Sarkinpawa town in  the Munya  Local  Area of Niger state  recently . Reports had it that both for the stiff resistance put  up by the soldiers forcing  may ofthem to flee, they would have taken over the military base and possibly cart  away their arms and amunitions to strengthen their attacking force.

Given their courage to attack a military base in Niger state  and the recent f invasion  of  Kuje Custodial centre located in the outskirts of Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, by ISWAP, where the prison cells were opened forcing 69 of the BokoHaram terrorists serving various prison terms to flee may have  given them the courage to boast that  that they were  coming for Buhari, the Nigerian President  and Nairsir El-Rufai, governor of Kaduna state  and other government officials including  National Assembly Lawmakers to force Nigerian military to sit up.

The Terrorist Groups  may  have shocked Nigerians   when they said they know what the Nigerian government is planning  to rescue the remaining  victims of the Abuja-Kaduna Train attack on March 28, 2022, meaning that there are moles in the country’s  security circles giving  them information . More worrisome  was their claim that any Committee set up by the government  to facilitate the release of Abuja –Kaduna Train victims, they are  already known to them.

President Buhari, who could no longer take the insult  from the Bandits Group and their BokoHram and ISWAP collaborators  had said that he  will leave ‘no stone unturned  in  crushing the Criminal gangs  wreaking  havoc  in several part of the country’’.

Gen. Irabor: CDS

Garba Shehu, a  Senior Special Assistant to  Buhari, on Median and Publicity,  had said that the President  and Commander –In Chief , C-In-C,  of the Nigerian Armed Forces,  has put the service Chiefs  on their toes ‘’to ensure  that Banditry   and terrorism  are decisively  addressed between now and May 29, 2023, when  he is expected to hand-over to the next government.

The Nigerian President may have finally made up his mind to crush the Bandits, Terrorists, staying in Nigerian forests  to wreak havoc  in several  parts of the country because of the claims  that one of the escapees in the Kuje  prison during  ISWAP attack   had joined them in the forest.  The Ansaru Group Terrorists  had released a propangada video  where they were   flogging  the remaining  of the  Abuja-Kaduna Train  victim  victims  still in their custom  to force the government to meet their financial emand to facilitate their release.

The exhuated victims  were said to have appealed  to Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations, UN, the Leadership of the African Union, AU,  and Abdulaziz bin Salman, Saudi Arabian King and the Mohammed bin Salman, the Crown Prince  to come to their  aid  since the Nigerian government has failed  ‘’to escue  them  from the hands of the trigger hungry terrorist who were said to have killed at least eight of the Train Passengers at the last count. Among  the March 28 Abuja-Kaduna Train Passengers that were aid to  been killed  by the Terrorists as a way to  force the Nigerian government to have a rethink and Negotiate with  them going by the names released include   one Amin Mahmoud, a medical doctor , who incidentally is the ruling All Pessive Congress, APC, Youth Leader,  Tibile Mosugu,  Chinelo Megafo Chinelo and  Barrister Musa   Lawal Ozigi, and Secretary General  of the Trade Union Congress, TUC.

There is no gain saying the fact that the Terrorists are after money as they have turned kidnapping in Nigeria into a  big business to make good money to buy guns   to continue to wreak havoc in the society, as well as  settle their medical bills of  their captors and those allegedly  giving them information.  

Aggrieved families  whose relations were in the ill-fated Abuja –Kaduna Passenger Train that was attacked by the Ansaru Terrorists late last March  had accused  the Buhari government and the military  of sabotaging their efforts ‘’ to rescue  their Loved ones  from the hands  of their abductors in the forest on Friday, July 22, 2022.

In a report carried by  Channels Television, they were said to have told Nigerians  that’’ the military personnel had blocked them from gaining access to the forest where the Terrorists had asked them to come and pick up the victims still in their Custody’’.  The relatives of the abducted Passengers may have taken the bull by the horn to get their Loved ones released from the Custody of the Terrorists as they had made Nigerians and International Community to believe that the government, both at the state and Federal Levels as well as the security agencies have failed them.

Sheikh Gumi: Link To The Terrorists, Walking About Freely

The question on the lips of most people was why the military  cannot  arrest Sheikh Gumi and Manu, his Media Aide,  and  the Families of the Abuja-Kaduna Passenger Train  victims show them  the location of the Terrorists based on the direction given  to them to approach the forest  to have the victims released to them.

 The Nigeria President had persistently  declared that the Terrorists  must  sent their Creator . This is where  FaroukYahaya, a Lt. General and Chief of Army Staff and hi Air Marshall Olayinka Isiaka Amao, may have to take to the battle to the Bandits and Terrorists  Camps in their forest  hideout by  taking advantage  of the government   support  in raising the soldiers  morale and providing them with the needed equipment  to  do so.  However, the worry of security experts was how the Terrorists came about the  military Camouflage and uniforms used in deceiving the people  during attacks.This may have informed why the military  have  not have been able to break the wings of the Bandits an Terrorists in Nigeria between 2009 and now.     

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