Impeachment Of Trump: Americans Waiting For The Senate

By Suleiman Umaru

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the  United States of House of Representatives  elected under  the Democrats  platform , described in political circles as the arch enemy  of Donald Trump since the country’s last general election that brought him to power in 2016, appears to have had his way.

Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro Pelosi: Speaker, House Of Representatives

This is because she has succeeded in mobilising the Democrat dominated Congress to impeach Trump  for alleged  obstruction of the   House  probe into  his  Ukraine  dealings  be blocking the testimony  of subpoenaed White House  aides. And other charges., which the Democrats claimed was about ‘’ American’s security’’.

A whistle blower was said to have opened up about Trump’s pressure on the Ukraine’s President  to investigate his potential  white House challenger in 2020 Joe Biden. This is what Pelosi and his Group may have been waiting for to take a historic vote on the impeachment of the 45 US  President. They had they had their way . Note that Trump  had maintained his  innocence throughout  the impeachment inquiry, describing it as a ‘’witch hunt, an attempted  coup and an assault  on America’’ .

While the Democrat Lawmakers in the Congress were busy carrying out their Congressional duties to send Trump parking from the white House, he appears to have taken the case to the people’s Court ,going by what happened at a Michigan rally, where  the people  were said to  have sent a signal to the Democrat dominated House that Trump is going nowhere.  The people were said to have made it clear that  the Republican President would be re-elected for another four yeas, to complete his eight  year term in November 2020.The CNN report shows shout  of ‘’four more  years’’ for Trump by the crowd.

It was bad news  for Pelosi and his Group who may have thought that they have succeeded in  winning the heart of Americans  to support their cause, but have realised that it was the most unpopular action to   be taken  by the Congress in the recent time. Political analyst believe that the Senate, which is dominated by the Republicans may not go follow the foot step of the Congressional  Lawmakers  to impeach  the US  President  and business mogul bt would rather exonerate him of all the allegations against him.

Recalll that this is not  the first  time that such a thing is happening in American history. Recall that the US Senate  had at one time or the other  impeached a sitting President  but were stopped by the  House.  This is evident  going by the impeachment of  Presidents Andrew Jackson  in 1688 and Bill Clinton in 1998 by the Democrats dominate Senate but both held on to their jobs and still went ahead to win their re-election bids  and thus served their 8-year term.

The situation may not be different  in the case of Trump as the Republican dominated  Senate are ready to call the bluff of the Congress.

Pelosi , the House Speaker  may have known that the impeachment article would not scale through the Republican dominated  Senate that he she had told her close political  associates last Wednesday that the House  was not in a hurry to  send  the articles of impeachment   against Trump to the Senate  as it would be delayed indefinitely. The House  Speaker may have taken this decision , perhaps to leave  ambiguous timing  of a trial   that would decide  whether  to acquaint him or convict and remove him from office.

There are indications that the Pelosi Group in the House  have plotted   to follow the  impeachment case to the  Senate  and form the prosecution . This is an indication that the self –appointed  small group of legislators  and their Lawyers   have concluded plans to invade the Senate  and push for the impeachment of Republican elected  President.

Political Observers   believe that  they might   make a push  to get a new evidence   presented for the trial. There is no gain saying the fact that these had been the  plan  of  their final  venue   for the work   that they have started  over the past three months. But  whether they would succeed  remain to be seen as Americans are watching to see the outcame of the impeachment exercise

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