Insecurity:Anger In The Land And DSS Intervention

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By By Stephen Ubanna

Hakeem  Baba – Ahmed, Spokesperson of the Northern Elders Forum , NEF, is not a happy man. Baba-Ahmed’s source of unhappiness is the violent killings in different parts of the country. His worries was  that President Muhammadu Buhari,, popular, PMB, a retired army General, do not seems to understand that Nigeria has a serious security challenge at hand  that needed to fixed as quickly as possible.

He had alluded to what the Katsina state born Nigerian President had told former President Goodluck  Jonathan  in 2013, due to the rising  insecurity in the north eastern states of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe ,where  the Islamic Fundamentalist Group , BokoHaram, founded by Abubakar Shekau, had laid siege. He was said to have told then President Jonathan that if he cannot fix the security challenge facing the country country, another person, referring to himself, can do it. His loyalists including the service Chiefs, both past and Present, had said that the retired General is Committed to solving the security challenges facing the country.

Hakeem Baba-Bello: NEF Spkesperson

But an aggrieved NEF, spokesperson , who could not hide his feelings, would not agree with them.  He would want  to know the outcome of the Nigerian President’s Commitment to restoring peace in the country. Hear him: What is the result of all what he has been doing to restore peace in the country? According to him,  we don’t see the results  on the road when we travel, in our  homes or the farms where the poor people go.

He lamented that the north, particular, has become a very dangerous region to lie because of the activities of the  BokoHaram insurgents and the 2016 splinter Group, the Islamic State  of West African Province, ISWAP, which had become more dangerous that the original BokoHaram Group as they ambush and attack  soldiers and military bases in the north east.

The situation in the north east states of of Borno and Yobe appears to have become  more worrisome that Kashims Shettima, a Senator of Federal Republic of Nigeria and a former governor of the troubled Bono state, and  who is a diehard loyalist of Buhari, and ready to pay with his  life  may have  had a rethink on their relationship , as he has become of the arch critics of PMB’s efforts in tackling the  insecurity situation  across the country, stressing that’’ his efforts  are not good enough’’.

Senator Shettima: Buhari Loyalist But…..

An aggrieved Shettima, who was said to have attracted the sharp tongue of  Senator Oluremi Tinubu,  from Lagos state , had accused him of castigating  the Nigerian President as a member  of the Opposition People’s Democratic Party, PDP.  He had told his  Co-Senators that  ‘’there is a need  to assess  the efforts  of the Nigeria military  in combating  the insurgency in the north east state.

The former Borno state governor’s anger had confirmed what the TChadian soldiers, who are helping out  Nigerian soldiers in the anti-Jihadist war that they cannot fight  like  them  but only busy themselves in driving around with big cars, which  may have informed why  they cannot to really move  fast in the battle field to crush the insurgents.

 Even Babagana Zulum, a Professor, and governor of Borno state, expression when a delegation from the Presidency visited the state speaks volume. The Professor, had asked the delegation to take back a message to  the Commander –In –Chief , C-In-C,  to  reconsider  bringing  back the South African Necessaries to participate in the Counter-insurgency war, which clearly shows his loss of Confidence on the Ibrahim Attahiru, a Lt .general and Chief of Army Staff and his  soldiers that they cannot on their own  win the war.  But the COAS, had told  those that cares to listen that they are Committed to winning the war at all costs.

Sa’ad: Sultan Of Sokoto

Mohammadu Sa’ad Abubakar, a retired Brigadier General and the Sultan of Sokoto, may have further sent a message to  the Nigerian President, to rejig his security network,  as the Bandits operating in the north west Geo-political region  ‘’are becoming more audacious and fast  overrunning  the northern parts of Nigeria’’.

The Sultan, who is the Spiritual Leader  of millions of Muslims  in Nigeria had had said that’’ the  security  system  in the region  has Completely Collapsed, which had made north  the worst place in the country as at today’’. He lamented  the killing of  76 people  in a Community in the state  in one day . He noted that the Bandits are no longer scared of security operatives on the streets ‘’ as they go  around the villages , households and markets, with their AK 47, and nobody is challenging them’’.

He  may have shocked Nigerians  when he disclosed that ‘’they stop at the market, buy food items, pay and collect change, with their weapons openly displayed’’. These are facts, I know because I am at the centre of  it’’, he had said. An aggrieved Sultan of Sokoto may have given his piece of mind to the retired army General  and the service Chiefs  that something needed to done to  find  a lasting solutions to the security challenge facing the country  or’ ’Nigerians will find themselves soon in a situation  where they could no longer sleep’’ , because of the activities of Bandits, insurgents and other Criminal gangs across the country.

In spite of people’s anger over the  rising insecurity and killings in the country, that Baba-Ahmed, the  NEF, Spokesperson , had described as’’a national pastime’’,  he disclosed that people are dying more  in the north than other parts of the country . 

But Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, popular, Jagaban, and former governor of Lagos would not agree with Critics that Buhari does know the enormity of the country’s insecurity situation or working round the clock ‘’to fix it’’. The Buhari Loyalist, who has a Presidential ambition in the forthcoming 2023 general elections on the platform of the ruling APC,  and who needed the support of the incumbent President had   said that ‘’Nigerians  will feel  safer  under Buhari’s government’’, insisting that’’ the country  will overcome  its  security challenges’’.

The former Lagos state governor and the National Leader of the APC, recalled that in 2015, when the retired Army General, was first elected as an Executive President of Nigeria, he had promised to fix the country’s security challenges, the economy and the power sector.

Bukola Saraki,  a former governor of Kwara state , and the immediate Senate President, may have hit the nail on the nail on the head when he said that Buhari had been overwhelmed by the insecurity situation of the country as he has no answer to it which he has not abandoned.

Many believe that PMB, may not have fulfilled his  2015 and 2019, electioneering Campaign promises, particular, fixing  the insecurity Challenges facing the country because he had lost control of the country’s security , which  may have informed why the country’s insecurity seems to have worsened in the recent time .

This may have informed why  Olubumi Adetunnmbi , a Senator, Representing  Ekiti North, on the platform of the APC, had asked the Politicians  who may  wish seek elective office in the 2023 , general elections  to forget it for now, until the worsening  security situation  in the country  has been fixed.

Adetunmbi, would want the politicians ‘’to suspend  the issue of focus  on 2023 but focus on how to salvage  the country’’, urging the people  who have the capacity, knowledge , vision and the solution  to solve the insecurity  problem to assist as the situation is getting out of control.  The Ekiti state Senator believes that the PDP, Politicians are waiting in the wings ’’to use  the country’s insecurity situation as a means of electioneering Campaign strategy of edging out the ruling APC, IN 2023’’.

As a prelude to fixing the insecurity Challenge in the country,  the PMB, led APC, government  has approved the establishment  of the National  Centre for the Control of Small  Arms and Light Weapons, NCSALW, in the country.  He was said to have appointed  AM. Dikko a retired army Major General, from Katsina state, as the  Pioneer  Coordinator.

 Zakariya Usman,  Head, Strategic Communications, in the National Security Adviser, NSA’s office, said  ‘’the decision to set up the NCSALW, is part  of the ongoing restructuring  of  Nigeria’s security architecture’’, to effectively address  the emerging threats  and strengthen  the regional mechanism for the control,  prevention  and regulation  of SALW’’.

Abdulsalami Abubakar, a retired army General and a  former military Head of State had said that there are over six million SALW, circulating in the country , twhich had fallen into wrong hands. The fallout was the result of over a decade of insurgency in the north east, human trafficking, organised Crime and insurrections in other parts of Nigeria.

The office of Bbaga Munguno, a retired Major General and  the NSA,  had said that the NCSALW,  ‘’will be fulfilling  the requirements of the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS,  Moratorium  on Import and Export , manufacture  of Light Weapons as well as  the United Nations, UN,  Plan of action  to prevent , combat and eradicate  illicit trade in SALW’’.  Indeed, there is need for PMB to spread his security appointments to the country’s six Geo-political regions to give all Nigerians a sense of belonging.

Magaji Bichi: DG, DSS

Now that the  Department of State Security, DSS,   under the close watch of Yusuf Bichi,  have concluded arrangements to clampdown on  the agents of anarchy   in various parts of the country, security experts would  want the agency  to work closely with the Service  Chiefs and the  Acting Inspector General of Police, IGP, to identify the Leaders and sponsors  of the   Bandits operating in the north west and the north central state of Niger including the sponsors of BokoHaram and ISWAP, insurgents,particular, to win the confidence of  the other ethnic groups.

Matawale Bello, governor of Zamfara state   may have gven  a clue to  where the sponsors of the Bandits, particular, live to fund them in their hide out in the bushes. The Zamfara , governor said they live in the cities. The DSS, personnel, may have to beam their searchlight on the major cities in the north to fish out these agents  of anarchy  and arrest them.

  Taking the Campaign to the south east to fish out the Leaders  sponsors the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOD and the members of Eastern Security Network, ESN, or the  Omotekun Corps memebers,  which is  security  network, formed  in each of the six states of the south west Geopolitical region may further heighten the insecurity situation of the country.     

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