Obasanjo Fears Nigeria’s Disintegration Under Buhari As The Army Goes Tough On The Outlaws In The North West

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By Stephen Ubanna

Elder Statesman and former President Olusegun Obassanjo, a rtd  Army General, appears  not to have seen anything good in the President Muhammadu Buhari, a rtd Army General, Administration. An aggrieved Obasanjo who is worried that Nigeria under  the Buhari led  ruling All Progressive  Congress, APC, government  has become a failed state, fears that it might distintegrate as it is currently ‘’ badly divided’’ but  blaming it on the’’ mismanagement  of the country’’ .

The former Nigerian President  may have drawn the attention of the  members of the various socio-cultural groups  in the country like the Afenifere, Middle Belt Forum, Northern Elders Forum, Ohaneze  Ndi Igbo and Pan Niger Delta Forum,  about the dangers ahead when he recently  delivered a speech  titled  ‘’Moving Nigeria  Away from  Tipping Over’’, at a Consultative Dialogue  in Abuja , the Federal Capital Territory, FCT.

The Ogun state born  retired Army General and politician, who could not hide his feelings  was emphatic, ‘’I  feel sad and embarrassed at the way the country was been run by the ruling APC.He may have alluded to the fact the party has destroyed the sixteen years  legacy of the Opposition People’s Democratic party,  PDP, by turning the Country into a debtor nation and taking bad economic policies that are based on what is based on the global economy .

Former President Obasanjo Blames Problems Of The Country To Mismanagement

Take for  instance  the recent increase in the pump price of Premium Motor Spirit , PMS,  popular, Petrol  from N143.00 to N151.00 per liter, depot price and increase in electricity tariff. Taking a closer look at the number of times the Buhari Administration  has increased  the prices  of petrol and Automotive Gas Oil, AGO or diesel, this may be the fifth  times going by the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Authority, PPRA records between 2015 and now.

The  government may have bowed to pressure of the 11 major Petroleum Products marketing Companies and the  Electricity  generation, Transmission and Distribution Companies to increase the depot prices of petrol and diesel  becauses as well hike  electricity tariff.  The Petroleum Products marketing Companies may have given the government the impression of the losses being  incurred  due to fall  in the prices of Crude oil in the International market  due to the Wuhan Town in the Hebei-Province of the Asian country of China emerged coronavirus or COVID 19.

In proposing for the hike in depot prices of the Petroleum Products sold at the filling stations across the country  Abdulkadir Saidu,  Executive Secretary  of the PPPRA,    had said that  ‘’after a view  of the prevailing  market fundamentals  in the month of June  and considering  the marketers’ realistic operating costs, as much as  practicable, the agency had no option but ‘’to advise  for a new  PMS pump price band of N151.00 depot price  per liter of petrol.

Buratai Extends Operation Sahel Sanity In The North West To Deal With The Outlaws In The Region

The PPPRA, Executive Secretary, who has great influence on the Buhari Administration in increasing the pump prices of products  over the last five years, had pointed that ‘’the ex-depot prices   include the statutory charges of bridging fund, maritime transport average, National Transport Allowance and administrative charges.

Obasanjo may have alluded to the Buhari mismanagement of the country’s economy to  the  decision ‘’ to stop  the subsidy  payment regime as he had said that downstream sector of the nation’s oil industry  will be full deregulated’’.  He was  said to have  made it  clear last June  that the prices of  all Petroleum  Products  which includes Petrol  and electricity tariff,  would be determined  by market forces, following the removal  of the oil subsidy by the government.

 In spite of effort being made  by  top government functionaries to assure Nigerians  the pains of the petrol and electricity tariff increase  was for a while, the explanation appear to have made any appreciable impact on the people. 

Many believe that the Buhari  led APC, government decision  to deregulate the nation’s oil sector was borne out of the mismanagement of the nation’s economy . They may have corroborated former President Obasanjo’s  claim  that  Nigeria is fast drifting to a failed and badly divided  state, economically  as ‘’it is  becoming  a basket case and poverty capital of the world’’.

More worrisome was the already  known fact that the country is firming up  as  an unwholesome  and insecure country. Recall that an aggrieved Obasanjo  had said that ‘’these manifestations  are the products  of the recent  mismanagement  of the diversity  and socio-economic development  of the country.

He had said  that the Buhari  government ought to have successfully  dealt with the internal issues of  terrorism in the north eastern states of Adamawa, Borno an and Yobe, banditry in the north west, kidnapping , human trafficking , drug barons  , money laundering Corruption  and other organised rimes, in the country ,but for lack of unity  in the coountry.

Although,  the  former Nigerian President is not happy over the running of the country by the Buhari led APC, government,  he may have  told those that cares to listen that ‘’there is still a ray  of hope  that  the country can be saved  from disintegration’’.

Obasanjo’s recent remarks about the counry disintegrating  may have hit hard on the government  that the Katsina state born Nigerian President may  have called on Gabriel Olonisakin , an Army General and Chief of Defense Staff and the Service Chiefs to mobilise their full military strength to curb  the activities  of  the bandits , cattle rustlers, gunrunners and other criminals  in the north west  and other parts of the country.

Tukur Buratai, a Lt. General and Chief of Army  Staff, may have gotten the message  loud and clear that he has   gladdened the heart of Nigerians when he promised  that  the Army will go tough  on the outlaws in the north western states of Kaduna, Katsina, the President home state of Buhari, Zamfara and Sokot.,

True to his words, he was said to have launched Operation  Sahel Sanity, OSS, to deal with  the bandits, cattle rustlers,  kidnappers and the gun runners in the north west.  He may have sent a signal to the outlas that it is no longer going to be business as usual  as the troops would be  in the war -thorn north west   till December, 2020, in order to rid the region of the outlaws beating the drum of disintegration  in the country.  

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