Security: Nigerian Air Force Giving Boko Haram And ISWAP Insurgents A Cause To Worry

By Suleiman Umaru

 The Nigerian Air Force,  NAF,  appears to have fully entered into the  war to flush out the Boko Haram and  the Islamic  State  of West  African Province, ISWAP, insurgents , in the north eastern  states of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe, thus giving the Insurgents a cause to worry.

The  Insurgent  may  have  relaxed  that fortified   Command and Control center at Dusula  located at the fringes of the Sambisa forest , Borno state , would difficult to locate by the military.

 It may not have occurred  to Abubakar Sadiq, an Marhall, led Nigeria Air Force, NAF, could carry out Intelligence Surveillance and reconnaissance activities in the area. Unknown them, the  Air Marshall  led NAF, operation Green Sweep 3, mandated to identify and destroy the Insurgents position in the region have carried  out  series of  Intelligence Surveillance   and  Reconnance, ISR,  mission, to locate their training Camps in the forest.

The identification   of the Dusula  Command and Control center of the  Islamic fundamentalist group, Boko Haram, may have emboldened the Air Force  Special force, to destroy  the Position. 

Ibikunle Daramola, an Air Commodore and the  NAF Spokesperson opined that   with the identification of the l center, the  NAF, Operation Green Sweep 3 , went into  action as they carried out  heavy air bombardment of the area leading to the destruction  of  their  solar panels, which provides  electricity in them , thus throwing the who place into darkness.  The air bombardment, according to Daramola, was also  facilitated the destruction of  the Communication equipment and other facilities at the Center , which may have thrown the Insurgents into Complete disarray.

Note that the  Dusula Command and Control center,  may have been  one of the strongholds  of the leadership of the BokoHaram and ISWAP groups, to plan their attacks on  military bases  in Borno state and ungoverned  Communities in the north ewast. Given the destruction of the Insurgent’s  Command  and Control center at Dusula,  Sadiq, the Air Force Chief , has vowed  that they would intensify  their aerial bombardment  of the  terrorists locations in the region   to pave way for Tukur Buratai, a Lt. General and Chief of Army Staff ground , troops to move in  and take over  the liberated Camps.

Alpha Conde: President of Guinea

President  Muhammadu Buhari, who is currently holidaying   in Daura, his home town, to celebrate the Sallah  is not happy that the BokoHaram  war had dragged this long despite all the efforts that had been  put in by the country’s  Soldiers and the multi-National Joint Task Force, MNJTF, over the last four years.

 Describing ‘’ extremism  in Islam  as a Cancer  which must be detected and  destroyed  from its stages of   growth’’, the Katsina state born Nigerian President contended   that ‘’violent extremism  is remains the major   challenge  facing Muslims  in different parts of the world  today. 

He noted that the only way is to ‘’neutralise  the influence of the extremist preachers  ‘’ and ensure that   that innocent  people distance themselves  from such  activities and teaching of those who  preach discriminate violence .  He believes that the activities of the Islamic Fundamentalists are giving the Islamic Faith a ‘’bad name and must be curbed’’.   

Garba   shehu, Senior Special Assistan  to the President on Media and Publicity, had made it clear to those that care to listen  that  the delivery of the Super Tucano  Jet fighters  by the United States Manufacturers  to Nigeria would finally seal the hope of the Islamic  extremists from operating in the north east.

  Shehu noted that the Combat  Jet Manufacturers may have delayed delivery  despite the approval that had been given by  Donald Trump  to the Company to  expedite work on it , blaming it to the terms of Contract. According to him,   the order for supply of military  weapons  is not something   a country pays  for  and expect to get it immediately .  He noted  that  for such military arsenals to be manufactured , it requires a long time orders and must be delivered in accordance with the terms of the contract.

He is optimistic that given the assurance by the Company , the Super Tucano   Jet fighters and other weapons ordered by the government to Combat Boko Haram fighters in north east   would be delivered to the country  between now and  2020 to further give a boost to the military fighting skills. 

 Note that the propeller driven- plane   has  reconnaissance , Surveillance and fast  track facilities which may pose a great  threat to the Insurgents  stand their ground to confront the soldiers any longer.   A security source disclosed  that the government  had already  paid for  supply of  the fighter  Jets   which  would  be  fitted with adequate Communication facilities, which  would be delivered with   bombs and rockets .

 This is in addition to supply of  weapons and the services of the aircrafts. The cost of the 12 Super Tucano fighter jets , bombs and rokets including  other  weapons  ordered and the  services the fighter  Jets  was put at about $400 million.  The Katsina born Nigerian President was said to have given approval for the full payment of the supply  military arsenals in order not to give room for the US Manufacturers to delay the delivery date, an indication that the Insurgents are in trouble.

The Presidential  Media Aide  who could not hide his feelings said the Buhari  Administration  had successfully tamed the Insurgents in the last four years. He insists that  there is nothing like Boko Haram Insurgents in Nigeria any longer. , noting that  what  we have now  as BokoHaram    Insurgents  is a mixture  of the remnants  of the  extremists , fugitive  criminals in  from Maghreb region and  and other African terrorists bonding together.  He  attributed  the Collaboration  between the African  terrorists   to the collapse  of the Libyan state    and the Islamic  state of  Iraq,  Syria and  Lebanon.

Given a further insight r to the  activities of the Insurgents in the country,  the Presidential Midia Aide  , averred that the Insurgents  had taken advantage of the  nation’s porous Sahelian borders  to penetrate the country. He may have alluded to the Al-Shabaab fighters of the East African country of Somalia and their extremist  Collaborators  in the West African  country of  Mali.  He is optimistic that that the military would  sill defeat the ISWAP and the remnants of their BokoHaram Collaborators in the north east.The service Chiefs , at a recent meeting with the President  at the Preisential Villa , had briefed him  about their efforts to  ensure total security in the country.  But Wole Soyinka,  the Bobel Laureate winner would not believe that the  Various security agencies have given a good account o the huge  amount of money  spent by the government to  equip and train their personnel as he  had had advised the President a  ‘’ Security Emergency in the Country.’’.   The declaration  is expected  will give him the emergency powers to deal  with the security  situation of the country  decisively .   

Last Saturday,  Alpha Conde , the Guinean  President  visited  his Nigerian counterpart ,at Daura, last. It could not be ascertained why  he had visited him during the Sallah Holiday.  

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