US: Trump And Pelosi Struggle for Supremacy

By Nwangwu Uba

 The struggle for supremacy between Donald Trump, United States President and Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats elected Congressional  Speaker appear to have taken a turn for the  worse. This may have  forced an angry Trump to storm out of the Situation room where he was said to be holding a crucial meeting with the Congressional leaders on Wednesday, January 9, 2019, over the government shutdown which entered its 19th day on Thursday, January 10, 2019.

Trump, according to sources could not hide his temperament  as he banged  on the table several times before walking  out on the Congressional leaders to show his anger over the comment by Pelosi, the Congressional Speaker. The Congressional Speaker had said that even, ”if he agrees to reopen the government shutdown, she would not increase the funding of the US-Mexico wall project by a dine. The US, President, the source said , did not find the statement funny and was  ready to give Pelosi a piece of his mind as trained Boardroom politician.

The US President’s lost of control of his temper and may have divided the Congressional Lawmakers into the usual Democrats and Republicans, with the Republican Lawmakers throwing their weight behind him.

The Democrats believe that he has declared war on the Congress by walking out on them from the situation room, a sign  of saying ”bye-bye” to further talks on the government shutdown. The Republicans , however, believe that the Democrat Congressional leaders may have  played into Trump’s hand because of their intransigence in prolonging the crisis. 

The bone of contention between Trump , the US President and the Democrats controlled Congress  was his request to increase the borderline spending from  $1,3 billion to $5 billion. He claimed that he had been spending $1.6 billion on the project since he assumed office in 2015.

Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro Pelosi: Speaker Of The United States House Of Representatives

The Value News learnt the US President had done everything within his powers to turn Americans against the Lawmakers to force them to  increase the $1.3 billion approved for the expansion of the US-Mexico border wall project . Trump insists that  ”America must have a strong and secure southern border” to control dangerous drugs and criminals  from Mexico from flooding the country.

Pelosi who may not have bought the idea had  said that  such an expensive wall , described as impenetrable would do little or nothing  to stop illegal Border crossings. The multi-billionaire American President who did not find the Congressional Speaker hard-line position funny, which many believe would further escalate the confrontation  and delay in reopening the government shutdown.

The US-Mexico wall project appear to be one of the major priorities capital project of the Trump Administration which he had promised Americans during his electioneering Campaigns in 2014 . It was therefore not surprising that he was ready to fight any Lawmaker standing between him and the fulfillment of the promise  to secure American porous southern Borders.

Fillers from the Presidency revealed that  he visited the Controversial Border , today, Thursday , January 10, 2019, in MacAllen,Tex. The visit was coming on the heels of the failed meeting with the Congressional leadership on Wednesday.

Political Observers fear that the visit to the Border may have finally sealed the hope of the early resolution of the government shutdown , which  may be the longest in American political history if it enters Friday, January 11, 2019.   

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