2023: Nigeria Heading To One Party State And Dictatorship

By Stephen Ubanna

Ahead of the February 18, 2023, general elections, Nigeria, appears to be heading towards a one party state. This is because of the activities of the unprincipled and non-ideological  Politicians prostituting from  the Opposition people’s democratic Party, PDP, to the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC, and from the APC  to the PDP both at the states. Of the Federal level. 

Take for instance, in the last one year, three elected governors on the platform of the Opposition PDP, had decamped to the APC, on the promptings of President Muhammadu Buharu, a retired Army General.  The first to decamp to the ruling APC, from the PDP, was Dave Umahi, an Enginer and governor of the south east state of Eboyi.  The exit of  Umahi, from the PDP to the APC, may have given Yahaya Bello,  governor of  the north central state of Kogi to  open up last April that more of the PDP  governors  will still decamp to the APC.

Secondus: PDP, Chairma

Yahaya, who is the ruling APC,  Chairman,  of the Contact and Mobilization ommittee,  had confirmed that  some political heavy weights  from the PDP, both the state and Federal level, will be decamping to the ruling APC, to further strengthen the party.  He had said that   the decamping of the Opposition  PDP gladiators  to the APC,  is  part of the expectations  ahead of the 2023 general elections  in order for the party to  still retain power at the centre.

Uknown to may, the Kogi state governor may have an insight on the discussions between  Benedict Ayande, a Professor and governor of Cross river state and  Bello Matawalle, his counterpart in Zamfara   including some National Assembly  members  , elected on the party Platform. The PDP, Political heavy weights who were said to have concluded plans to decamp to the APC, were said to have assured the Katsina state born Nigerian President who was  said to  have spoken  to them to dump the PDP, described as a sinking boat, of joing the rruling APC.   

Ayande, the Cross river state governor may have proved Governor Yahaya , who had revealed that more PDP, governors will decamp to the APC, when Umahi, the Eboyi state left  right, when he decamped to the party last May. He had justified his decisions to decamp to the ruling APC last May on the premise   that ‘’we need to join hands  with the Nigerian President in his determination  to enhance the fortunes of the county’ to do so’’. Apealing to other PDP governors to take the bold initiative to join him and decamp to the APC, he opined that it is the only way there could be stability and speedy development in the country.

Matawalle: PDP Governor of Zamfara State, dECAMPS tO APC

Bello Matawalle, the PDP, governor of Zamfara, described as the home state of the Bandits in the north west geopolitical, and who had been rumoured , over the last couple of months, of having concluded  plans  to decamp to the APC, in order to win the heart of the retired army General to support his efforts to develop the state  and consequently  make the region to wholly controlled by the APC, and fasten its development. The APC Chieftains at the state , regional and Federal level that  the Nigerian President had assigned to work on him were said to have drawn his attention to the support which Babagana Zulum, a professor and gover of the BokoHaram devastated stat of Borno  is getting from the government to develop the state. 

Signsigns that the Zamfara state governor  had dumped  the PDP, emerged when he failed to attend the recent PDP  governors strategic  meeting  at Uyo, Capital of Akwa Ibom state hosted by Emmanuel Udom, the state governor without any valuable reasons. He was said to have sent Mahdi Mohammed, the  Deputy governor to represent him at the meeting. In spite of the fact that he did not attend the PDP gvernors strategic meeting, he did not show any remorse nor bothered to hear from hear from the Mohammed, the Deputy who  was at the meeting, showing that he had lost  interest in the party that brought him to prominence.

The Value News  learnt the Leadership of the Opposition PDP and some governors , elected on the platform of the party , had confronted him  repeatedly over his plans to decamp to the APC, but he had denied  the allegations, assuring them that he is a  card carrying  member  and Leader of the party in the north west state. Matawalle, may have given the  PDP governors  opportunity to doubt  when the rumour that he had dumped the PDP, became rife as he refused to relate with them any longer on party matters.

  It was therefore , not very surprising when he eventually decamped to theAPC  on Sunday , June 26, 2021. Bashir Ahmad , the  Personal Assistant, to the Nigerian President on  Digital and New Media,  may have exposed him that he has joined ruling APC in his Facebook Account  in order to alert  the Nigerian public and the PDP, Leadership that the Zamfara state governor is no longer a card carrying member of the  party but now a member the APC  and the party Leader in the state.

 Many believe that Matawalle, the latest PDP governor to cross-carpet to the APC, ordinarily was not supposed to find himself in Zamfara Government House, Gusau. This may have informed why people described him as aback door governor who may likely bow to pressure to decamp to the APC.    Note that he was  elected on the Platform of the Opposition PDP,  after a Supreme  Court ruling which  had nullified  the victory of the APC  Candidate in the 1019, governorship election of the state, due to  an internal party crisis.

The governor who was said to have concluded plans to join the APC, on June 12, 2021 but had to make it open on  June 26, 2021. He had boasted while joining the ruling party that Buhari is doing a good job at the Federal level.  Nyensom Wike, the governor of oil Rivers state who was not bothered that Matalle  had dumped the Opposition  PDP,  had said that  ‘’the credibility  and integrity  of the Zanfara state governor is now at stake following his defection to the APC’’.

There are fears that governors Bala Mohammed, Bauchi, and   and Abdullahi Sule, gov Nasarawa, state, w who were said to be  currently discussing with the Governor Yahaya Contact and Mobilization Committee of the APC, as well as the party  Caretaker Committee,leadership may likely follow the foot step of the three PDP  governors that had joined the APC.  A recent remarks  by Sule, the Nasarawa state governor that the opposition PDP, ‘’has become  weak’’, noting that the situation is getting worse  with the xit for the three governors and more political heavy weights  from the party decamping to the APC, speaks volume.  

Hear him:  We have been a very strong party in the past and we can be stronger   by getting  the right people to be at the Leadership position of the party’’, meaning that the Uche Secondus, the Chairman of the Party and his Executive Council members had failed to reposition the party on the part of  becoming a strong party that could win the 2023 general elections.

Despite the impression  being created by the three Opposition  PDP , governors that  had decamped to the APC, that the party is weak and unstable, Kola Ologbondiyan, spokesperson of the party had assured  Nigerians who are looking forward to the party  taking over the leadership of the country in 2023, that  ‘’the party is stable and unwavering’’. Ologbondiyan, who could beat his chest that   that the APC, does  not have the experience  of the PDP which was in power for 16 years  had said that  that the party  have the  established structures  in the 36 states  of the Federation and 774 Local government Areas, as well as over the 2,000 wards across the country, ,which the APC, would find difficult to match in 2023. ‘’PDP is very state’’, he insists.

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