Buhari’s Promises To Come Hard On IPOB And Others Earn Him Twitter Ban

 By Stephen Ubanna

President Muhammadu BUhari, a retired Army General has given his words on Tuesday, June 1st, 2021, to Yakubu Mahmood, a Professor and Chairman, Independent National Electoral Commission,  who had expressed his worry about the February 18, 2023, general election, warning that ‘’those  plotting to destroy  Nigeria will soon receive the shock of their lives’’.

This is because of the attack on INEC  offices   in different parts of the country.  Mhmood, the INEC, Chairman, who was  worried  at a meeting with the Katsina state born Nigerian President had expressed his doubt about the election over the election  because of the rising insecurity in the country which had resulted in the attack on the Commission  42 offices in 14 states of the Federation, particular, in the south east  geopolitical region .

 The INEC boss had said that 11 of the offices  attacked  were either set ablaze or vandalized, noting   most of the attacks  on the offices had occurred in the last 11 months. According to him the attacks appear ‘’to be targeted at future elections, undermine the country’s democracy  and precipitate a national crisis’’.

An aggrieved Nigerian President had declared that the All Progressive Congress, APC, government, under  his close watch , had given the trouble shooters enough time  and would no longer tolerate them.  He had said that those sponsoring the attacks in the different geopolitical regions of the country and which had resulted in the death of Ahmed Gulak, a former Speaker of Adamawa state House  of Assembly and Special Adviser to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, who was on  an official assignment with the Senate Committee on a constitution amendment  to Oerrri, Capital of Imo state  on Sunday, May 30, 2021.   The retired Army General who could not hide his feelings had said  that  the  perpetrators of the attacks ‘’ want his Administration to fail’’.

Gulak: Killed By Unknown Gunmen In Imo State,South East Nigeria

His major worry is that ‘’ the rising insecurity in Nigeria is now being mentioned  all over the world’’. He was particular about those who are misbehaving in the south east  were  too young ‘’ to know the travails  of loss  of lives  that had attended  the Nigeria Civil war’’.

Hear him: those  of  us  in the battle fields  for 30 month, who went through the war, will treat them in the language they  understand, use of brute force’’. He may have alluded to the indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, and their armed wing, Eastern Security Network, ESN.

The Nigerian President’s threat  to treat Nigerians misbehaving  in the language they  would  understand  may have angered the Twitter Management  that he was banned from making use of the Platform for Communication. His name was quickly deleted  from the Platform themicro- blogging site on Wednesday, June 2, 2021.

He may not the first to suffer such harsh treatment from Tweeter. Donald Trump, a former United States President suffered a similar fate that he threatened to vent his anger on the Media giant but that was how he could go.

T Note that Twitter may have deleted the Nigerian President’s name from its site  because of the wide condemnation of his statement both within and outside the country to use force on the trouble shooters in Nigeria which was a violation of its rules.

 Lai Mohammed, the minister of Information and culture had  said that  the US, Media giant  has given Kanu, the IPOB  Leader and others opposed to the  Nigerian President   the ammunition to make inciting Tweets.  ‘’Nigeria would not be fooled’’, he had said.   

Dorsey: Founder Of Twitter Platform

In an emotional outburst over the removal of the  Nigerian President’s name from the Twitter microblogging site, the Nigerian  minister of Information  and Culture  , who took a swipe at the North American  Country  of the United States  Media Digital Media giant  said ‘’its mission in Nigeria is suspicious’’. Not many people are surprised over Buhari’s statement of use force to deal with Nigerians calling for secession.     

 Recall that in 2017,  the retired Army General  at the Summit of Heads of State  and Government of the Lake Chad Basin Commission, LBC,  had condemned  the acts of  pro-Biafra Campaigners and vowed totreat their offence’’ as treasonable felony’’. 

He had told hose that cares to listen  that Nigeria will remain  united  despite  incessant  demands  from some parts  of the country  that want independence. ‘’Nigeria’s unity is  settled  and not negotiable’’, he insists. Perhaps to force the people submission,  he  had declared  that his government will not  allow   the irresponsible Criminal elements in the south east ‘’ to start trouble ‘’. He fears that when things get bad ‘’ the sponsors of these crisis in the country will run away  and saddle others  with  the responsibility   of bringing  back order to the country,  if necessary with their blood’’.

Mohammed: Minister of Information And Culture

The five  south east governors may have read the handwriting on the wall of dangers ahead in the region that they   were said to have had a virtual meeting on Monday, May 31, 2021,  as part of efforts  to tackle its rising  insecurity, which security experts  believe was aggravated by Hope Uzodimma, a one –time Senator of Federal Republic of Nigeria, andnoe governor of Imo state , for working closely with Buhari to crush the IPOB members which was said to have resulted a the alleged shoot out at Awomama , Orlu east  Local Government Area of the state and the death of the IPOB , second in Command and six other ESN  fighters.

The  governors were said to have discussed at their  virtual meeting ways  ‘’to tackle the insecurity threats  in the region and secure the lives of the people’’. They were said to have vowed  ‘’to leave no stone unturned  in tracking  and bringing to justice  all those  involved  in what they had described  as’’ the armed banditry currently ravaging the region’’.  

Already the Nigerian President has directed the service Chiefs and Usman Allkali Baba, acting Inspector General of Police, IGP, to do everything within their power to ensure that there is total security in the country ahead of the February 18, 2023 election. The directive may not have made any appreciable impact as Kenneth Amukamara, the Opposition PDP, Youth Leader in Imo state  and house set ablaze at Awomama in   on Monday, May 31, 2021.  

Baba: Acting IGP

More worrisome  was the gruesome murder  Dega Chris, a retired Assistant Inspector General of Police , AIG, and    the senior Principal Special Assistant  on Special Security to Samuel Ortom, governor of Benue state, fueling speculations making the rounds that the killer gang are being sponsored by well connected individuals to scuttle the 202023, general election.   

Many believe that the government has precipitated the crisis in the country to force Buhari  to declare a state of emergency and continue in office  beyond 2023 to fulfill his third term agenda. But the retired Army General has told those who cares to listen that  he has ‘’no third term agenda and will do his best to ensure  the  23 general election hold  across the country, notwithstanding the increasing security challenge’’.

Prof. Mahmood: INEC Chairman

He may have gladdened the heart of the INEC Chairman when he assured him that the Federal government under his Leadership ‘’ will make  available  everything  the Commission need to operate efficiently to avoid giving  room to the Opposition parties, particular, the PDP, and those who want power at all cost that ‘’I don’t want to go and that I want a third term’’. He was said to  have  told Mahmood he INEC boss, that ‘’there will  no  excuse  for failure as the government will  meet all the Commission’s demand’’.

 Kingsley Moghalu, a former Deputy governor of Central Bank of Nigeria,  CBN, who has declared his intention to run for the 2023  on the platform of Yong Progressive People’s Party, YPP,  had said that Buhari’s threat to use force on the dissent voices in the country  to calm the insecurity situation in the country would rather deepen the crisis.  He would want the Nigerian President to invite Sunday Egboho and Nnamdi Kanu, both se secessionist Campaigners in the south west and south respectively for dialogue instead of labeling them as terrorists.

Kanu: IPOB Leader

In a related development  Bello Matawalle, the Opposition PDP , governor of Zamfara state , who is under intense pressure to decamp to the APC, to force Buhari to use the Federal might to decisively with the Bandits  operating in the state, was said to have  visited the state Police Command, urging the Operatives  to enforce last March  shoot at sight order  by the  retired Army  General as a way to tackle  the  rising security challenge facing the country.

The Nigerian President had directed   the security  agencies  personnel  to shot at sight anyone  seen with AK47  while ordering a clamp down on the bandits across the country. Whether the security Operatives will carry out the order  remain to  be seen as they do not do take  orders from the governors   except oder given by the Commander- In- Chief  of the Nigerian Armed Forces., C-In-C.  

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