COVID 19: Donald Trump Pushed To A Tight Corner As The Number Of Confirmed Cases Increases to 139 In Nigeria

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By Elizabeth Chukwuma

It is no longer news that the  Coronavirus disease   which had emerged from the Wuhan town in the Hebei Province of the Peoples Republic of China which was first   reported to the World Health  Organisation, WHO, on December 31, 2019, may have been a fallout of the trade war between the Asian country and the United states  over the last two years.

Many had seen the COVID 19, as  a biological war between the two technologically advanced countries. Experts had described the Biological war as a capacity by a country to use B WAs- pathogens or poison, as weapons of war. The Biological  Specialists  had observed   that microscopic organisms, viruses, rickettiae and growths  are the primary sorts of the BWAs.

Given out  information about the BWAs, the experts had said  that the weapons are recognized by  living beings, that imitate  inside  their host unfortunate casualties, who at that point had become” infectious with a destructive, if debilitating and multiplier impact”. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention,  was said to have recorded 35 operators as potential Bio-weapons.

The Category A, according to  the   scientists  had  the most elevated potential  for” spread and death rates” while the Category B are less harmful. They averred that the category A represents the most serious hazard to national security  just  as causing open enormous dread  and interruption of economic activities.  This may have informed why the world economy had been on a  lockdown  since the  outbreak  of the disease last January as it had become  a global disease.

Going by the WHO  report, on April 1, 2020,  the number of the officially confirmed victims of the Coronavirus  in 203 countries including the 40 in the African Continent   had risen to 862,776 and 43,275 deaths .  Funny enough the number of the victims and  casualties  in the  US and the European countries of Italy, France, Spain,  and Germany, had surpassed that of China, where  the dangerous   disease had emerged last December.

President Of The United States Of America: Donald Trump

Take for instance in the  US, the total number of confirmed cases as at  April 1, 2020, was put at  188,638 people, Italy, 105,792,Spain, 102,136, China,81,554, Germany,72,383, France, 52,128 and Iran 47,593. Note the reported figure of the causality figure  of the virus in China, were that of March 30, 2020.

Note that the disease had  gradually  declined  in China since mid-February,  because of the alleged extreme measures  adopted by the country to contain the virus. Some of these measures included  building hospitals in days, rapid testing protocols and technology that attempted to  trace  all the over 80,000 of the COVID 19 case

 The  death situation resulting from the COVID 19,  in these countries appear more worrisome.  As at April 1, 2020, the North American country of the US, had recorded 4,059 deaths, Italy ,12,428, Spain,9,053, China,3,312, Germany,788, France 3,523, and Iran 1,789.

 The COVID 19   death situation in the United States appears to have  put President Donald Trump , in a very tight corner and low spirit. The country’s scientists, Researchers and big time Pharmaceutical Companies  may have  failed him  to produce the vaccine for the  cure for the deadly  disease despite all the financial support    as the people  are  dying  in their thousands , particular, in the state of New York, since the outbreak of the ailment  in the country on March 1, 2020.  

Worried that the disease might slow down the growth of the country’s  economy  which  had  shown signs of recovery  since the outbreak of the sickness in China, the North American country  had adopted some restriction measures  to curb the spread of the deadly disease , now reporting twice the number  of cases in China  where the it had emerged last December.

Indeed, since the export of the disease from Italy to Nigeria, last February, according to the Nigeria Center For Disease Control, NCDC, had  no fewer than 139 persons  had  contacted  it as  officials of the agency and other Medical personnel  trace   the over 600 people that were said to have come into contact with the victims in different parts of the country.

Only recently, the WHO sponsored  25  global  health leaders to China to understudy the approach adopted by the country to fight the virus.  Chikwe Ihekweazu, Director General, NCDC, according to President Muhammadu Buhari, was among those world Health Leaders that went China on the ticket of the WHO.

The  Multilateral  mission to China by the Health Authorities from around the globe had shown that the rest of the world were simply not ready to tackle the disease  with the speed and seriousness  that the Asian country has .  Bruce Aylward, a WHO medical personnel who was said to have led the global  World Health Leaders  to China had said that hundreds of thousands of people  in the country may not have been infected by the disease because of the aggressive  response of the government.

He noted that the techniques adopted by the country to contain the spread of the virus  may  be old –fashioned public health tools but applied with  rigour and innovation of approach on a scale never recorded in world history. The rigour may  have come with a cost,  as  Professors, Journalists and Medical Doctors, were said to have been silenced after sharing   vital   information  about the disease since its outbreak in the country without the Consent of the government.

Yanzhong Huang, a senior  fellow at the WHO, reportedly said that  the draconian measures adopted by the country  had successfully brought down the number of infected persons within a very short period of time in the country.

There are fears that the death toll may continue to rise in the US, as the country  may not be willing to pay such a high price. This is where Trump and the officials the US Disease US  Center for   DCP  may have to go back to the drawing board to be able to come out  with harsher measures  that would be able to   contain  further spread of the spread of  the diseases in the country that had had killed over 4000 people since the outbreak of the sickess  in the country  in the last one month.        

Antonio guterres, the  United Nations Secretary general, who could not hide his feelings at the launching of  a  new plan  to counter the potentially devastating socio-economic impacts of the COVID 19 on Tuesay, March 26, 2020,  had said that the world faces  the most challenging  crisis since the World War II, tackling  a pandemic  threatening  people in every part of the  world, one that will bring a recession ”that probably has no parallel in the recent past”.

 Appealing to people of the world  to unite  to lessen blow now on the people, he  declared that it is the only to contain the virus.

See WHO table Below of COVID19 Cases as at April1, 2020

Country Total Cases Total deaths
 USA 188,63 4,059
Italy 105,792 12,428
Spain 102,136 9,053
China 81,554 3,312
Germany 72,383 788
France 52,128 3,523
iran 47,593 3,036

Source: WHO

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