Why Customers’ Deposit Are Safe In UBA

 By Elizabeth Chukwuma

Over the years, scammers had used the name of UBA, a pan African  and best run digital Bank in Nigeria to defraud  Customers. A Value News Correspondent was one of such victims in 2016, where his saving Accounts was cleared, leaving only N1,000.00 in the Account. Given the bad image the scammers are causing the Bank, it appears to have risen to up to the challenge to educate customers on how to avoid such scammers. Here are the tips:

‘’Scammers  may send you an  unsolicited  e-mails that are supposedly from your Bank’’ as the Customer’s address could easily be faked. A clear example of a scammer email   that was said to have been allegedly sent by one Michael Ferguson , uba.ng@emailepa .gob.ec,  was  said to have been  sent   to targeted UBA customer on May9, 2019.

The Bank  which  is not ready and watch  any of its loyal Customers lose their hard earned money to scammers, has warned  may  those that cares to listen  that the fraudsters use different tactic to perpetuate their fraud as they  may decide to use a website link which look similar  like  that of the official UBA Group Websit.  Appealing to Customers to take  a closer  on such alleged UBA website, they would be able identify the character difference and quickly block the fraudster. This may have informed why the Bank has repeatedly warned Customers to be careful of such fake emails coming their way.

Another tip , the Bank  had obliged Customers to safeguard their Accounts  from scammers  was to ignore requests for ‘’correct date of birth on your BVN’’. Many Nigerians have been duped over the years going by police and Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, reports through release of personal information  as requested by scammers. This is evident going by a message that was said to have been sent to an undisclosed  UBA Customer recently: we have checked your online  Banking, login details and now make a transfer  to your Bank Account  immediately.

While  scammers appear to be getting smarter by the day to deal with their victims, the UBA, digital Bank Staff have continued to uncover  their new tricks which are made available to customers in order to protect their Accounts from the Cyber Crime fraudsters. ’’ scammers are getting wiser,don’t give them access to your information,  the Bank had warned.

 Insiders told  The Value News that through this  well informed security information on how to protect personal Account details, UBA, had saved billions of naira, for Customers who could have been duped  through these  bogus emails in the last four years. The credit, according a top Banker, goes to Tony Elumelu , Group Chairman, UBA, and founder, Tony Elumelu Foundation who had succeed in revolutionalising the Bank as a world class financial Institution.

 There is no gain saying the fact that Kennedy  Uzoka, the Group Managing of UBA, who had toed the managerial  style of Elumelu, in running the World Class Bank , also has succeeded in reducing areas  of leakage used by scammers to defraud Customers that it has become a first time choice for Customers wishing to open a personal or Organisations wishing to open Corporate Accounts because of the safety of their savings.  

UBA may not be alone in trying to alert Customers about  tactics  used by scammers to defraud unsuspecting victims..  The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, may have joined the fray   in exposing the tactics of scammers as  it had continued to warn Nigerians to avoid phone scams.

Kennedy Uzoka: GMD, UBA plc

Note that that fraudulent  tele marketers  had found  it as one of the easiest way  to steal Customers money  by using Cheques issued to them to commit the fraud . ‘’If a caller  asks for a your Current Account number , debit Card number or any other information printed  on your cheque book, you need to follow   the same warning  that applies  to the Credit Card’’, the Bank, advised.

The CBN , which is a  Banker’s could not keep the information to the Bank alone, as it has appealed to  Customers  never to give out their  Current  Account  or debit Information over the phone but should be the one that would initiate such calls but with a familiar with the Company.

 Having observed the trend of the phone scammers over the years,  the CBN , warned, that any Customer   who gives his  Cheque  or debit card  Account number to an unknown person  for verification or Computer purposes, that person  may use  it  to’’ Withdraw money from the  Account , illegally’’. Many Bank Customers , over the years  had complained  about unauthorized Withdrawals their  Current Accounts but that was how far they could go.

 Between January and June last year, the CBN had reported that UBA and other Banks  across  the country had lost N12.06 to scammers.   The Bank had reported that the cases involved fraudulent  ATM Withdrawals, illegal funds transfer among others.  The apex Bank had disclosed  that scammers had succeeded in swindling Bank Customers over the ears, despite measures put in place  to curb such  frauds  and clean up the financial system.  This may have informed why Godwin Emefiele, governor of CBN, and his Management team have stepped up monitoring of the Banks to reduce to the barest minimum the Banking frauds.

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