Whistle Blower’s $1 billion Allegations Of A Secret Account Being Operated By NPA Was False, Baseless and Lacking Merit – Unity Bank

Stephen Ubanna

Those who  think that  whistle blowing is still a lucrative business in Nigeria may have to do a rethink. This is because  it is not all government   agencies or Corporate Organisations that whistle blowers  could  easily take on in order to  squeeze out free cash  from them and think of succeeding. The  reason  is very simpmple: they have no skeleton in their cupboard.

Take for instance, the Nigerian Ports Authority, NPA, which  one John  Okupurhe, a  whistle blower, who  many believe may  have had dealings with the Authority in the past  and knew how  information could be used to shake the Management and extract money from the Authority with ease. The whistle blower may have met a wrong person  in the person of Hajia Hadiza Bala Usman, the Managing  Director, who was  not  ready to bow to such blackmails.

  It was therefore , not very surprising that when information leaked out the Okupurhe, had petitioned Malam Abubakar Malami,  a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN,  Attorney General of Nigeria, and minister of Jutice over  the alleged  $1 billion secret  account being operated in Unity Bank plc, she ‘’ laughed’’. She knew it was a bad  market for Okpurhre and his sponsors .

   The whistle blower  had expected that once  the petition had reached the office  of  AMalami,  it would facilitate the release of his Compensation.  Armed with the information that was said to have exposed   the  Authority dirty deals of  operating   a $1 billion secret  account  in,  Unity Bank plc, in flagrance violation of the  government’s  Treasury  Single Account policy, he  was disappointed that it was given the urgency it deserves.

 He was said to have told those  that cares to listen that the Authourity used the secret account  ‘’to  illegally collect revenue from vessels by the signatories  who were no longer in their service of the NPA’’. He was determined to pursue the matter to its logical conclusion.

 The minister, may have dampened his enthusiasm  of getting a Compensation from the ministry  when he  made it clear to him  that  Compensations are only paid   in  cases  leading  to the  recovery of  lost government funds.O

Mrs.Oluwatomi: MD, Unity Bank plc

 He may have known that the game is up that he sought  the support of Civil Society Organisations  in the south-south geo  political region  in order   to force the ministry of Justice  pay him  his Compensation but that was how far the group  could go.

Okupurhe  may have known  that he has lost the battle  that he   was  said to have also engaged the services    of the south-south  Anti-Corruption Watchdog , in Edo state to fight for his Compensation over the exposed alleged NPA, $1 billion alleged secret  account operated by NPA IN unity Bank plc. Last Monday, the group were said to have threatened ‘’to expose those behind  the $1 billion  NPA , account, in order to force the  minister of Justice to pay the whistle blower his Compensation.

Aggrieved that Malami, the minister of Justice has failed to pay his Cmpensation as  allowed by Law, he  may have been  have been advised by his Lawyers to take his case to   President Muhammadu Buhari . This is evident going  by his petition to the Katsina  state brn Nigerian President, accusing the minister of Justice   of refusing  to reward him  for giving  out   information  about a  $1 billion  cloned account being operated by NPA, a government agency, in Unity Bank plc.  

The whistle blower’s  petitions to the minister  over the  alleged   $1 billion secret account  may have  informed  why  the Hajia Usman,  the agency Managing Director  opened up to clear the air on the said account. Acting on the mandate of the Managing Director, Jatto Adams, an Engineer and General Manager, Corporate and Strategic  Communications, admitted that that the agency Authority  had an account with Unity bank plc  but currently inactive due to the Court case  hanging over it.  

Jatto, who gave  the agency Unity bank plc, account number  as   0013670344, disclosed that  ‘’it has a total   sum  of$1,057,772,.03 as at December  4, 2019  which basically contradicts the figure being  bandied about  the whistle blower at $1,034,515,000.00.

Maritime watchers  believe that the  whistle blower could not  have entered into the bank records to sccop out  such  an embarrassing document without an insider’s support   . This is where Oluwatomi  Somefun, the  Maank Managing Director, may have to stand on her ground to ensure a total overhaul of the Operational Department  of the bank, from the branches to the bank headquarters to  avoid a future  occurrence.

Giving an insider information on the alleged$1 billion account, the NPA, spokesperson, disclosed that the account  had been suspended  since August  27,2010, due to a suit No: HC/L/CS/582/2010 Garnishee Order NISI in  Aminu Ibrahim & Co & ANOR vs Nigerian Ports Authrity. He had said that the  garnishee order  on  the account  follows a case,  which went  from  the Federal High Court  to the Supreme Court over a period of eight years as the account was finally frozen o completion of the case.

He noted that’’ upon the determination  of the case  at the Supreme Court, the Judgment Creditors continued with the garnishee process which resulted  in the credit of the account $1,057,772.03, in favour of suit No: FHC/L/CS/582/2010  Gnarshee Order  NISI-Aminu  Ibrahim & Co &  ANOR. vs NPA on December 4, 2019 in line with the  the Gnarshee Order absolute’’.   


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