Senator Goje And Others Hail Jamoh’s Sterling Performance In Office During Induction As A Fellow Of NIIA

By Stephen Ubanna

More facts have emerged why Senator Danjuma Goje, a former governor of Gombe state and   Chairman Senate Committee on Marine Transport is impressed with Bashir Jamoh, Director General, Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, NIMASA, over his  outstanding performance that hat has  taken the nation’s maritime industry to greater height.

 This is because of his drive in ‘‘achieving zero attacks on any vessel on the Nigerian waters and the Gulf of Guinea as well as the effective implementation of the Deep Blue Project and pursuance of the Blue Economy over the last two years that he has been at the helms of affairs in the agency   .

  The Senate Marine Transport  Committee Chairman, may have used the opportunity   provided by Prof. Eghosa Osaghae,   led Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, NIIA, to induct the NIMASA,  Director General as a fellow of the Institute,  to  express  Jamoh’s ‘‘sterling  performance  as the Chief Executive Officer , CEO, of NIMASA’’, amidst applause.

 He was said to have spoken his mind during the introduction ceremony of the NIMASA’s CEO as a fellow of the Institute describing him as ‘‘a patriotic Nigerian dedicated to the economic development   of the country through the maritime sector’’.

Jamoh: DG, NIMASA,Hajia Zulai Jamoh And Daughter, Umulkahairi, During His Induction As A Fellow O f NIIIA, In Lagos

The former governor of Gombe state, who could not hide his feelings had specifically mentioned the role the NIMASA helmsman  is laying  in leading the  country’s push  ‘‘towards realizing the Blue economy  as well as the agency- driven  Deep Blue Project in reducing maritime crimes and sea robbery in Nigerian waters and the Gulf of Guinea’’.

 Indeed, the establishment of the Deep blue sea project  may have informed  why  the Buhari Administration had awarded a $195 million contract  to  HLS systems and technologies Limited, an Israeli security firm, in 2017,  to supply 17 Interception Boats , 16 armoured vehicles  ,specially built to take care of the Creeks  in the coastal states, two Special mission vessels, two special mission aircrafts, for surveillance operations  around the Nigerian Exclusive Economic zone, EEZ, Three Helicopters and four unmanned Aerial vehicles.

The maritime security items were said to have been delivered to the agency, which had spurred it into action between 2020 and now.  Industry stakeholders believe that the  Navy platform  ,on which  the agency have 17 Interception boats, 16 armoured vehicles and two special mission vesels  which have the capacity to stay  on the high sea  for almost three days without refueling are making life miserable for the pirates and sea robbers.

An elated Senator Goje  had said   that having worked closely  with Jamoh as Chairman of the Senate CCommittee  supervising the maritime regulatory agency  over the last two years, he can attest  ‘‘ to the  strong work ethic  of Jamoh  and his dedication  to serving  the Nigerian maritime industry’’.

Hear him: I can confidently say that  having amassed  32 years  of service  in the nation’s maritime industry , Jamoh  has proven  himself  to be a true Nigerian dedicated  to the unity  and economic growth of the country.

He further stated ‘‘ I know that he loves the maritime industry’’, giving  instances when he could have pursued other  endeavours  but chose’ ‘to remain involved in the industry’’ to ensure that Nigerians as a whole benefit from it. ‘‘I know Nigerians has benefitted from that decision’’, he remarked.

 It was not surprising  why  Senator Goje led  Committee on marine Transport had allowed the N60 billion  presented by Jamoh to the Senate  as its total expenditure  for the 2023 Fiscal year to receive unanimous approval  when he appeared  before the Committee  to defend the   2023 budget estimates for the agency.

In inducting Jamoh, DG, NIMASA, as a fellow of the NIIA, Prof. Osaghae,  disclosed that ‘‘it was unanimously  approved  by the Governing Board of the Institute based on his achievements  as NIMASA, CEO’’.

GroPix : Jamoh, Senator Goje , Hon. Lynda Ikeazu And Others

The NIIA Director General had said that they have followed with ‘‘keen interest his performance in office in NIMASA, over the last two years of being at the helms of affairs of the agency’’. He disclosed that they had noticed ‘‘a gradual and acceptance of Nigerian maritime industry in the international community.’’.  He was said to have  corroborated Senator Goje’s earlier remarks about the reduction of criminal activities in Nigerian waters and the Gulf of Guinea which he had attributed to the   ‘‘international Collaboration  midwifed by  NIMASA, under the Leadership of Jamoh and acknowledged  globally’’.

He further state that the recent visit of Kitack Lim, the Intrnational Maritime Organistation, IMO, Secretary General, to Nigeria, bear eloquent testimony to the fact that Nigeria is on ‘‘the right track of becoming one of the formidable global maritime nations. ‘’We hope that being a fellowship of the Institute will encourage him to serve Nigeria more’’. He had said.

In  his apparent response,to the NIIA Fellowship investiture,  Jamoh, who was recently conferred with the Officer of the  Federal Republic, OFR, Award by President Muhammadu for his outstanding performance,  disclosed that he  has dedicated the NIIA award  ‘‘to every  stakeholder  in the nation’s maritime sector  for the enormous support  he has received from  everyone  over the last  two years’’, noting that without them, he wouldn’t have been able to get much done in office. He was said to have vowed ‘‘to continue to do his best towards the promotion of the nation’s maritime sector’’ to attain international standard.

He was said to have also used the opportunity provided by the NIIA   induction ceremony, ‘’to thank every industry stakeholder   in the Nigerian maritime sector for the support and backing they have provided   him and the agency ‘’, noting that without it the current management team of the agency could not have ‘‘achieved that much’’.

He may have used the Opportunity of being conferred with the NIIA Fellowship in Lagos, ‘‘to assure the Institute  that being  inducted  as a fellow  will spur him  on to do more  for the development  and economic growth of the nation’’.   He may have gladdened the heart of Prof. Osaghae, the Institute irector General, when he promised ‘‘to be a good ambassador ’’.

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