Confab Report: I Am  Not In A Hurry To Restructure Nigeria- Tinubu

 By Lateef Adegbite

 President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who incidentally was a former governor of Lagos state, appears to be under intense pressure from individuals and organisations to implement the Confab 2014 report aimed at restructuring Nigeria.

 Former President Goodluck Jonathan who was instrumental for the Convocation of the National Conference in 2014, barely one year to the end of his Administration had said that he did not have enough time  to implement  the report .

Senator Ibrahim Shekrau, a former governor of Kano state and minister of Education during Jonathan’s Administration had confirmed that the erstwhile President handed the Confab document to Muhammadu Buhari, his successor on May 29, 2015,   with hopes that he will implement it but nothing was done about it as he was said to have confined the report to the dustbin of history, describing as ’’a mere papper’’.

 Shekrau was said to have urged Tinubu ‘’dust up the Confab report from the dustbin where Buhari had confined it, set up Committee to review the report’’. He noted that most of the current challenges facing the country have been exhaustively discussed in the report which may have informed why the immediate past Nigerian President had refused to read it in order not to be tempted to implement it until he left office on May 29, 2023.

Senator Shekrau urges President Tinubu to implement 2014, Confab Report

The Southern and Middle Belt Leaders Forum, SMBLF,  who were the first to open up on the restructuring of Nigeria  in the recent time  were said to have  urged  Tinubu, to put the necessary machineries in  motion  towards  the implementation if the 2014, National Conference report  masterminded  by Goodluck Jonathan, a former Bayelsa state born Nigerian President.  The Leadership of the SMBLF, had said that   ‘’restructuring of Nigerian which pat Administrations had failed to do   is the only to mitigate myriads of challenges: banditry, terrorism, kidnapping drug and human trafficking currently bedeviling the country ‘’. 

Many believe that for the Tinubu’s Administration, to implement the Confab 2014 report,   a number of alterations of the 199 Constitution, enactment of new Laws and amendment of some of the existing Laws of the country, would require the involvement of the National   and the state Assemblies as then Jonathan’s Administration could not have done it overnight. They had cited the state policing and restructuring of the most populous West African country that allows  bottom –up structure of government’’.       

Although, President Tinubu had agreed to restructure Nigeria but says he is not in a hurry to do so. The former Lagos state governor may have taken advantage of the visit to Pa Reuben Fasoranti, the National Leader of the Yoruba socio-political organization, Afenifere, in Akure, Capital of south western state of Ondo on Wednesday, February 28, 2024, to speak out.

Fasoranti: National Leader of Afenifere

Given that former President Muhammadu Buhari, had said that he could not have  restructured Nigeria in his eight years in office  because  his claims that it was an inclusive document  which he has described as   an ‘’Afenifere agenda’’,  the  incumbent Nigerian President who had consistently advocated  for restructuring  of Nigeria over the years  on the ground that  the country’s  current centralized  political system  is no longer suitable  due to its high cost , had said that  it needed ‘’to be decentralized  to  reduce the desperation of politicians  to hold political positions at the Federal level’’.

 It was not surprising why he had said ‘’ that a solid Foundation needed to be laid before bringing the restructuring of Nigeria in place such that if it is done ‘’it will not collapse ’’. Tinubu may have had mindset to allocation of certain percentage of the country’s resources to the states and Local government Levels if he should be elected the nation’s president in the 2023, general election, to make the regions more attractive to the desperate politicians overcrowding the Federal level to Lobby for political office.

Tinubu has every reason to implement his electioneering Campaign promises which includes resrtucturing of Nigerian  as he had  made people to understand that he had ‘’prayed, danced and Campaigned  to win the February 25, 2023, Presidential election’’ , where the likes of  Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar of the Opposition People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Peter Obi, a-one time governor of Anambra state and Candidate of the Labour Party, who was said to have won the heart of the Youths, going by the name ‘’Obidients’’had participated  in the election which he had won.

Appealing to the Afenifere Leadership not to pity  him  but just sit down and relax to watch his actions in office ,  he had said that before coming out  to vie for the office of President of Federal Republic of Nigeria, he knows the enormous responsibility of the office ‘’. 

The former Lagos state governor who could not hide his feelings was said to have told those that cares to listen during a recent visit to the Afenifere Leadership in Akure, that the restructure he is going ‘’to put in place economically and politically would be such that would bring Nigeria back to where it was supposed to be over the years’’.

The Nigerian President  had  made it clear  that ‘’Restructuring the country  is imperative  as it would  discourage  the governors  from solely  relying  on the monthly  Federal allocations to run the affairs their respective  states but initiate ideas that will  lead to greater productivity  and accountability at  the state Level.

The recent incident in the House of Representatives under the close watch of Tajudeen Abbas, where 60 Lawmakers , described as Tinubu’s Loyalists  has initiated  a move  to end  the current Presidential system of government  and revert to  the Parliamentary system previous used in Nigeria  in the first Republic clearly shows the shape of  the restructuring exercise of the Tinubu’s Administration will take.     

Nnamdi Kanu , detained Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, by the Department of State Service, DSS, under the Leadership of Magaji Yusuf Birchi,  was quoted to have said that  he is not opposed ‘’ to any genuine  restructuring  of Nigeria  along the  lines  of the 1963 Constitution’’.  

Kanu reportedly said that  the country  cannot  grow or make  any appreciable progress  under the current  unworking,   unitary  structure political system imposed by the military  and their political class Collaborators.


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