Djbod,Ilorin Border Drill: More troubles For Smugglers

By Stephen Ubanna

Unrepentant Smugglers operating in Baruten Local government Area of Kwara state  border Communities of Chikanda, Okuata, Baruba and Two others would never forget Muhammed Uba Garba, a former Comptroller of Seme and now , Zonal  Coordinator , Border Drills sector 3, based in Ilorin, the state Capita in a hurryl.

Between last December and now that the former Seme Comptroller took over the mantle of leadership of the sector from Aminu Dahir,   an Assistant Comptroller General of Customs , ACG , who has been thrown out of Job , by Hameed Ali, a retired Army Colonel and Comptroller General of Nigerian Customs Service, NCS, over alleged Complicity in the cross border smuggling of Premium Motor Spirit, popular, Petrol, by President Muhammadu Buhari,the smugglers appear  not  to have known peace.

 From the  border Communities in Kwara, Niger, Benue  and Kogi, the four north central states geopolitical region, the story is the same: tightened security that it has become very difficult for the smugglers to carry out their illegal business between the neighouring West African state of Benin Republic and the oil rich Nigeria.

Intercepted Vehicle Loaded With S Prohibited Goods

The major products smuggled from the French speaking country into the Nigerian market  are mostly the prohibited  foreign par boiled rice produced from the Asian county of Thailand, vegetable oil and second hand clothing  including China manufactured Textile materials and Vehicles. Note that the case of the smugglers had been made worse  as the Kastina state  born Nigerian President had banned the importation of foreign rice and vehicles through the land border into the Nigerian market.

It is not surprising why any sight of the smuggled rice or vehicle from Benin Republic in any part of the north central states were regarded as a big offence and subsequent to seizure.  The smugglers in turn smuggle from the Nigerian market refined  petroleum products, into the Beninoa market.

 It was one of those smuggling of 295 petrol tankers with the alleged Complicity of Commissioned  security  outfit, Operation Swift Response, to checkmate and track down the illegal activities  of the smugglers that landed  retired ACG Dahiru and others into trouble.

Compt. Mohammed: Zonal Coordinator, Bordeer Drill , Zector 3

The Dahiru experience may have opened he eyes of  Muhammed and his officers to be hard on the smugglers from the onset without Compromise. The situation was so bad that the smugglers had  cried out. There was an incident of the seizure of 66 drums of petrol in the Bananna Border Community of Niger, home state of former military President , Ibrahim Babangida, a retire Army General  and Abudulsalami Abubakar , another retired Army General and also a former Head of state.

An Intercepted Vehicle By Djbod Lead Team

Given the intensified anti-smuggling  operation by the Border Drills sector 3, personnel, the Jbod  Lead Team at Karonji  area of Chikanda border Community in Baruten local government area of Kwara state on the night of Sunday, July 18, 2020, were said to have intercepted 21 vehicles, loaded with different prohibited items, particular, froeign rice.

An insider told The Value News that the intercepted vehicles  were driven to Jbod  headquarters, Ilorin, last Monday. With the seizures of the  smuggled  vehicles, loaded with prohibited items, particular, foreign rice, the Border Drills Zonal Coordinator, has’’ warned the smugglers to embrace legitimate trade as the Customs personnel, will never give them a breather until they turn a new lleaf’’.

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