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Entertainment: UBA Finally Premieres The Male’s Club Season 3 To The Jubilation Of FANS

By Stephen Ubanna

At long last, the United Bank  For  Africa, plc, a Pan African Bank, have premiered The Men Club , popular, TMC, drama series, after several months of planning and editing and postponements due to the lock down of the countr  last March as a result of the Wuhan Town  in Hebei Province of the Asian country of China emerged at the instance of Kingsley Uzoka, the Bank Managing Director,  coronavirus, popular COVID 19.

It was therefore not very surprising that Fans were very that when the Coast became very clear and Bola Atta, Executive Director, REDTV and UBA  Group Director, Corporate Communication,  gave hint of coming out with the programme on July 22, 2020.

Eyewitness account said Atta and his Team, in the Bank Corporate Communications Department kept to their word as the TMC season 3 edition  was premiered at the Bank Marina Corporate Head office. In spite of the initial fear that the Drama series would not attract the desired  much attention as expected because of the short notice and inadequate sensitization Campaign  for it, it was said to have made the  impact as it kept  the thousands of guests  who showed up to remain   glued to their Seats  to properly  catch a glimpse of the actors and enjoy the fun .

The Men’s Club Premiered At The UBA, Head Office Marina

Uzochukwu Okoronkwo, a Lagos based business man who had opportunity of watching the premiering of the UBA TMC season 3,  drama series edition told The Value News that it lived up to expectation of an International drama series presented  in films in a London Theatre   in Willian Shakespeae’s time.

Prior to the presentation of the TMC, the REDTV, which is powered by the UBA, had in the last two years presented other drama series  which exposed the  Entertainment station to Nigerians  when it hit the airwaves with Best Friends Wedding,  Inspector K,  Assistant Madams, Red  Hot Topics, Hote Boutique and several others.

Atta, the REDTV, Executive Director, who  gave a thought provoking speech   before the presentation of the drama series on screen  was said to have noted that ‘’although  there had  been a  slight  delay  in the production of the TMC season 3  drama series  due to the lockdown occasioned by the COVID 19, there efforts  taken  to ensure  that this delay  was not prolonged’’.

An elated disclosed that  TMC is one of the Bank major  drama hit series brought  from the REDTV stables . ‘’We worked really hard  to  ensure  we e bringing  the best  this season  despite all the delays’’, she has said.

 An  elated  RED- Executive Director who said they have no option  than to bring out the best pointed out that  ‘’the Fans  have been very loyal and we needed to give them what they wanted’’.  She stated that they put ‘’the very best measures in place for safety and security for Cast and Crew, limited the numbers’.

The UBA chieftain who could not hide her feelings ‘’ the REDTV was berthed by the  Pan- African Bank to support the Creative Industry across the African Continent , noting that between 1996 and date, the Bank have been creating employment and honing  creative talent through entertainment. According to him, ‘’the potential  revenue that can be generated in this Industry  is often  under-estimated’’, stressing that ‘’it is only in the recent times that more people  have had the courage to leave  traditional Professions and embrace the creatives’’.

The Men’s Club Actors

Ola Odunsi, the Director  of the Men’s Clubs  , expressed delight at the reception which the series has received over the years. He gave  accolades  to the UBA and RED TV, for the continuous support towards ensuring  that viewers are always provided with the best quality entertainment .

 An  elated Odunsi, who could not hide his feelings  said ‘’we are extremely  pleased to partner  with UBA and REDTV  to create top quality  content jobs’’. He further said that, ‘’working with the Money Deposit Bank,  MDB, and REDTV,  has been amazing  with their support as more jobs continued to be created in the Entertainment  sector’.

Giving an insider information, he disclosed that working  on  the TMC 3 Production they were able to hire a lot of people in different Capacities and  ultimately  equates to impacting  many families, many lives. Hear him, ‘’REDTV is a Fast –Faced channel that  had  put Africa on the global stage. He maintained that the TMC 3 which is  proudly powered ’’ by BA, to entertain, inform the rich content the  feature the very best of African Entertainment, fashion, news, design, music, sport, movies, travel and much more.

He may have gladdened the heat of Fans when he said that’’ REDTV collaborates  with the most talented visionaries and creative minds daring to believe  in a New Africa’’.    

Stephen Ubanna

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