More Foreign Shipping Companies Send Their Vessel To Ukraine To Lift Grain For Export To End Global Food Crisis

 By Lateef Adegbite, With Agency Reports

 When  Sergei Shoigu, Russian Federation Defence minister and  Oleksandr  Kubrakou,  Ukrainian minister  of Infrastructure at the instance of their home governments to unblock  Ukrainian grain  exports, not many believe that Russian will  keep to the deal.

This is because of their initial fear that the North American country of the United States, US, and other member countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, NATO, European Union, EU, United Kingdom, UK, and Canada, which had entered into the war will use the opportunity to supply arms into Ukraine to sustain the war between the two East European countries. 

Vladimir Putin, the Russian Federation President may have proved bookmakers wrong as the first grain carrying- ship had left the Ukrainian ports since after the war broke out between the two countries on February 24, 2022, with more than 26,000 tonnes of corn on Tuesday, August 2, 2022. It was said to have safely anchored off  aTurkey’s  coast. There are indications that 16 other ships will leave Ukrainian ports to export grain to the world food market aimed at the global food crisis.

More  Foreign shipping companies may have been encouraged to send their vessels to the Ukrainian  ports of Odesa, Chornonorsk and Pivdennyi to lift grain for export because  the first shipment  that had reached its final  destination  without  obstacles. This is evident as three more ships laden with Ukrainian corn  are set  to depart  the country on Friday, August 5, 2022, to Turkey, enroute to the world food market.  . Two of the vessels ladden with Ukraine are expected from the city of Chrnomorske and one from the port of Odesa.

Putin: Russian President, Thanked Erdogan , His Turkish Counterpart For Brokering A Grain Shipment Deal Between Russian and Ukraine

 Vladimir Putin, Russian Federation President , who had declared a special military intervention on the neighbouring Ukraine on February 24, 2022, which has turned into a full blown war, according to Diplomatic sources  met in Sochi Southern Russuan, with Recep Tayyip Erdogan, his Turkish Counterpart, who was said to have helped  broker a grain shipment  deal  between the two warring countries.

Putin was said to have praised  President Erdogan at the Friday , August 5, 2022 meeting  at Sochi for his role  in the signing of  deal ‘’to unblock Ukrainian grain exports’’. The Russian President was said to have said to have told his Turkish Counterpart  that his direct participation  and the United Nations, UN, mediation, made it possible for ‘’the issue related to the supply of  Ukrainian grain from the Black sea ports to be resolved’’.

Note that Russia  blockade of the Ukrainian grain exporters   access the country’s seaports was said to have made it difficult  for millions of tonnes  of grain to be exported to the many countries, particular, the African countries including Nigerian that was said to have relied on both Ukraine and Russia  for their wheat and Fertilizer imports.

The Turkish President, according to Diplomatic sources is also expected ‘’to discuss military and technical  cooperation as well as issues of grain export from Ukraine. Based on their discussion, Putin hopes  to sign  a memorandum of understanding, MoU, with Erdogan  on the development  of trade and economic relations between the two countries.

Erdogan: Met With Putin At Sochi, Southern Russia

 He may have gladdened President Erdogan of Turkey’s heart when he said that with the grain deal between Russian and Ukraine, on July 22, 2022, after about four months of blockade of the Ukrainian Black seaports with his direction participation ,  ‘’many developing countries, which are on the verge of major problems with food and Fertilizer, would heave a sigh of relief’’.

The Turkish President may have taken advantage of the meeting with his Russian Counterpart ‘’to  plan discussions in detail the topics of Russian and Turkish cooperation, including prospects for further expansion of trade and  economic ties and the implementation  of joint strategic projects in the  energy sector’’ .

An elated Russian President who was said to be happy that ‘’deliveries have already begun was said’ ‘to have thanked the Turkish President  for this singular act and at the  same time  for ‘’the package of decisions that was made for the uninterrupted  supply of Russian food and Russian Fertilizes to the global food markets’’.

 Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian President who could not hide his feeling   had called   for the grain shipment deal that had relaxed Russian’s of its black sea grain exports to include other products such as metals.

 As a prelude to the shipment  of  the first Ukrainian grain out to the world food market, Hulusi  Akar, Turkish Defense minister   had hinted  that ships  have started   preparing  to depart  from the three Black sea ports  designated  under the grain deal  with the Russian Federation  to resume cereals export  that have  been  blocked  by  Russia  invasion of Ukraine.

 The Turkish government Defense minister had confirmed that   work has resumed in the ports of Odesa, Chernonorsk  and Pivdennyi.  He had said that   that the entry and exit of ships to the designated Ukrainian Black seaports ‘’to lift grain for export will be carried out by forming a convoy that will accompany the lead cargo ships’’.

President Muhammadu Buhari had said  that the ongoing war  between  Russian Federation  and Ukraine  has ‘’ undermined  the progress  countries  have achieved  in tackling  food  security  in the last  one decade’’.

Biden: threatens To Sanction African Countries

While Africans now have the opportunity to buy Ukraine grain, with the resumed export based on a grain shipment deal with Russia, Joe Biden, the US, President appears worried. Linda Thomas –Green-field, the country’s Ambassador  to United Nations, UN,  may have spoken the mind of the Us President when she said that  ‘’African nations are free to buy Russia Agricultural products , including Fertilizer and wheat  but should not  trade  in  in US- sanctioned Commodities such as Russian oil’’ or face  sanctions.

Hear the US Ambassador:  We have no sanctions on any Agricultural products coming out of Russia. She may have gladdened the heart of Africans when she affirmed that’’

 Russia can export their Agricultural products and countries can buy Russian  Agricultural  products, including  fertilizers and wheat.

She further said that, ‘’if  a country  decides  to engage  with Russia where  there are  sanctions when they  are  breaking  our sanctions  and in some case they are  UN sanctions  with other countries’’.   She had warned that ‘’if they do the country stand the chance   of having sanctions taken against them for breaking the US and UN, sanctions.   

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