Ogun I : Compt. Shuabu, An Achiever And Role Model

By Stephen Ubanna

 Not many were surprised that the Boardroom of the Nigerian Customs Service, NCS, Ogun I, Idiroko, Command, Ogun, home state of former President Olusegun Obasanjo was filled up with invited guests including security and intelligence agencies personnel and Journalists during the official handover of Compt. Shuaibu Ahmadou Bello, to Folorunsho Ojo, the Command new Area Controller.

This is because of the good working relationship between Compt.  Shuaibu ,  the former Area Controller ,of the Ogun I, Command and the people of the border Communities , both on the Nigeria side and the eighbouring Benin Republic side , including the security and Intelligence agencies personnel that was said to have improved channels of Communications between then over the last seven months in the south western state.

Change Of Baton , Compt. Shuaibu Hands over mantle of Leadership to Compt .Ojo at Ogun I, Idiroko Command

Hameed Oloyede, a Chief Superintendent and the Ogun I, Command spokesperson, had said that the turnout at the epoch making event was ‘’very impressive’’ and while another senior officer had said that such a big crowd had  never happened in the history of the Command since it started  experiencing the handover from one Administration to another.

Among those present to witness the epoch making event were some Prominent Paramount rulers and Bales within the Ipoki Local Government of the state who were said to have taken time out of their busy traditional schedules to be part of the event.

 Bonny Botoku, who oversees the Integration Art Palace and Tour Company, a Non –Governmental Organisation, NGO, was said to have played a major role as an interpreter at the event for the benefit of invitees from Benin Republic, a French speaking country. Note that   Botoku’s NGO, had partnered with the Ogun I, Command to Organize a workshop that was said to have sensitized the people of the Border Communities on the role of the Nigeria Customs in the country’s economic development and national security and therefore should not be seen as enemies but as friendsand given all the assistance to do their job.

Compt. Shuaibu and Botoku, in a pix during the handover ceremony at Idiroko

. The former Ogun I, Idiroko, Command  Area Controller,who  had said  that  the Ceremony marks, ‘’ a transition from and passing  of the baton  from one capable Leader  to another ,  ensuring seamless  continuity  of the Command’s Operations  and preservation of its activities’’,  may have used a philosophical word to cap his speech that as a public servant, ‘we meet to part and part to meet’’, with a thunderous ovation.

Describing the handover as a moment of ‘’reflection, appreciation, and anticipation’’, as the parties embrace the change and stride forward, together ‘’, he stated that a’’ united force’’ will help the Command to achieve a more meaningful development.

In congratulating the Ogun I, Command, new Area Controller over his appointment, he noted that ‘’it speaks volume of his capabilities to deliver on his mandate’’, believing that with the confidence reposed on him, by the Customs Comptroller General, he will lead the Command ‘’with integrity, vision and excellence’’.

Given the loyalty of the officers   to a constituted Authority, Compt. Shuaibu was said to have reassured his successor of their full support to do his job.  He had a word of advice for Compt. Ojo: Trust those you lead. He may have alluded to the act that if there is no trust, there will be a crack on the wall and which should be avoided at all costs by carrying everybody along.

Compt. Shuaibu: Former Area Controller, Ogun I, Idiroko Command

Taking a closer look at the over seven months of tour of duty as the Area Controller of the Ogun I, Command, Shuaibu had said to the ovation of the officers and men of the Command and the invited guests that he had adhered’’ to the mandate given to him by Bashir Adewale Adeniyi, MFR, the Customs Comptroller General,’’ in improving the Command’s revenue generation, anti-smuggling operations and trade Facilitation drive’’.

An  elated  Shuaibu, who could not hide his feelings  may have gladdened the heart of the guests  who had turned up in their large number to witness the change of Baton in the Ogun I, Command , on Tuesday, April, 16, 2024,  that with the support of the incumbent Customs Comptroller General who had provided Area with the necessary working tools,  particular, the rugged four wheel vehicles that could enter into difficult terrains without being trapped by mud, and  still come unscathed

This may helped the Command anti-smuggling and Patrol team officers  to take the battle to the smugglers hideouts at  the border Communities in  Ipokia, Yelwa North  and Imeko/Afon Local Government Areas  to dispossess the smugglers of  millions of naira  contraband including Cartridges and Indian hemp, grown in the West African countries of Ghana, CoteIvoire , among others.

He was emphatic that the interventionist unit, had ‘’witnessed enhanced anti-smuggling exploitation with ‘’minimum zero casualties in its anti-smuggling operations’’. One or two of the Traditional Rulers who were said to have spoken at the handover ceremony may have thrown a challenge to Compt.  Ojo, when they corroborated Shuaibu, the immediate Past what Compt.t Area Controller of the Ogun I, who had administered the Area had said  

Hear the Chiefs: ‘’There was no casualty involving any smuggler, officer or breakdown of Law and order in Idiroko axis, where the Youths could easily Blockade the roads with little or no provocations leading to disruptions of Customs Operations.  The message was very clear that Compt. Shuaibu’’ restored total peace in the Command’s areas of Jurisdiction in the state including the volatile Ilaro axis

  Another major achievement of the Ogun I, Command, during Shuaibu’s sort lived Administration was the implementation of its Corporate Social Responsibilities, CSR, in the Border Local Government Areas of the state.

The former Ogun I, Area Controller had said that the Command could not have achieved all that within a space of seven months without  the  of’’ the unwavering support of the officers and men who  had worked with him in the Command and the collaborative efforts of the critical stakeholders, particular, the security agencies operatives.

Appealing to the officers ‘’to intensify their efforts and extend the same maximum support and Cooperation to Compt. Ojo, his successor, he asserted that ‘’it is the only way by which the Command can sustain   its performance tempo’’. 

 He was said to have also made same appeal to the security agencies operatives to ‘’to provide steadfast support’’ to the Ogun I, new Area Controller in order to succeed in achieving the mandate that had been given to him by the Customs Comptroller General.     

Compt. Ojo, the new Ogun I, Area Controller may have taken advantage of the handover ceremony to describe his predecessor, Compt. Shuaibu , who had been redeployed to Federal Operations Unit, FOU, Zone B, Kaduna,  with 13 states of the Federation  and the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, to cover in its anti-smuggling operations.   

Described as’’ volatile region’’, the Ogun I, Area Controller had declared that what Comt. Shuaibu had achieved in seven months  to  restore sanity  and ensure that there is total peace in the Border Communities of Ogun state , will be a child’s play compared to what he is going to do in his  areas of Jurisdictions  in the north western  and north central geopolitical regions including the FCT, in its anti-smuggling operations.

 The 13 states that make  up the north western and north central regions include   Kaduna, Katsina, former President Muhammadu Buhari, home state, Sokoto, Zamfara, described as Bandits home state, Kebbi, Jagawa, Kano, Kawara, Niger, Benue, Plateau, Nasarawa Kogi.

The Customs Comptroller may have described himself as a lucky officer ‘’to occupy the big shoe’’ that had been left behind by Comptroller Shuaibu, whom he had describe as an Administrator par excellence, who knows his onions, promising to continue to use the structures met on ground to sustain the Command’s anti-smuggling operations and rejig areas only that needed to be improved upon.

Compt. Ojo, who an insider had told The Value News Magazine has barely seven months to prove his expertise in anti-smuggling operations in the south western state that have over 90 illegal routes used by smugglers to carry out their illegal activities between Nigerian and   Benin Republic, as Comptroller Shuaibu , did in eight months by not giving to the diehard smugglers a decisive blow had given his words that there will be no   room for smugglers  to operate in the state without being fished out by his ever vigilant officers on ground at the various strategic locations.

Determined to sustain the good records that  had been set my his Predecessor, while still in office,  Compt.Ojo had asked the Chiefs, Bales and other Border Community Leaders in the state to educate the Youths about the dangers of smuggling to avoid crossing path with Customs  anti-smuggling personnel carrying out their Legitimate duties to avoid any unpleasant experience.  Vintage Compt. Ojo.

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