Seafarers Welfare: Why NIMASA MWUN, Partner With ITF-UK, In Building International Recreation Centre In Nigeria

By Stephen Ubanna

More facts have emerged why the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, NIMASA, under the Leadership of Bashir Jamoh, OFR, and the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria, MWUN, which has Adewale Adeyanju, as President,   are currently going into  partnership with the International Transport Workers Federation, ITF, United Kingdom, UK.

The ITF, according to informed sources is an affiliate –led Organisation recognized as the world’s leading transport  authority, ostensibly established  to improve  Seafarers’ welfare , connecting more than 700 affiliated  trade unions  from 150 countries including Nigeria  to secure rights, equality  and justice for workers  globally. Described as a voice for the over 18 million transport workers across the world may have informed why the Leadership of MWUN, have remained close to the Federation to protect members’ right in Nigeria.  Evident of the close relationship between the ITF, UK, and MWUN, is the undisclosed grant from the Federation Trust Fund, for the building of an International Recreation Centre, in Lagos, the national’s Financial and Commercial Capital.

At  present the Transport Federation  have offices  in London,  Abidjan, Coted’Ivoire; Amman,  Jordan; Brussels, Belgium; Geneva, Switzerland, HongKong; Montreal, Canada,;Nairobi, Kenya, New Delhi, India; Panama city; Rio de janei ro;  Singapore; Sydeney, Australia and Tokyo, Japan, all  member countries of the International Maitime Organisation, IMO, a Maritime Agency of the United Nations, UN.

Oyetola: Minister Of Marine & Blue Economy

The completion   of the Recreation  Centre  project,  Katie Higginbottom , Head , ITF, UK,  visiting team in Nigeria had revealed   during a recent  meeting in  Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, with Adegboyega Oyetola, minister of marine and blue economy,   Jamoh, Director General , NIMASA , Adeyanju, the MWUN, President  and  other top officials of the ministry,   NIMASA and the MWUN,  ‘’will serve as a rallying point for in-country, regional seafarers  and those on board vessel  during port calls, who desire  to disembark  and savour  the warmth  of Nigerians’’.

 Higginbottom, Head of the ITF, UK, visiting team in Nigeria, may have raised the profile of Adeyanju, the MWUN, President, before the former Osun state governor and Jamoh, NIMASA, Chief Executive Officer, CEO, when she stated that ‘’they have absolute confidence and trust in MWUN, Leadership, because of the way he has been running the affairs of the Local union without troubles.

She was emphatic  that the MWUN leadership  has built up  their credibility  within the ITF Family  which may have informed why the Organisation   had agreed  to partner with  union and  Jamoh led NIMASA  which has ‘’ enthusiasm  towards  the country’s Seafarers  welfare’’   to build the International Recreation Centre in the West African country. 

The undisclosed grant for building of the International maritime Recreation Centre in Nigeria under Adeyanju, as president of MWUN, was said to have undergone three years of rigorous assessment process.  She noted that after the three years assessment of the need to give the grant to Nigeria through the present Leadership of MWUN, they found that ‘’it is safe to invest in the nation’s maritime industry’’, contrary to reports making the rounds in various maritime nations about Nigeria

An elated Higginbottom, who could not hide her feelings had said that their visit to Nigeria ‘’is for inspection of the site for the project   so that the multi-million dollar project will commence immediately without further delay.

An appreciative Oyetola,  minister of marine and blue economy who  gave  kudo to the ITF,, Uk, team,  visit to Nigeria with Direct Foreign Investment, DFI,   in the country, ‘’ had assured them  that the funds  will be judiciously  utilized ‘’  for the building of the international Seafarers Recreation Centre in Nigeria.

The minister had given his words that the ministry will ensure that NIMASA which liaises with MWUN, on a daily basis will fulfill its obligations to the multi-million dollar project through proper supervision.

The Osun state born politician  may have gladdened the heart of members of the ITF, UK, team , when he declared that  ‘’Seafarers   are the real  drivers  of the nation’s  maritime industry’’, noting that’’ they sacrifice   a lot for  human existence , spending most of  time away from  family  as they are always  onboard vessels’’.

The former Osun state governor had said that ‘’creating this opportunity of building an international Recreation Centre in Nigeria, the most populous country in the African Continent, which is commendable would  go a long to  encourage ‘’social interaction among the seafarers in the Continent’’.

‘’I commend the ITF, UK, Leadership decision to send a team to personally come to Nigeria to see things for themselves in Nigeriaand which shows their commitment to the project’’. In spite of the World Bank claims of high level of Corruption in Nigeria, which industry stakeholders fear may forestall the project along the line, Oyetola, was said ‘’to have reassured the ITF-UK visiting team that they have no cause to worry about their investment   in Nigeria a the ministry will ensure judicious use of the approved grant to ensure that the multi-million dollar is completed in record time’’.

He asserted that for the fact that President Bola Ahemed Tinubu, who incidentally was a former governor of Lagos state established a ministry for the nation’s maritime industry clearly shows ‘’the government’s commitment to make Nigeria a major maritime nation’’. The minister was said to have repeatedly told the ITF, UK team in Nigeria, that ‘’ the approved grant for building the Seafarers international Recreation Centre in Nigeria  will be put to good use as expected  and that the ministry will closely monitor the project’’ .


On his part, Jamoh, the’’ NIMASA, helmsman, described as a workaholic in maritime circles, was said to   have used  the opportunity of the ITF, UK, vising team to Nigeria to restate the agency’s  commitment  to ‘’continuously invest  in the well-being of Seafarers’’.   Describing the Seafarers Recreation Centre project as a major infrastructural capital development for Seafarers welfare in Nigeria by ITF, Jamoh, said the agency has no option but to key into it.

The NIMASA boss had corroborated Higginbottom, Head of the ITF, UK, visiting team in Nigeria that it will encourage social interactions among the regional Seafarers noting that’’ it will alo  go a long way in improving  the mental health of the Seafarers  and assist their social integration  having spent much of their time  out there  on the seas’’.

He believes that MWUN Leadership could attract the multi-million, US dollar, project to Nigeria   because of the challenge thrown to the union  some three years ago  to sit up like other affiliate unions of the ITF, UK. Hear him:  This is the result of the constant engagement sessions the Management team of the agency have always had with the MWUN, president,’’ who believes in dialogue’’.  The NIMASA BOSS was said to have made it to industry stakeholders that ‘’since the minister has sanctioned he ITF, project, NIMASA will met its obligations’’.

Adeyanju: President, MWUN

Adeyanju, MAWUN, had said that the quest to better the lot of Seafarers had informed the decision to seek funding from the UK, based ITF.  He had alluded to the fact that the NIMASA CEO,   approached him some years ago to do something for Seafarers as other unions in other maritime nations are doing for their members. We took up the challenge bearing in mind the current financial situation in the country.

The poor financial situation of the country may have encouraged Adeyanju   led MWUN, to take advantage of being an affiliate of the ITF, UK,to sought for grant from the Federation. . We got it. Until the UK, based world transport authority approved he grant for MWUN,  Adeyanju, had confirmed that NIMASA, under the Leadership of  the Kaduna state technocrat have been doing a lot for the union both in cash and kind.  

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