Security: Adeniyi, CG, Customs Unhappy Over Death Of Officer In Hands Of Terrorists

By Stephen Ubanna

 When Christopher Musa, an Army General and Chief Of Defense Staff, CDS, in an emotional outbursts, while addressing Troops of Operation Hadin Kkai, OPHK, at the Mamalari Cantonment in Maiduguri, capital of Borno state on Tuesday, October 11, 2023, had told the soldiers ‘’to find the BokoHaram and the Islamic State of West African Province, ISWAP, Insurgents to kill before they kill Nigerians’’   he knew what he was talking about.

This is because the Insurgents appears to have been let loose as they have resorted causing increased havoc in the north eastern state and the neighbouring Yobe.  The Army General may have given the OPHK Troops a food for thought when he said ‘’no soldier is complete without killing at least one Terrorist in the Theatre’’.

Appealing to the Troops not to go and sleep in the theatre when they have a job to do in the two war thorn states, insisting    that they must take the to the Insurgents camp and kill them. He is optimistic that if the Troops can do that on a daily basis, ‘‘the Insurgents would be finished completely’’.

While the CDS, and his soldiers are perfecting strategies on how to deal decisively with the Insurgents in the two north eastern states of Borno and Yobe, the Killer Terrorists were said to have also perfected their attacking strategies on the Troops and other security agencies personnel including Customs personnel in the Borno and Yobe states.  

Barely two weeks later after the CDS, had addressed the OPHK Troops at the Mamailari Cantonment in the Borno state Capital, Maiduguri, and four days, after the confirmation of Adewale Adeniyi, as the Comptroller General of the Nigeria Customs Servie, NCS, By President Bola Ahmed Tinu,  BokoHaram fighters had thrown the Adeniyi led Nigerian Customs Service into mourning . The suspected BokoHaram fighters were said to have attacked the service out staion   at Geidam, a border town in    Yobe state with Maine- Soroa  in Niger Republic.  

An eye witness account said the attackers had arrived the Yobe Community on Saturday, October 21, 2023, at night and started shooting sporadically. The attackers who were armed to the teeth were said to taken advantage of the curfew period in the state to move around the outskirts of the Geidam Community in search of security agencies personnel ‘’to kill’’.   

 The Insurgents were said to have stormed   the Customs outpost along the Maine Soroa road   in the town  in a Volkswagen Golf  and Land Cruiser  but could not spare it   as they   burnt   the Patrol vehicle parked in the premises, a generator  and part of the  Geidam Customs outpost building.

The BokoHaraHaram attackers’ sporadic shootings may have forced the officers who had retired home for the day to rush out as they scampered for safety through the gate and scale the offence.

Abdullahi Maiwada, a Chief Superintendent and Customs spokesperson, had said that one Ahmed Usman, an Assistant Superintendent of Customs, SAC, II, born in Pindiga town in Akko Local Government Area , of Gombe state, in 193,  with a family of five , could not survive the attack  as he was killed in the process.

The quick intervention of the OPHK Troops who were alerted through phone calls   was said to have saved the situation from degenerating, as the soldiers who came to the scene joined forces with the Customs personnel  armed with AK.47 rifle  to repel the attackers , forcing them to flee into the bush.

CSC Maiwada may have spoken the mind of the Customs Comptroller General when he confirmed that the Geidam Customs outpost had ’’ faced  a formidable  threat  but was bravely  defended’’,  safeguarding the facility  and families  of fellow officers  and men.

The Daily Trust had reported that the BokoHaram  Insurgents attacks   on the outskirts of the Geidam,  Community in Yobe state    had been on the increase in  the recent days.  Analysts had attributed to the drop in their  tax collection   from farmers and herdsmen living  in Kumadugu/Yobe River Basin.

  The CGC, who could not hide his feelings was said to have expressed   gratitude   to Lt. Gen. Raheed Lagbaja led Nigeria Army  and other sister agencies for the support extended to the  service I this trying period.  He was particularly enthused with the unwavering solidarity of the Nigerian President and Mai Mala Buni, the Yobe state governor to bring the situation under control.

As a prelude to avoid a repeat in the future, he had emphasised the crucial role of Community Management  in the shared  pursuit of safety  and security , urging the people  ‘’to contribute  to these  collective  endeavours  actively’’.

He may have sent  a message to the  BokoHaram Insurgents that  had attacked the Customs  facility in Geidam that   in the face of ‘’the face of the adversity and the death of ASC. Usman in their hands, ‘’ the Nigeria Customs service would remain strong , resolute  and united , to carry out its statutory responsibilities  of suppressing smuggling, ensuring  the safety  and security of the nation’s Land border areas’’.

The Customs Comptroller ‘General, had expressed his heartfelt condolences to the family of ASC II,  the victim of the BokoHaram attack in Geidam Community in Yobe state , the NCS, Borno/ Yobe Command  and the Government of Gombe state  for the loss  of’’ this heroic and devoted officer  in the line of duty’’.

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