Security: More Troubles For BokoHaram, ISWAP, Insurgents

 By Stephen Ubanna

 With barely one week after armed BokoHaram Insurgents operating in the north eastern state of Yobe, stormed the Nigerian Customs office, Borno/Yobe Outstation at Geidam town and killed one Ahmed Usman, an Assistant Superintendent from Pindiga  Town, in AAkko Local Government Area of Gombe, another north eastern state. The BokoHaram fighters, according eyewitness account had  destroyed  one generator  and part of the Customs building. The attackon the Customs facility  at Geidam  Town may have infuriated  Lt. General Rasheed Lagbaja, the Chief  of Army  Staff, CoAS, who was to have given a matching order to  Mayirenso Saraso, a Major General and Commander Operation Hain Kai, OPHK, to mobilise his sector Commanders and their troops to deal decisively with the Insurgents. The OPHK, Commander, in turn was said to have told the sector Commanders and their Troops to more aggressive in the conduct of the ongoing mop up operation in the region.

Adeniyi: Acting CG Customs

The CoAS, who was unhappy  about the development because of the embarrassment to the country may have read the riot Act  to the Troops of Operation Hadin Kai, OPHK, and the Commanders of the various Btallions in the state to hunt for the Insurgents and kill them. This is in Keeping with directive with Christopher Musa, an Army General, and Chief of Defence Staff, CDS, that a Complete soldier is whoever kills one BokoHaram member.

This may have informed why  Troops of 159 Battalion , Geidam, under the sector 2, Joint Task Force , OPHK,  were said to have ambushed the BokoHaram  fighters who were going out for another operation in the town  and killed six of them . The  aggrieved soldiers who poised to kill any Insurgent sighted within Geidam, for breaking into the town  despite the tight security were said to have recovered  weapons  including  two AK 47 rifles, two motorcycles  and a mobile phone from the felled insurgents, thus restoring confidence to the residents of the community.

 Given  an insider information of the operation that led to the killing of the six Insurgents, Muhammad Shehu, a Captain and Assistant  Director  of Army Public Relations  of  OPHK, sector 2,  had said that it was conducted  on Wednesday, October 25, 2023,  barely five days the Insurgents had stormed the Customs office  and killed an officer and destroyed a general and part of the office  at Jororo  village  in the flashpoint  Geidam Local Government Area  of the state . The sector 2 Troops were said to have struck at the Jororo  Community  believed to have been taken over by the Insurgents  after receiving  tips  from the residents  and actionable intelligence.  The Troops, according to the Army Captain had killed two BokoHaram fighters during a gun battle.

Acting on the directive of the General Musa, the CDS, the Troops of sector 2, Joint Task Force , OPHK,  a source informed The value news  have  sustained  the aggressive  drive  in the conduct  of the ongoing  mop up operations  to rid the  north easter region  of Borno and Yobe of terrorism, insurgency and sundry crimes within the sector area of jurisdiction.

Giving the matching order of the CDS, to the Troops to take the battle o the Insurgents and kill anyone found  may have informed why  Troops  of 233 Batalion had carried out a similar operations  at Babbangida  in  Tarmuwa Local Government , described as another notorious area  used by the marauding  insurgents  of the state in harassing security agencies personnel  and collecting taxes and levies  from the residents of the Community on Thursday, October 26, 2023.

The sector 233 Troops, who were posed to kill any insurgent found around the Yobe state Community were said to have killed four of them who played into their hands. They were said to have also recovered  26 AK 47 rifles from the them. Many believe that the sector 233  OPHK , Batalion , could  achieve that much  with the support of the residents of  Bajingo and Kurnawa, Communities  of the Tamuwa LGA, who had provided them with the relevant information on how to go about the operation and caught the insurgents unawares.The  sector 233 Troops were said to have disposed the insurgents of two motorcycles which is their major means of transportation  around the Community to  harass the people and force them to part with their farm produce, pay taxes and levies to them.

Mayirenso Saraso, an Army General and Commander of OPHK, who is impressed by the efforts of Troops of  sectors 159, Geidam and  233 at Tarmuwa,, had commended the officers  for their ‘’swift  response  to the residents calls when they are  under threat of the insurgents.

 The OPHK , Command  may have gladdened the heart  of the Troops  of sectors 159, 233 and other sector Commanders in the Yobe state and the neighbouring Borno  that he will continue to give them  all the support  to completely wipe out the insurgents  to ensure that  peace is restored  in the north eastern region .

 The renewed hunt for the insurgents in Geidam, Tramuwa Local Government Areas of Borno state may have gladdened the heart of  Adewale Adeni, Comptroller General , Nigeria Customs Service, NCS, who has directed the Area Controller at the Borno /Yobe Customs Command to be red alert  to avoid a repeat of any attack on their facility in  any part of their area of jurisdictions in the two states of the north eastern region  in the future.  The attck of the Geindam Customs facility may have encouraged the officers and men  attached to the Borno/Yobe Command to  work more closely with the OPHK Troops based on the working agreement between the duo, Adeni , the Customs  Comptroller General and  Lt. Gen.  Lagbaja, the Army Chief.  

With the OPHK, sector Commanders and their Troops intensified fight to wipe out the insurgents in the north nor eastern states of Borno and  Yobe, security experts  say  BokoHaram and ISWAP, fighters who have been given security agencies  including Customs personnel a cause to worry are in for more trouble. 

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