Technology: We Are Committed to Improving Lives, Transforming African Continent – Elumelu

By Stephen Ubanna                                                                                                                            

For years, Heirs Holdings, under the Chairmanship of Tony Elumelu, who incidentally is a member of the Special Economic Advisory Committee, of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and other shareholders have continued to invest millions of naira to break new grounds on cutting-edge technology to make their jobs easy.

This is evident going by the recent   Launching of  the multi-million naira  Heirs Technologies on Monday, March 11, 2024,  a  new company  with an a mandate to ‘’to empower  Africa’s  digital  transformation  through innovative  and locally tailored solutions’’.

Given an insider information about the new Company and its products,  Emmanuel Nnoron, Chief Executive Officer, CEO,  disclosed that the company will do everything within its technical powers  ‘’to provide  value added services  that will capitalize  on top –tier  expertise while guaranteeing  accessibility  locally’’.  The Heirs Technologies, CEO, stated that the company’s range of services include Information Technology, IT, Consulting, which an insider had said encompasses advisory services, business transformation, system integration, licensing and partnerships.

The Heirs Technologies boss was said to have further disclosed that the company other additional range of services which includes   managed services covering, IT, operations and business process outsourcing.

As  a prelude to achieving the vision of propelling  the African Continent  to the  forefront  of the global technology escape , Nnnoron, Heirs Technologies helmsman may have gladdened the heart of Nigerians and other Africans when he stated that the new  technology outfit  will strategically   invest  ‘’in cutting edge technological  solutions  and develop platforms to foster  collaboration among  diverse stakeholders in the Communication, Banking and oil sectors of the economy. Central to the plans, he noted is ‘’to develop local capacity through meticulously tailored skills development programmes’’. 

An elated  Nnoron,  who is on the driver’s seat of the Heirs Technologies project, who could not hide his feelings  at the Launching of the  digital technology company  had was said to have repeatedly reiterated its mission statement : We  are embarking  on a journey fueled  by innovation  and driven by purpose’’, adding that  the mission isn’t going to be  solely on creating  products but  also in shaping  the future  of technology , one groundbreaking  solution  at a time’’.

Many believe that the Launch of Heirs Technologies had reaffirmed Heirs Holdings’ steadfast commitment to invest in sectors that provide long –term returns and have the ability to transform African countries’ economy.

They asserted that  ever since Heirs Holdings came into existence a couple of years ago,  it has remained a pivotal player  in various sectors of the Nigeria, the most populous country of the African Continent’s development  including  financial services, energy, power, healthcare , real estate  and hospitality.

Elumelu, who is also founder of Tony Elumelu, a philanthropic organization,  had said that ‘’the introduction that the introduction of Heirs technologies into the African Continent marks   a significant  milestone  in the journey  towards  accelerating  progress  for future  generations  across the  African Continent’’.

The Heirs Holding Chairman and other shareholders may have been encourage to invest on the cutting –edge technology because of their believe that ‘’technology ha the power to catalyze development ‘’. This may have informed why he had made it clear to those that cares to listen that the new technologies company  I committed ‘’to harnessing  this potential  to unlock new innovations  that will improve  lives  and transform the African Continent’’.

 At present , Heirs Holdings, which is the leading African Conglomerate, which is committed  to improving lives  and transforming  African economy  through strategic investments  and sustainable development  initiatives  had had been rated the biggest  in the Continent.         

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