Tinubu’s Son Allegedly  Bought Corruption- Linked $10.8 million Property In London

By Our Reporter

 Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu,  popular, Jagaban, a former  governor of Lagos state and President –elect , on the Platform of the ruling All Progressive congress, APC, who has been in the news lately for saying  that  Nigerian workers  deserve more than N30,000.00 as minimum wage, has a big  task at hand.

 The former Lagos state governor, has to convince Nigerians , both within and outside the country,  that the $10.8,  million,  spent by his son, Ambassador , Oluwaseyi, addressed by peers as Seyi, co-founder of Loatsad, Promedia  Lt an outdoor Advertising  agency , which  calls some  of Nigeria’s  leading blue chips and multinational  companies as his clients has no corrupt  dealings with one  Jide Kolawale Aluko,, a Nigerian  businessman  which may  have helped him to purchase a multi-million dollar corruption -linked property in North London.   

  Going by  the Bloomberg, a German Media  outfit accounts of the oil deals, the duo  may have  executed together during  former President Goodluck Jonathan’s Administration, through  Granda Overseas Corp. in which Seyi, was said to have a majority shareholding and which deal  was said to have  closed  through Deutche Bank.

Ambassador Seyi Tinubu: Enmeshed In Controvesy Over $10.8 Million Property In North Lodon Boght From One Aluko

 Bloomberg had reported that Granda Overseas Corp.  was registered  as  an overseas entity   in the United Kingdom, UK,  on January 2017, noting that the property, in question purchased by  Seyi, Tinubu’s son, actually  belonged to Aluko, the Nigerian businessman, who was alleged to have had a strong contact  with some close associates of  Diezani Allison-Maduke , a former  minister of Petroleum Resurces during Goodluck Jonathan’s Administration.

  Many believe that the alleged  close working relationship   between Aluko and  Jide Omokore, a proxy, of the Nigerian oil minister  , may have helped  him to raise the funds to allegedly  repurchase  the multi-million dollar property  said to have been traced by  the relevant agencies, particular,  Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, to have been purchased through    ill-gotten wealth.

  Note that the Katsina state born Nigerian President, had won the 2015 and 2019, Presidential elections,  on   the wave  of fighting corruption in the most populous African nation  , particular, among the elites.  He may have sent a signal to the elites hobnobbing with  Allinson-Madueke,   to perpetuate fraud in the nation’s oil sector,  when he started hunting for them.

Indeed, the Buhari’s Administration since 2015, may have made life uncomfortable for the former oil minister associates  asAbuabakar Malami, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, SAN, and mister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation, AGF,  had gone after the former’s minister of Petroleum Resource proxies, including Kolawole Aluko, to arrest and prosecute them.

Given the Nigerian government’s impressions that the  three-floor building in the exclusive St. John Wood’s district  for the rich and favoured  by the North American country of the United States, US, Bankers , was said to have  been equipped  with eight car drive  way , two gardens electric gates and a gym, may have informed why  it has filed a case  this year   in response to the new anti- money  laundering  rules in the UK.   

Aluko, Nigerian Businessman Property Purchased In North London For $10.8 Million By Ambassador Seyi Tinubu

  Going by Channels Television  report, Aluko, and Seyi may have been exposed in the Property deal,  in January 2016, barely one  year of  Buhari’s assumption of office from Jonathan  and his anti-corruption agenda , which may have encouraged  the EFCC, to drag Jide Omokore  and two of his oil firms,  Atlantic Energy Brass Development   and Atlantic  Drillig Concepts  Limited to Court for alleged fraud  and money Laundering allegations  to the tune of  $1.6 million to Federal High Court, in Abuja, the Federal Capital, Territory, FCT.

.  The EFCC, going by the Channels report, as amplified by Bloomberg, had made false   presentations to the  Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, now baptized Nigerian National Petroleum Company Ltd, NNPCL, with the passage of the Petroleum Industry Bill, PIB, and signed into Law, in August 2020,  to obtain a  $1.6 million barrels of Crude oil for sale.

 The two  Omokore’s oil companies, according to Channel’s Television , may have compromised  some top officials of  Nigerian Petroleum Development Company, NPDC,  and the NNPC, to enter into  a ‘’strategic Alliance Agreement , SAA, with the government  for the alleged operation of four rich oil wells in the Niger Delta  region’’ which they did.

   There is no gain say the fact that officials of the Commission,  in the course of their investigation  into Aluko’s multi-million dollar property in North London , purchased by eyi, Tinubu’s son, may have discovered  that  contrary to Omokore’s claims that he has ‘’the expertise, professional skills  and funds to support the Petroleum operations of NPDC, in relation the four  oil wells, to win their hear, it was not  true.

 Omokore was said to have been working in connivance with Aluko, to ‘’siphon thousands of barrels of the country’s oil and sell same to third parties.  Aluko, the Nigerian  businessman partner to Omokore in the oil fraud may have seen that the case in Court with the EFCC may take  take  to jail  that he  was said to relocated abroad to escape EFCC’s personnel harassment. The former Oil mister’s  proxy,Omokore,  was said to have been acquitted by the trial judge in a Federal High Court ,  on February 7, 2023. 

Many fear feared that if  Seyi , the President-elect’s son could penetrate Omokore, Aluko, both  fronting for Diezani minister  Allinson -Madueke, the former Nigerian  Petroleum Resources minister , and could ourchase a multi-million  property  from, Aluko, and traced to embezzled funds, what would happen now that the father is in-charge of sharing  the resources of the country.

Nigerians worries had  become more  worried   over what is happening in the country as the elites are dipping the hand s into the till to steal and involved I oil theft  wiht impunity  The case of  Idris Ahmed, the Accountant General of the FederationAGF,  who was arrested by the anti-graft agency for  diversion of public  funds  and money lundering through real  estate’s investments in the ancient city of Kano  and he FCT,   to the tune of N80 billion speaks volume.

Officials of the anti-graft agency who  were said to have   verified  the fraud and  intelligence  showed that  ‘’the AGF,  raked of the funds , in investing in real estate , in choice Areas in Kano and the FCT,  through ‘’bogus  consultancies and other  illegal activities using proxies , family  members  and close associates’’.

Nigerians are watching to see how the former Lagos state governor would handle the alleged scandal that has broken out around his son,  owninga  10. 8 million, mansion  in North London.

Despite  the controversy surrounding  the President –elect’s son over the purchase of a multi-million dollar in the highly exclusive  area for the rich  in North  London, which remained  aclosedly guided secret  until bow,   Seyi, who could not hide his feelings had told those that cares  during the electioneering Campaigns , for the race to be Nigerian’s next President,  that the former Lagos state, governor, and the  President-elect   has a ‘’penchant  for discovering, nurturing,  and empowering talent’’, noting that he has  ‘’the experience ,tolerance andc apacity to turn   the fortunes of the nation  for the best’’.           

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