Transcorp Hotels Plc: Mrs. Olusola Joins Save The Children UK’s Africa Advisory Board

By Stephen Ubanna

Mrs. Dupe Olusola, Managing Director, Transcorp Hotels plc, appears to have oined the league of Mrs.  Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala,  and Akinwumi Adesina both former ministers of Finance and Coordinator of the Economy and Agriculture and Rural Development   during former President Goodluck Jonathan’s Administration  other industrious and hard working Nigerians to be given international appointments.

At present. Oknjo-Iweala, is the Director General of the World Trade Organisation, WTO, while Adesina is the President of the African Development Bank, AfDB, and an agency of the World Bank. Mrs-Olusola, the first female Managing Director of Transcorp Hotels plc  was said to have been  appointed into Save the Children United Kingdom Africa’s advisory Board to bring into practice her leadership acumen, strategic development and engagement initiatives into the organisation to further strengthen its operations.

Many believe that with her background in turning businesses around, transformation of investments of Small and Medium Enterprises, SMEs, she has continued to make herself relevant in all markets, in  both Local and international circles. Financial analysts believe that she will still distinguish herself in the Save the Children, UK, Africa Advisory Board, as she has  done  in Transcorp Hotels plc, in Nigeria, the most populous country in the African Continent in the last one year.

Trnscorp Hilton, Aabuja

 There is no gain saying the fact that under leadership, Transcorps Hotels plc, has achieved   impressive milestones and contributed significantly to the parent company, Trancorp Group, purpose of improving lives  and transforming the African Continent in the area of Hospitality, according to analysts.

. Industry watchers believe that her commitment ‘’to excellence   and passion for transformative change’’ philosophy aligns perfectly with the UK, Save the children ‘’ core values and objectives’’, which qualifies her to be in the AVE the Children  UK  Africa   Advisory Board. This is to ensure that she brings ‘’her expertise and deep insights’’ into the Organisation  that will help make sustainable impact  for children across the African Continent.

In apparent reaction to the unexpected appointment, Mrs. Olusola, the  Transcorp Hotels plc, Chief Executive Officer, CEO, who could not hide her feelings  had said ‘’ I am honoured  to join the Save Children  UK Africa, Advisory Board’’. She is even more enthused that joining the Board will go a long way to help the African Continent   which child population  is expected will reach  one billion  level by 2055, according to the United Nations Children Education Fund, UNICEF.

The UNICEF, officials were emphatic that by the 2055, the African Continent child population will be among the largest  in the world , hence investing  in the children will be morally imperative  and strategic for the future of the Continent.

Giving an inside information , the newest member of the Save the children UK,  AfricaAdvisory Board,  Mrs. Olusola, had said that the African children would be gin equal opportunity with other children from other parts of the world   to thrive, describing the organization as a ‘’game changer  for  development of the Continent’’.  

 Mrs. Olusola, who believes that every child ‘’deserves  early access to health facilities, education and portable drinking water, as well as  other goods and services’’  that can  maximize  a child’s  opportunities  as an adult ‘’ to end the cycle of poverty’’, is optimistic that it will be achieved.

An elated Transcorp Hotels plc, CEO, had said  that the Save the Children UK Africa Advisory Board  has a big task at hands , stressing ‘’I  look forward  ‘’to working  alongside with  such a dedicated team  to drive sustainable  ad impactful change  for our Children ‘’. 

A source told the Value News online Magazine that the Save the Children UK Africa Advisory Board, described as the world’s leading independent organisation for children, dedicated to ensuring that every child has the opportunity to thrive.

. The source disclosed that with the Organisation presence in over 100 member countries of the UN, it will be able to provide access to quality education, healthcare, protection to the children from harm and emergency response services to the children.

As a multiple award-winning CEO, of Transcorp Hotels plc,  Mrs. Olusola, who has been at helms of  affairs  of the over  one trillion naira   Hospitality company  quoted in the Nigeria Sock Exchange, NSE,  in the last one year,  was named  2023,  of the year  by the seven  stars  luxury   hospitality  and lifestyle  awards of  the Nigerian  Leadership Publication Leadership Newspaper.

 Until, the Transcorp Hotels plc, CEO, appointment into the Save the children UK Africa Advisory Board,   she was a member of  the Africa Hospitality  Investment  and a member of  the Board of Directors of , United Capital, Microfinance Bank. Vintage Mrs. Olusola.             

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