Customs: Ali Promises “Credible Recruitment process”

By Elizabeth Chukwuma

Aware of the criticisms  that had trailed recruitment exercise  into the Nigerian Customs Service, NCS,  over the years,  Hameed Ali, a retired Army Colonel and the Customs  Comptroller General has promised to ‘’preside over   a  recruitment process  in the Service  that will be credible, transparent  and smooth from the beginning to the end’’. Take for instance the 2009 recruitment process conducted by Abdullahi Dikko, a former Customs  Comptroller General which was said to have dragged on to 2015 in order to satisfy various interests, particular, the National Assembly members .

 The Value  news learnt that after the 2009 official recruitment approved by then Presidnt Goodluck Jonathan , there  other secret recruitment exercises  conducted in 2011, 2012 and 2015, for alleged Candidates of the National Assembly members, top government officials  both at the state and Federal level . Top Customs officials were said to have  seen  it as an opportunity to slot in their own Candidates, who made the list.  Ali, the retired  Army  Colonel  Customs Comptroller General may be difficult  to  manipulate by the  Lawmakers

 He  may have been  forced to speak outabout the planned recruitment in the service  because of the several  attempts by internet fraudsters to hack  into  the  Customs system  last year. An unhappy Customs Comptroller General had expressed  his  dismay over the attitude of  the internet fraudsters to discredit his efforts and reputation  which he had gained over the years as a Career military officer who has held several   key military positions and also served as a for Military Administrator in Kaduna state.

The Customs Comptroller General  was said to have assured  the  Candidates  who had applied for placement in the Service last year   that there is nothing  to worry about  as it is going to a  level playing field  for all.  Joseph Atta, a Deputy Comptroller and Customs Spokesperson  may have spoken the mind of the Customs Comptroller General when he warned  Candidates who  are so  desperate to get the  job to be careful to avoid playing into the hand   of  dupers .

‘’NCS  recruitment  process requires  no monetary payment ‘’, he had said.  Appealing to the Candidates  to ignore any such request   from any quarter  described as ‘’ fraudulent’’ ,he stated that  those shortlisted  would be contacted  through their email addresses  and telephone numbers.  He is right.

Given an insider information, Atta disclosed that  828,333 Candidates had applied for the Customs job, but noted that ‘’after  a painstaking shortlisting  process , a total of 62,399 scaled the hurdle.  There are indications that the shortlisted Candidates   have  been notified.  This is evident  going by the Customs Spokesperson recent  Statement that ‘’all those  notified  will do their aptitude  tests  at a date  and center  indicated  in their respective  notification  slips, they are expected  to print from their email account’’.

The seriousness  attached to the recruitment  process by the Customs Comptroller General to ensure credibility, may hve informed why the Customs Spokesperson  have advised the shortlisted Candidates  coming to their various  centers for the aptitude tests to endeavor  come along  with their notification slips and identity card.

Advising them  to put up  their best  behaviour and ensure they comply   with all instructions during the aptitude tests, he stated that anything contrary would lead to disqualification . He disclosed that the guideline for the shortlisted  Candidates  coming for the aptitude tests had   already been sent to them .   This should gladden the  heart of the Candidates who may have been shortlisted but fear that they may not  make it because they have nobody  either at the National Assembly o or the  Customs Management to speak for them.  The Comptroller General’s  Statement which was recently released the Customs Spokesperson may have  have emboldened  the Candidates who believe they have no  put in a word for them  in the system  to be optimistic that they could make it.

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