Customs Promotion : The Face Of A Happy Seme Comptroller

By Elizabeth Chukwuma

 Muhammed Uba Garba, Comptroller , Seme Command , is a happy man. Muhammed  source of happiness was the fact  that the Command  alone , had  produced three , out of the 30  Deputy Comptrollers that were  promoted to Comptrollers  in the  recently released Customs promotion List. The Seme Customs Comptroller joy knows no bounds as  he was said to have left  Seme Border Community on Monday , November  24, 2019, in order, in order to participate in the decoration of the newly promoted  Comptrollers at the Zonal office by  Kaycee Ekezie,  an Assistant Comptroller General in-charge of  Customs Lagos, Zonal Command.

Many believe the three Deputy Comptrollers from the Command: Jibo. B.M, Ndarni.JD and  Bello.A, may have made it to the Comptroller’s rank because of the encouragement given to them  to always  see themselves as Comptrollers and therefore should be ready to take responsibility, in his absence on official assignment  outside the  Border Community.

 The Value News learnt that on several occasions he has given opportunity  to one   or two of the Deputy Comptrollers, particular,  Ndarani, who was at  at one time the 2’IC, to the Comptroller, in his Capacity , as the then DC, o Administration of the Command, and Jibo  this  time   around, to act  for him  whenever he was away  either on leave or on official engagement  at  Abuja or outside the country. This may have prepared the mind of the officers to see themselves as Comptrollers and to work towards achieving it.

 Last  Monday, the three new Comptrollers , were together in Ndarni’s office which was Opposite the Comptroller’s office. They may not have participated fully in receiving the four ministers and Babagana Munguno, a retired Major General and national Security Adviser, NSA, who were at the Border to Consult and assess the BorDerills.

 They had left the Area  Comptroller to attend to the August visitors alone as they were together gisting and cracking jokes about their new rank.  One of the Comptrollers   was said  to have cracked  a joke when their former boss entered the Ndarni office and  made a remark. Ndarni was said to have responded , ‘’ Sir, your shoes are took big to wear.

 Eyewitness account disclosed that  Muhammed could not  hide his feelings as three of  his officers were decorated as Comptrollers as he posed with each of  them for Group photographs. There are indications that the  Command  has planned a befitting send –off for the outgoing   new Comptrollers because of their contribution to the  enhanced revenue collection of the Command in the last one year as all areas of revenue leak in the past were blocked.

DC. Ahmadu Shuaibu Being Decorated At Customs Zonal Office, PH.

 The  new Comptrollers, while still  wearing the  rank of Deputy Comptrollers  and as  Heads of Units, which qualifies them to be members of the Command Management Team were said to said to have a  contributed meaningfully to the  Seme Customs Comptroller insistence  on enforcing the International Law on transit cargoes b and  the Economic Community of West African States, Trade Liberalisation Scheme,ETL. The people  had  tried to break into the ranks of the customs and even resorted to blackmail to ensure that Muhammed would not go ahead  with the enforcement of the  International Law on Transit cargoes  but  Jibo and the other Deputy Comptroller, who now Comptrollers ,  were said to have  stood  behind the Area Comptroller to ensure the plan worked out.

  At present all Nigeria bound transit Containerised cargoes by the receiving country , particular,  Republic of Benin, are escorted to the  to the Joint Border where it is handed over to the N Nigerian Customs  Personnel at the Border before been trans loaded into the truck.

This may have informed why the Seme Customs  boss  was everywhere at the Zonal Headquarters  when  the three Comptrollers produced by the Command were being decorated because of their good working relationship over the last one year. ‘’They may have gone  but they would never be missed’’ an officer remarked.

While  Comptroller Muhammed  is celebrating the Comptrollers and other senior officers  promoted from Seme Command,  Olusemire, Kayode , his Counterpart at FOU, Zone C,  join the   ACG , in-charge of NCS,  Zone C, to decorate  DC, Ahmadu Shuaibu. It was a happy moment for Shuaibu, who thanked the Customs Comptroller for all the support given to him to excel among his contemporaries.

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