Britain And Other Commonwealth Member Nations Mourn Death Of Queen Elizabeth II, World Leaders Pay Tribute

 By Stephen Ubanna

Barely two days after Queen II, appointed 47 year-old Liz Truss, who was elected the Leader of the British ruling Conservative Party on Monday, September 5, 2022, as the British Prime Minister and first Lord of the Treasury, following the resignation of Boris Johnson, she passed on.

 Recall that Truss had traveled to Balmoral Castle, in Scotland on Tuesday, September 6, 2022, to have her first meeting   with the Monarch as the new British Prime Minister. She was said to have told the 96 year- old  late British Monarch after the approval given to her to form the next government  of her plan ‘’to take Britain out of the storm  of economic crisis’’ ,pledging  immediate action ‘’ to tackle  a set of challenges  of soaring  energy bills, looming recessions  and industrial strife’’.

Ms Truss: British PM, Had A meeting With Queen EElizabeth II, Before Her Death

 The British prime minister, was said to have stated her three priorities: Tax cuts to boost the country’s economy, helping with rising energy costs and sorting out the state National Health Service.  Unknown to her that was to be her first and last handshake and meeting with the long serving queen since coming to power on Tuesday, September 6, 2022.

Johnson, the immediate British Prime Minister was said to have also travelled to Scotland same day for a formal farewell from the 61st Monarch of the Commonwealth which her Majesty was said to have graciously accepted. Johnson was said to have alluded at the meeting with the queen that his government had got Brexit done and delivered the fastest vaccine fallout in Europe and that his policies had given the United Kingdom, UK, the economic strength to help Weather the country’s energy crisis.   He may not have known like Truss, his successor, that the meeting with the queen would be the last.

Johnson: Former British PM, Had A Farewell Meeting With Queen Elizabeth II, Before Her Demise

On Thursday, September 8, 2022, she passed on. In announcing he death of the longest serving British Monarch, the Burkinham Palace reported that the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II had died at the age of 96.  The Burkingham Palace in a Statement had said that ‘the 96 year-old Queen Elizabeth II died peacefully at Balmoral Castle, Scotland, Which was outside London’’.

 Note that the Late Queen Elizabeth II,  final public appearance before her death  was during  the Platinum Jubilee celebration  in June  , 2022,  as the monarch   had left  behind  70 years  on the British exalted throne. Until her death on Thursday, September 8, 2022, Palace officials had the queen was under ‘’medical supervision’’ at Balmoral estate in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, where members of the royal family had rushed to her side after her health took a turn for the worse.

The unexpected death of the queen, popularly called as ‘’the rock on which modern Britain was built’’ may have devastated Truss, the new British Prime minister, who was just appointed by her to form the next government. A visibly shaken Truss, who is yet to recover from the shock had described her death as a big loss to the nation and to the world’’.

As a mark of great respect for the late queen Elizabeth II, the country’s Union Jack Flag atop the Prime minister’s Downing street residence was lowered to half- mast . Ms. Truss, the British Prime minister who could not hide her feelings had said that  the impact of her  death  will be ‘’huge and unpredictable’’  both for the nation and the monarchy , institution she was said to have helped to stabilize  and modernize  across  seven decades   of huge social  change  and family scandals as  her name  defines an age: the modern Elizabethan era.

Prince Charles III: Takes Over As King As Mother, Queen Elizabeth II, the Breathes Her Last

Prince Charles III, who had succeeded Queen Elizabeth  11, who incidentally was the mother  had said that ‘’she made sacrifices for duty, noting that  she had kept to her promise  on her twenty- first  birthday  ‘’to devote  her life , whether it be short or long , to the service  of  the UK and other Commonwealth member nations across the world   where she  was  Head of state. Prince Charles II, had said that that his mother as Queen, ‘’served the people of many nations’’.

 There is no gain saying the fact that the death of the British longest serving monarch have thrown the world into deep mourning as world Leaders including Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari pay tribute to the late British monarch. The Kastina state born Nigerian President had said he received with immense sadness the news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II of the UK. The Nigerian President who had commiserated with the royal British family had said that her late majesty was the only British sovereign known to over 90 percent Nigerian population.

President Buhari: Joins Other World Leaders To Pay Tribute To Late Queen Elizabeth II

Buhari had aid that ‘’the story of modern  Nigeria will ever be complete  without  a chapter  on Queen Elizabeth  II,  a towering global  personality  and outstanding Leader’’, who was said to have dedicated her life  to making her nation , the Commonwealth  and the entire  world a better place to live’’.

 Recall that she had visited Nigeria   on October 1, 1963, as the country which had become a sovereign state on October 1, 1960, practiced monarchical system of government where an individual who achieves his or position through heredity functions as the head of state. It was not surprising why she was the queen of England as well as Nigeria. She was said to have maintained a friendly relationship with the African most populous nation until her death on Thursday, September 8, 2022.

Joe Biden, the North American country of the United States, US, in his tribute to the late British Queen had described her as being ‘’more than  a monarch’’, stating that ‘’she defined an era’’.  He noted that in a world of change Queen  Elizabeth  II  had been  ‘’a steadying presence, a source of comfort and  pride of generations of Britons, including   many  who have  never known their country without her’’.

Bifen: US President Says Late Queen Elizabeth II Was A Statesman Of Unmatched Dignity

The US President was said to have also noted that the Queen being ‘’a statesman of unmatched dignity and constancy’’ had ‘’endured ‘’ dangers of deprivation s of world war alongside the British people and had allied them during the devastation of a global pandemic to look to better days ahead’’.

Emmanuel Macron, France’s President in his tribute was said to have painted a simple picture of the late Queen Elizabeth II on his Twitter account.  President Macron had said that Queen Elizabeth II, ‘’embodied the British nation’s continuity and unity for over 70 years’’.

He may have gladdened the heart of the British people when he said: I remember her as a friend of France, a kin-hearted Queen who has left a long- lasting impression on her country and her century. Macron may have shocked the world when he revealed ‘’no foreign sovereign  has climbed  the stairs  of the Elysee Palace  more Queen Elizabeth II,, who had honoured France  with six state visits and met each of its six Presidents. He averred that ‘’the Queen of sixteen kingdoms loves France and France loved her back’’.

Putin: Extends Condolences price Charles III Over Death Of Mother, Queen Elizabeth II

Vladimi Putin,  President of Russian Federation, who had declared a special military operation against neighbouring Ukraine,  which was opposed by Johnson, former British Prime minister who has the backing of the late Queen  was said to have also extended his  condolences  to  King Charles III,  for the ‘’irreparable  loss of his mother, saying  that she had  ‘’rightfully  enjoyed the Love  and respects of the British people and the Commonwealth member nations as well as Authority at the world stage’’.

‘’I wish you courage and resilience in the face of this difficult, irreparable loss’’, he had told King Charles III III.  President XI Jinping of People’s Republic of China, representing the Chinese government and the Chinese people had said in his condolence message to the royal family and people of Great Britain and the  government,  ha expressed his sincere sympathies to them’’ in a Statement.

Michael D.Higgins, Ireland’s President had described the late British monarch as ‘’a remarkable friend of Ireland’’, in his condolence message to the royal family, the British government and the people of Great Britain on the death of the second longest serving British Queen

. He noted that late Queen Elizabeth II, had ‘’served the British people with exceptional dignity’’ stressing that ‘’her personal commitmen to her role as a titular Head of state and extraordinary sense of duty were the hallmarks of her period as British Queen’’, which hold a unique place in the country’s history.

Justin Trudeau, Canada Prime minister, who could not his feelings had called the late Queen Elizabeth II, ‘’a constant presence in our lives’’ .He had said that his compatriots would always ‘’remember and cherish  the late British Queen ‘s wisdom, compassion and warmth’’. The Asia country of India Prime  minister, Narendra  Modi,  had said that late Queen Elizabeth II,  would be rembered  as ‘’a stalwart  of our times’’ who had personified dignity and decency in public life.

Other world Leaders who were said to have expressed their condolence to the royal family, the British government of the people of Great Britain were  Sheikh Hasina of Bangdesh,  Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Trukey,  and Jacinda Ardern  of New Zealand including  Antonio Guterres, Secretarry General,, United Natios. UN . Also,  PresidentsV olodymyr Zelenski of Ukraine and Ursula Vonder Leyen, Head of the European Commission, EU, and Cyril Ramaphosa, South African President and  Chairman of African Union, AU,   who were said to have been saddened by the British Queen’s death last Thursday, had said that  her 70 years  on the throne remains ‘’ a noble and virtuous example’’.

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