Fear Of WWIII, As Putin Insists That Confrontation With NATO,Is Inevitable Over Ukraine Crisis

 By Lateef Adeegbite

 Between 1992 and now, past and present Leadership of Russia Federation have watched over the North American country of the United States, US, and other  leading member countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, NATO, advancing to take over  Eastern Europe.

 The Russian  government  may have become unsettled since the end of the cold war between the USSR and the US,  when seven Eastern European countries joined NATO,  at the instance , of Late George Bush , a one-time American President in the early ‘20s at a well publicised ceremony in Washing DC to make mockery of  the Kremilin.

They were Bulgaria,Romania,Slovakia, Slovenia and three other former Republics of  the old Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, USSR, which included Estonia,Latvia and Lithuania. But NATO has its agenda. In 2008, it had announced  that it  may consider  membership of Ukraine, another soviet  Republic , where the old USSR , had its Nuclear war heads, that had been  under the control  of Russia Federation, by the United Nations, UN, during the sharing of its Assets and Liabilities between the 15 Republics  which Putin did not find funny.

 The  NATO, Leadership  may have  seen ‘’little  prospect  of this  coming about   any time  soon’’ when 70 year-old  Vladimir Putin, who had served  15 years as a Foreign Intelligence Officer for the  KGB,  and also as a member of the Committee for State Security, emerged in Russia corridor of power in the late ‘.90s.

 Putin may have ha at the back of his mind stories of   how the US, had  raised $400 million in military and economic  aid  for the European countries of Greece and Turkey  in the late ‘40s at the end of the  World War II, to free the two European  countries being   threatened   by Russian backed Communists.

The Russian President who may have  read  some  Intelligence and security reports  on the incident at the Island of Cuba, where the US,  had maintained  the closest Surveillance  of the old Soviet military build  in the Island . The argument of Late John. F. Kennedy, the then US, President, in 1962, in a televised message to the  people was that that allowing the offensive  missile to be installed on the Cuban Island site at the instance of late Fidel Castro, the then Cuban President , it would be easy for the the defunct Soviet Union, to Launch Nuclear Strikes against the Western Hemisphere.

This may have  informed why the Soviet former KGB , Chief , and now President of Russian Federation, had put a close tab on NATO, from paving the way for  Ukraine , to join the Organisation. The aggrieved Russian President may have been encouraged to start massing troops  on Ukraine borders border late 2021, due to the flurry of activities.

Putin Roll Tanks Against Ukraine To Contain NATO Expansion

In announcing ‘’the special military Operations’’  against Ukraine, on the heels  of the Kremlin decision to recognise  the Donetsk  People’s and Luthansk People’s Republics,  on February 21, 2022,  and the signing of mutual cooperation and agreements between Russian and the two breakaway regions, Putin had said that the attack on Ukraine  became necessary  because of what is happening  in ‘’the Donbas  and the key issue of securing Russian security’’.

 According to him, what had caused ‘’the government  much concern that had led to the attack  on Ukraine   was ‘’the Fundamental threats  against  Russia year after year, step by step,  by those, he had described as ‘’irresponsible  politicians in the West who had  offensively and unceremoniously  embarked on  the expansion of NATO Operations  to Eastern Europe  by moving ‘’its military infrastructure  closer to Russian borders’’.

President Biden: Sustains Past US Foreign Policy For NATO Expansion, To Eastern Europe, Targets Ukraine

An agitated Putin had said that between 1992 and now, Russian  government had tried ‘’to reach  a working agreement  with the US, United Kingdom, UK,  and other leading  NATO member countries  on  the‘’principles  of equal and inviolable security in Europe but had constantly’’ faced  deception, lies, attempts to pressure  and blackmail’’.

The Russian strong man , who could not hide his feelings  had said that despite all protests  and concerns expressed by the Kremlin ,NATO had continued’ ‘to steadily expand’’, by moving  their war machine  close to Russian  borders and which must be stopped.

He had cited  the bloody  military Operation of NATO  against Belgrade , using fighter  aircrafts  and offensive  missiles in the center of Europe  without any approval from  the United Nations, UN, Security Council. He had revealed that NATO carried out several weeks of continuous bombing of cities and Critical Infrastructure in the country but the UN failed to speak out.

 An aggrieved Russian President was said to have also given  instance of  the use of military  force  by   NATO   to attack  Iraq, Libya and Syria, leading to the complete destruction of the countries, which has become  a major’’ hotbed  of international terrorism. A humanitarian catastrophe and evil war that has not ended to this day’’ .He had  said   that all the promises that were made to the   to Russia government   by the NATO Leadership  not ‘’to expand  even an inch  t east Europe were never kept.

He admitted  that even after the collapse  of the USSR and the loss of  a significant  of capacity,  Russian still remains  one of the most ‘’powerful  Nuclear powers  in the world  and possesses  certain advantages  in  some of the newest  types of weaponry’’.  This may have informed why he had sad that any attack by NATO on Russia will lead ‘’to defeat and horrible consequences’’.

Putin May Deploy Nuclear WarHeads If NATO Dare Enter The Ukraine War To Contain Russia

Already , he has made it clear to the US and its allies  that their so called’’ policy  of Containment of Russian’’ that was  similar to Truman Doctrine of 1947 to contain Communism in Western Europe  would not work, stressing that ‘’ it has become a matter  of life and death for Russians  to defend their territory  and historical future as a people’’. He had repeatedly said that NATO, has crossed ‘’the red line and will pay for it’’.

Given the Russian Special military Operation in Ukraine, Putin appears to have prepared the minds of Russians and its allies in the east that the clash with NATO Forces is inevitable, which military analysts had said  may lead to the WWIII.

In spite of the fact that west  have acquired  Nuclear weapons , Putin may have sent a message  to the US and its western allies  that they will not allow Russian to be used as a testing ground for their weaponry. ‘’ It will never happen’’, Putin maintains.

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