Insecurity: Banditry And Terrorist Groups Facing Tougher Times

Suleiman Umaru

This is not the best of times for Commanders and fightersof the Banditry Group in the north western states of Zamfara, Sokoto , Kaduna, Katsina, home state of President Muhammadu Buhari,  and Niger, home state of General Ibrhim Babangida, a former Nigerian President and  including Borno and Yobe states, in the north eastern geopolitical region, ,  which is still under the siege  of the Islamic Fundamentalist Group, BokoHaram and the Islamic State of West African Province, ISWAP.  

Barely six months to the end of the Katsina state born Nigerian President  second term in office, the military which had intensified efforts to curb banditry and terrorism , across the country, appears to be dealing  ruthlessly with the criminal elements which have somewhat weakened the Groups.

.Only recently, the army which had laid an ambush in a forest at the Gengere-Kaso general area, around the Chikun and Kajuru boundaries, in Kaduna state, had killed one Dogo Maikasuwa, popular, Dogo Maimillion, described as one of the notorious Commanders of the Bandits Group.

Maikasuwa, was said to have led several attacks and involved in several kidnapping attempts along the Kaduna –Kachia road and in Communities within Chikun and Kajuru, Local Government Areas, and taking his victims to their forest base to ask for ransom which runs into millions of naira.

The Bandits Group notorious Commander in launching his several attacks in different parts of Kaduna until he met his untimely death in the hands of the Troops, in the state, was said to have always ‘’dressed in green camouflage military fatigues and wielding his AK 47 rifle’’ to disguise himself.

An eyewitness account had said that such was his appearance during the recent fierce encounter with the Troops in the north western state that caught shot his life. The bad side of the deceased Bandits Group Commander was that he usually led his gang to engage  in operations with ‘’cruelty and often  killing kidnapped victims   when payment of ransoms demanded  were delayed or the deal  agreed  was considered to be small  by hardliners in the  gang.    

The Troops were aid to have recovered  one AK.47 rifle, one Magazine, five rounds of ammunition , two motorcycles, takes him around for operations and one set of military camouflage fatigues, from the routed Maikasuwa  gang

 Some of the gang members, who could not stand the superior fire power of the soldiers were said to have escaped with bullet wounds into their forest hideouts while some may have died from injuries sustained in the fierce gun battle. The Nigeria military may have made a mockery of the Bandits Group Commander, by taking his remains to to teir Kaduna Operational Base but they had allowed the fleeing bandits to carry his remains away to their forest hideout.

Samuel Aruwan, the state Commissioner for Internal security, and Home Affairs, had aid that the death of Maikasuwa, the Bandits Group Commander, marked the beginning of the collapse of the Group operations in the state.

Maj Gen.Lagbaja: GOC, 1Divisison, Kaduna

Recall that over the last couple of months, the Bandits Group, had found it difficult to strike at any Kaduna in the north western state of Kaduna, because Major General Tarreed  Lagbaja, the General Officer Commanding, GOC, I Division, Kaduna, who was aid to have  deployed Infantry soldiers, everywhere in the state, who are moving towards in the forests to smoke out the criminal elements.

 Dogo Maikasuwa and his gang members, may not have read the handwriting on the wall that the times have changed where they could easily come out from the forest, attack a community, kill, kidnap and go.

Also, the Bandits Group gang Leader at Kankomi village, in Chikun Local government Area, who may have attempted to do what Maikasawa has been doing in Kaduna state over the years, on Sunday, November 13, 2022, tried to infiltrate the ranks of the soldiers, but were repelled  as two of the fleeing bandits  were netralised while some were said to have escaped with gun shots like the loyalists of the deceased Commander, Maimillion.

Nototorious Dogo, BokoHaram Command And His Fighters

Aruman, the Kaduna state Commissioner for Internal Security and Home Affairs,  had reconfirmed that the Bandits Group, gang, had attempted  ‘’to infiltrate  the location housing the  troops but the Troops who were said to have been on the red alert  in response   had engaged them  in a fierce gun duel  which was  said to have lasted  for about an hour, with the Bandits losing one of their AK 47 ,rifle, seven AK Magazines, seven rounds of ammunition and five locally made  grenades to the Nigeria troops, who were said to haven armed to the teeth.

Just as Dogo Maikasuwa, the BokoHaram Commander was killed in a green military camouflage fatigue, one of the fleeing Banditry Group fighters in Kankomi village last Sunday was said to have been shot down   wearing military  camouflage  combat gear.

Given the determination of Troops of I Division in Kaduna to rid the state of Banditry,  Troops of Operation  Forest Security,  were said  ‘’to have conducted  clearance  patrols  along  the Gagwalada –Chikun –Sakin Pawa axis , stretching  from Chikun LGA, to nearby interstate boundary areas’’.  

  The impressive performance of the troops waging war against the Bandits Group in the north western geopolitical region and the insurgency Groups operating from the Lake Chad Basin in Borno state and extending their operations to Yobe, may have given Lt. General Yahaya Farouk, the Chief of Army Staff, CoAS, the Confidence, that the days of the criminal elements are numbered.

The Army Chief had assured  Nigerians  that the Army under his leadership,  ‘’will not fail Nigerians  in ‘’delivering on its  Constitutional mandate  to defend  the sovereignty  and its territorial integrity   as well as provide support  to the civil Authority  in mitigating  threats  to national security’’.

Speaking on Friday,  November 11, 2022, at  Kontagora, Niger state,  at the fire  power demonstration  phase  of exercise, tagged  MUGUN BUGU, he noted that  ‘’the exercise was the first of its kind where  all combatant arms of the Army come together  for a final joint training exercise  before going out for operations in any location where the Bandits or terrorist are giving trouble’’. The CoAS, had said that the training is key ‘’to professionalism’’, which is one of the pillars,  of his philosophy of Command.

He noted that through such trainings, Troops  could be able intrnalise , practice  and perfect  the employment of skills  and competencies along  with requisite  equipment , communication  and other enablers for the effective  conduct of operations and discharge  of its Constitutional mandate.

Lt. General Yahaya, who could not hide his feelings had said that the combined  exercise  would ensure  effective  and result-oriented  training  that  would incorporate  multi-modal  training activities aimed  at tackling contemporary security  challenges, as well as eclipsing   threats that  may arise  in any part of the country in the future.

Appealing to the soldiers to put the lesson  s learnt in the joint exercise into practice in their respective formations  and units across the country, he noted that  ‘’it is the only way to clip the wings of the Bandits and terrorists giving the country troubles in the north western, north central and and north eastern geopolitical regions.     

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