Kano: Gandunje And Sanusi Unending Battle For Supremacy

By Suleiman Umaru

 The battle for Supremacy between Abdullahi Gandunje, the governor of Kano state and Sanusi Lamido Sanusi ,Ii, a former governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN and now the Emir of Kano , who incidentally is a Cheveni Scholar, which put him  above all his Contemporaries, is far from being over.  

 Ganduje may have reopened the  old wound  to undermine the Authority of Sanusi II,i, in hosting the yearly  Durba . The religious  Sallah festival  was usually organised    during  eid el Kabir and eid el Fitri  festival  celebrations.

Going by the  tradition over the  last two centuries, it , it begins with prayers, which must be attended by who is who in  the old Kano Emirate  instate including the governor and other prominent  top government officials. Gandunje, the state governor,  was said to have attended the eid el Kabir  prayer at the Kofar  Mata Central Eid  ground Last Tusday  which was led  by the Kano Monarch, according to tradition. The governor may have shocked many people in the state when he showed up at the  prayer ground  as he was the least person expected   because  the feud  between  the duo over the last one year .

The Emir may have used the opportunity provided by the  Eid el Kabir prayer to  ‘’call on Nigerians  to continue to  leave in peace  with one another so as to foster peace , love and unity in the country’’  The people of the state and the governor were said to have listened attentively to  his message  after the prayers  when he  enjoined people of all shades of political opinion and religious inclination to promote peaceful Co-existence to ensure  economic growth  and development of the country.  

Many believe that the  governor may have attended the  eid el Kabir, prayers, to give the Kano Monarch the impression that he has nothing against him.  But unknown to them  the  governor , who has the ears, of president Muhammadu Buhari,  was waiting for an opportunity to  get back  at the revered Monarch. The opportunity came with the  Durba Parade , after the  Prayers.

Perhaps to remove the glamour of the Sallah religious festival   from  the  Kano  Emirate, he was  said  to have ordered the District Heads  who ought to have  relocated to Kano Emirate Council to pay their allegiance to the Kano Monarch to  join their First Class Chief in their respective  Emirates to celebrate the Durba.

Sanusi, Emir Of Kano On Durba Parade

The governor  who may not have hidden  his dislike for Sanusi, the Emir of Kano , was said to have ordered  the Districts, who make the occasion look  glamourous not leave their Emirate Council to honour  any  invitation that may be  extended to them by the Kano Monarch   going  by  the tradition  to attend the  Hawan Daushe  in his Palace.  The governor , who may not have forgiven the Monarch, for allegedly  opposing his  re-election  bid, , according to  sources may have been instrumental for Abba  Anwar, the Chief Press Secretary , CPS, Statement  that  the district Heads   must shun  the Kano Emir annual  Sallah Durba.

 In a Statement that was said to have been   isued by the CPS, the governor had directed  the District Heads of  from  Bichi, Rano, , Karaye and Gaya Emirate Councils,  to attend the Sallah religious festival   with their respective first Class Emirs. The governor’s involvement in a purely traditional matter  to further  whittle down the Authority of Sanusi over  the newly installed Emirs from  the four  additional  Emirate Council created in the state , political analysts said  was  a big blow to the Monarch

Political watchers believe that he  had expected to use the opportunity provided by the  Sallah Durba to reach out  to the Gandunje installed  Emirs Aminu Ado Bayero  of Bichi Emirate  Council,  Tafida Abubakar ,  Rano Emirate,  Ibrahim Abubakar II,  Karaye and Ibrahim  Abdulkadir  of Gaya Emirate  and their Districts Head in order  to resolve their  perceived   differences for peace to reign in the state  traditional institution.

His hopes of reaching out to the  other  new Emirs and their Districts Head  at the   Kano Emirate Council  Sallah Durba  may have been dashed  as most  of  the districts Head from the new  Emirates were said to have   bowed pressure from  tGandunje  to join ranks  with their respective First Class Emirs to hold  Hawan Daushe  in their respective Emirates to give opportunity to their  people  to troop  out in their thousands to watch their Emir  and District Heads , participate in the Sallah religious festival . This may have worked out as  Bichi, Rano, Karaye  and Gaya   played host to thousands of  people  who had showed up to watch their  Emirs participate in the Durba parade.

The governor may have had the feelings that he had  dealt   a devastating blow  on Sanusi , the Emir of Kano, that would force him to show remorse over his past actions and to be welcome back to  the fold of the governor’s  friends in the state, he got it wrong.

 Eyewitness account, disclosed that absence of  most of the Districts Head of  Bichi, Rano, Karaye and Gaye at the Kano Emirate event at the instance of the governor  was not noticeable   as Durba Parade involving the Emir was said to have attracted the usual Crowd from all walks of life.  The police, a source confirmed had a difficult time Crowd who were  struggling to catch a glimpse  of the Sanusi and his District Heas  embark on the Horse ride .  

Insiders  informed The Value News that in spite of the governor’s efforts to  force the District Heads of the  new Emirates  to shun Sanusi’s invitation to participate in the Hawan Daushe  in his Emirate Council, , some of them still found their  way to Kano Pologround to participate in it because of their allegiance  to him.

  , There are indications that the renegade Districts Head who  failed to  comply with the governor’s order to stay within their Emirate Council  to join rank ranks  with their First Class Emirs may not have owed any loyalty  to them because of the circumstances that led  to the creation off the Emirates and their appointmnts. 

The refusal of some of  the  District Heads  in the  four new Emirate Councils to celebrate the Sallah religious festival with their first Class Emirs may have sent a signal to the governor that he has a lot of job to do to calm frayed nerves in the state to avoid a  repeat next year.

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