Mrs. Eyitayo, Now ICA, President

By Suleman Umaru

Not many people were surprised when Comfort Olajumoke Eyitato, emerged victorious as the 57th, President of the Chartered Institute of Chartered Accountants in their recent election. This is because she had the backing of Usman Kankara Bello, the Kanwan Katsina, capital, of the home state of President Muhammadu Buhari, a retired Army General.

Bello, a retired Comptroller of the Nigerian Customs Service and the district Head of Ketare, in Kankara Local government area of the state was said to have used his privileged position to mobilise support for Mrs Eyitayo. A document made available to The Value News confirmed that the Kanwan Katsina played a key role in the process of her emergency  as the ICA new President.

Bello: Kanwan Katsina

The Monarch may have said that much in a Congratulatory message sent to her on behalf of the people of the Ketare district. It is instructive to note that ICA, is the apex Accounting Professional body that has the mandate to give Certificate of Chartered Accountants to qualified Accounts who have passed all the various courses that qualify them for the position in Nigeria.

 The body has been dominated over the years by the male folk but Mrs. Eyitayo, with the support of the district Head of Ketare, who may have seen the leadership quality in her, had mobilised all his contacts to support her.

Until her emergence as the ICA, President, she was said to have served the Institute, invarous capacities in the past both as a Vice President, where she may hay have acquired the experience that had prepared for the new position.

The Kanwan Katsina, who could not hide her feelings over her election as the new ICA, President  was forced to speak out ’I am proud  of her great accomplishment’ and will continue  to pray for her success in her new position  from the Royal throne.

UK.Bello, who has been playing a key role in Kankara Local government Area, particular, Ketare district, ever since, he retired from the NCS, is an Alumni of the National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies where he had bagged the mni award.      

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