‘’Russia Would Achieve Its Goal In Ukraine’’ –  Putin

By Lateef Adegbite

Vladimir Putin, the Russian President appears unshaken over the Financial and trade sanctions imposed on   the  country by the North American country of the United States, US, United Kingdom, UK, European Union, EU and Canada  as punishment for invading Ukraine. Putin had said on Wednesday, March 16, 2022, that ‘’Russia would achieve its goal of invading Ukraine on Thursday, February 24, 2022’’ as the war enters its fourth week.

The Russian President was said to have  sent a message to Joe Biden, the US President and Boris Johnson, the British  Prime mister that he would not ‘submit  to what he called  a western attempt to achieve global dominance and dismember Russia’’. The message was very clear that Russian Forces would not pull out of Ukraine until the purpose of invading the country is achieved and subsequently put a stop to the North Alantic Treaty Oragisation, NATO,  expansion  into Eastern Europe.  He had said that ‘’Russia is ready  ‘’to discuss  neutral  status for Ukraine, which ‘’many believe  has killed thousands  of Ukrainians  and forced millions of others to flee to neighbouring countries of Poland, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria’’.

While the delegations from Ukraine and Russia, the two countries at war are making strenuous  effort to resolve their contradictions and end the war,  Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian President who had delivered  a virtual speech  to the US Congress on Tuesday, March 16, 2022,  was said to have renewed  his appeal to the US for the establishment  of a ‘’no fly zone’’ in Ukraine , a move which  NATO has ruled out  to avoid open confrontation with Russia’’.

Zelenskyy: Ukrainian Presidnent, Addressed US,Congress virtually On Tuesday, March 15, 2022

 Zelensky was said to have told  the US Lawmakers  if it is not going to be possible to establish a no flying zone in the war torn Ukraine, , more weapons should be provided  the country to fight Russia. He did stop there. He has called for stiffer financial and trading sanctions against the country to force Putin to pull out Russia Forces from Ukraine. He had alluded to the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbour during the WWII,  and the terrorists attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, where Americans were targeted from the sky and the step taken by the US government to deal decisively with the situation. He wondered why Biden, the US president would not come to the rescue of Ukraine at this trying time from Russian Forces.

He has  shown live video of scenes  of dead children , pools of blood  an mass graves ‘’in Ukraine  since the Russian invasion to win the heart of the  Lawmakers back Biden to come out fully to support Ukraine with both Humanitarian and military aids.  

Zelenskyy may have gladdened the heart of the US, Lawmakers when he gave situation report of the war that ‘’Ukraine which was almost sinking due to the continuous shelling and bombardment of major cities and towns in the country has  come back alive   to launch counter- offensive attacks against Russia Forces.

He disclosed that four Russian Army Generals have been Killed by Ukrainian Forces sin the war started about three weeks ago, stating that more will still die. A document released by the Ukrainian  ministry of Defense  circulating in major cities in Europe shows that the Ukrainian Forces  have so far destroyed 430 Russian tanks, 1375 armoured  combat vehicles, 190 artelery systems and 108 helicopters.The Ukrainian Defense ministry also claimed that between February 24, 2022 and now, the Ukraine Forces, 13,800 Russian soldiers. .This may be begging the question as the Ukrainian Authorties have repeated begged Naftali Bennett, the Israeli Prime minister and Olaf Scholz, Chancellor of germany and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish president to mediate in the the conflict with Russia to ensure a ceasefire because of the killings in Ukraine. Even Antonio Guterres, the United Nations Secretary General, had cried out that ‘Ukraine is being decimated in the eye of humanity”. It is not surprising why people are wondering where Ukraine forces got weapons to have easy access to Russia n Forces, let alone destroy their weapons of such magnitude that are being bandied about in EU and NATO member countries.

Zelenskyy government may have resorted to Propaganda to demoralise the Russian Forces which was the startegy adopted by Adolf Hitler of the famous Nazi Germany during the WWII , to Campaign against the NATO Forces, when Germany and its allies were losing the war.

 The International Court Of Justice,  ICJ,  a United Nations , UN, agency, may have known that if the war was not stopped soon,that Ukraine would be the worse for it that  on Wednesday,  March 16, 2022, it had ordered Putin ‘’to suspend the Special Military Operations against Ukraine, it had  started on February 24, 2022. 

The UN, Judges were said to have also ordered Russia ‘’ ensure that other Forces  under its control or Supported by the Russian government should not continue the military Operation. They have alluded to the Belarus Army fighting along-side the Russia troops against The Ukrainian Forces.

There are indications that the two countries, Ukraine and Russia, which are involved in the war had made a significant progress on a tentative 15 – point peace plan as at March 16, 2022. The plan, according to agency reports included ‘’a Ceasefire, and Russian withdraw of its Forces if the Ukrainian government declares neutrality and accepts limits on its armed Forces’’. This is in addition to ”the usage of Russia language in Ukraine and Freedom of Speech”.

Sergei Lavrov  the Russian Foreign minister  may alluded to this when he said that  some ‘’formulations for agreement with Ukraine were close to being agreed, with neutral status for kyiv, the country’s Capital under serious consideration.  Vladimir Medinsky, a Russian Negotiator had said that ‘’talks with Ukraine to end the conflict may be difficult and slow but Russia sincerely wants peace as soon as possible’’   he was emphatic: We need a peaceful, free independent Ukraine, neutral- not a member of military blocs, not a member of NATO.

The Ukraine-Russian conflict may escalate  as NATO,  was aid to have concluded plans ‘’to tell its military Commanders  to draw up plans for new ways to deter Russia, including sending more troops and  missile defences in Eastern Europe.

Agency reports   revealed that 10 of NATO’s biggest allies, US, UK, and the EU, have deployed more troops, ships and war planes to eastern flank in Europe. And put more on stand-by as it consider how to face up  to a new security situation  in Europe over the Medium term.

The agency  had reported that  Defense ministers from the security alliance  will order the military advice at NATO Headquatrers in Brussels, Belgium, on Wenesday, March 23, 2022, , just a week  before allied Leaders , including Biden, the US , President, gather  in Brussels, Belgium on Thursday, March 24, 2022, to discuss the Ukraine conflict.

Biden: US, President, Billed To Attend NATO Summit On The Ukraine Conflict In Brussels, Belgium,, Later This March

 Jens Stoltenberg, the NATO, Secretary General may have given an insight to the agenda of the march 24, 2022, meeting when he said the ministers will start an important discussion  on concrete measures to reinforce its security for the longer term in its member countries territory. 

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