Ukraine Crisis: Russia Resorts To Plan B, Scales Down Operations To Forestall Losing Donbas Region

By Lateef Adegbite

Hopes of Vladimir Putin, President of Russian Federation, achieving his two defined goals of liberating the Donbas region as well as take over the whole Ukraine appears to have dimmed.  This is because of the participation of the North American country of the  United States, US, European Union, EU, United Kingdom, UK and Canada, described as the leading members in the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ,NATO, in the war which has entered its second moth.

 Note that Ukraine was carved from Russia Federation in 1992, following the Collapse of the old Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic, USR, in a well- planned political man oeuvres by George Walkar Bush, a former President of the US, to weaken the military strength of Russia thus leaving the country , as the only world power to checkmate countries.

 The Russian President may have known that it is no longer feasible to take over Ukraine, which had remained the target of NATO, since 2008, because of ‘’the resistance of the Ukrainian forces with the backing of the NATO forces that he has his words to scale down the country’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine in order to focus ‘’completely liberating eastern Ukraine Donbas and Luhansk regions’’.

Sergei Rudskoi, of the Russian General Staff Main Directorate, had alluded to this on Friday, March 24,  2022, when he said that the country may  be switching  ‘’to more limited goals  after running into fierce Ukrainian forces resistance  in the first month of the Special Military Operation in the country’’.

President Zelenskyy Of Ukraine

He had made the international Community to believe that that the main objectives of the first stage of the Operation started on February 24, 2022, have been completed. Hear him: the combat potential of he Armed forces of Ukraine  has been reduced considerably which had encouraged them to focus their core efforts  on achieving  the main goal  of ensuring  that the Russian backed separatist Groups  which  now controlled 93% of Ukraine’s Luhansk  region and 54% of Donbas region , the two areas that jointly make  up the Donbas, did not ground to the NATO backed east European country forces.

Rudskoi , had said  that between February 24, 2022 and now, Russia  had lost 1,351  soldiers  while 3,825 others were wounded and maimed but Ukraine hackers who had hacked into the Russian website had planted stories showing that  15,000 Russian soldiers  have been killed in the war to further  demoralize the  soldiers from further continuing the war.

Although, Putin , the Russian President may have  been humbled over the invasion of Ukraine over a month ago,  the Russia  Defense ministry had said that’’ it did not rule out  storming  the Ukrainian cities of Kherson, the port city of Mariuppol  and other cities , which security experts was basically to show that Russia is still in the war.

 The ministry had said the Russia would be forced to use its full military strength in the Ukraine war if any attempt is made by the Security alliance, ‘’to close the airspace of Ukraine’’. The security alliance had resisted pressure from the Ukrainian Authorities to close the country’s airspace but had had been turned down for ‘’fear of direct confrontation between Russia and its forces.

There are indications that  that the NATO –backed Ukrainian forces   have captured towns  east of Kyiv, the country’s capital, formerly occupied by Russian forces, which had be trying  ‘’to seize the city’’.  The UK, had said on Friday, March 25, 2022,  that the Russian forces who could no longer bear the tough resistance of the Ukrainian troops  had fallen  back  on extended supply lines , an indication of a shift in momentum of the two month-old fighting.

Many believe that the Russia forces may have been caught off-guard since he first days of the war with ‘’the intervention of the US and its allies at the instance of Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian President, going  by the level  of push back by the Ukrainian soldiers.

 Joe Biden, the US President, who has championed NATO member countries participation and imposition of economic sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine had embarked on a two-day visit to the EAT European country of Poland on Friday, March 25, 202.

 As a prelude to the visit,  the US .President  had on Thursday, March 24, 2022, barely a month after the Russia forces invaded Ukraine on the orders of Putin,  had attended  an unprecedented ‘’ triple summit’’  in Brussels  of NATO G7 nations and EU  Leaders which was said ‘’to have addressed  the European Continent’s worst  conflict  the 1990s Balkans wars.

Biden Addresses Western Leaders In Brussels During NATO meeting

The US President two-day visits  to Poland , according to Diplomatic sources  follows a trio  of emergency  summits in Brussels, Capital of Belgium, and Headquarters of NATO. Jake Sullivan, the National Security Adviser, NSA, had said that Biden had spent Friday, March 25, 2022, being the first day of the visit   meeting with the US troops stationed in Poland and watching the Humanitarian efforts in the NATO country.

The NSA  had said  the US President  spent more time  in Rzeszow airport,  not far from the border between Ukraine and Poland ,  before  travelling  to Warsaw, the Polish capital, late on Friday  to meet with Andrzej Duda, the Polish President on Saturday, March 26, 2022.   He was said to have spoken to the US. Army’s 82 Airborne Division stationed in the area of Rzeszow airport about ‘’the high stakes of the Russian invasion of Ukraine’’.  He had had told the troops that they are in the midst of a ‘’fight between democracies and Oligarchs’’, referring to rich Russians who have faced western sanctions since the war started  on February 24, 2022.

President Biden In Poland, Visits US 82 Airborne Division In Rezeszow

   The US. President visit to Poland may have given him  an ample  opportunity  to underscore the US commitment  to protect Poland, a key NATO member on Ukraine’s doorstep  which was said to have  accepted  more than 2.2  million refuges  out of the 3.5 million people  who have fled Ukraine going by the United Nation, UN’s records since the outbreak of the war late February, 2022.

Agency reports has it that Biden’s  schedule to Poland  was briefly delayed  after plane carrying Duda, the Polish President  was turned back enroute to Rzeszow airport , forcing him to make an emergency landing in Warsaw. President Duda, was said to have boarded another aircraft and headed back to Rzeszow airport.

 The US President , was said  to have made attempts’’ ‘’to cross the Rzeszow border and take a look at what is going on in Ukraine’’ but regretted that ‘’security operatives won’t let me go’’. His major worry was that ‘’hundreds of thousands of people from Ukraine are being cut off from help by Russian forces and are besieged in places like Mariupol and Kherson cities.

The Polish President may have taken advantage of Biden’s visit to his country ‘’to raise the idea of  an International Peace keeping Mission involving troops from NATO countries  to be stationed in Ukraine .

An aggrieved Biden had told those that cares to listen in Brussels that the visit to Poland would ‘’reinforce his Administration commitment ‘’to show more commitment in dealing with the relocation of the refuges as well as the Humanitarian assistance needed both within and outside Ukraine’’.

 Not many people are surprised at the action being taken by Biden, against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. Recall that some twenty five years ago, when he was in Poland, he had left with a warning to the peopel that ‘’even though USSR has collapsed, some of the NATO’s original members are not doing enough to ensure the security alliance Collective defense’’. He had left Poland on Saturday, March 26, 2022, with a message that ‘’now is the time for the countries in Western Europe to invest in the security of their Continent for the next century’’.

 He noted that the Ukraine war which has entered its second month has left the western Leaders still ‘’consulting over Contingency plans in the case of the conflict spread’’.  The US President who could not hide his feelings had told Journalists in Brussels that   ‘’the Russian invasion of Ukraine  has taken the NATO countries  out of any Complacency it might have felt  and cast a dark shadow  over the Continent’’.  

SAlready, many European countries have increased their defense budgets with an increase in the demand for US manufactured weapons. Take for instance Germany, which had announced that ‘’it will allocate more than $ 110 billion to military funding.  The EU and NATO countries may have realised that the stability of the Europe Continent could no longer guaranteed with the Russia invasion of Ukraine as it could be their turn. In 2008, Georgia was invaded by Russia, the same year, that US, had targeted to get Ukraine into NATO.   

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