Ukraine Crisis: Why NATO Countries Cannot Join The War As Russian Economy Reels  

 By  Elizabeth Chukwuma

 More facts have emerged why the North American country of the United States,US,  and its allies are not yet ready to enter into the Ukraine and war, described as the biggest attack by Russia  on a European state  since  after the WWII, which has entered its 10th day .

 This is because Ukraine which had been targeted by the 30 –member countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, NATO, in 2008, has not joined the Organisation like Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Latvia Lithunia and Estonia, all former allies of the Russian Federation and to forestall a widespread of the war to other European countries.

  Many believe that if Ukraine had joined the Organisation, in 2008, when it was invited, it would have given an opportunity for the US and its allies which could have cashed in on’’ the Collective Security binding members to deploy its missiles and offensive weapons to Ukraine to fight Russia’’. The Collective Security  agreement  had made it mandatory for all  NATO countries‘’ to come to the defense of any member nation ’’if it finds itself under attack’’.    

Jens Stoltenberg, an Army General and NATO Secretary General had said that they are aware of the sufferings of the people of Ukraine in hands of Russia Forces but will not’’ to move into Ukraine, neither are they on ground  nor in the  Ukrainian air space’’ to fight Russia.

Biden: US President

 The NATO Secretary General had made it clear to those that cares to listen that the only reason member-countries could enter into the  Ukraine   war will be’’ if a NATO  Plane was shot down by Russia’’ . Even  Biden, the US, President had said in his recent state of the nation’s address to Congress  that the US forces  which are  going to Europe‘ to fight  in Ukraine  but ‘’to defend  NATO  countries including Poland, Romania, Latvia,  Lithunia and Estonia   in the event that  Putin decides  to keep moving west’’.    

He may have confirmed the news making the rounds that ‘’the US and its allies are providing support to the Ukrainian s in their fight for Freedom,  military assistance, economic and humanitarian going by his Statement. Given an insider information he had revealed that’’ the US has given  more than a billion dollars  direct assistance to Ukraine and will continue to do so’’. This may have informed why the Ukrainians are FIGHTING back with courage the Russian forces who are counting their loses.

   Although,  the NATO countries are  not happy that   Russia forces had bombed Europe’s largest  nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia, Ukraine, noting  that Putin is  ‘’taking his reign of terror a step further’’ which was  enough reason to enter the war  but had failed to do so.

 The Leadership of the UN, International Atomic Agency , IAEA, were said to have put   their incident and  Emergency Centre in full 24/7,  response mode, ‘’  due to   the serious  situation ‘’ unfolding  at the Zaporizhia nuclear plant site in Ukraine which had sent fears to the world Capitals.

 Despite not being involved in the Ukrainian crisis, Anthony Blinken, the US Secretary of State stressed that  NATO member countries   will’’ do everything within their  power  to stop the war’’’.  As a prlude to ending the war,  the US and its allies have refused on Friday, March 4, 2022,  ‘’to police  a no-fly zone  in Ukraine , warning that such a move  could provoke   widespread war  in Europe  with nuclear  power, Russia. Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukraine President did not find this funny.

 Zelensky, who is not happy  with NATO for refusing  ‘’to impose  no –fly zone over Ukraine, had said that that if the Organisation had taken the decision, it would have untied  Russia’s hand as it escalates its attack  from the air  using ‘’ cluster bombs  and other offensive weapons’’.

 Biden had informed Americans that they have no cause to worry about the Ukraine war because in the coming few days, weeks and months,  with the biting economic sanctions from the 27 member countries of the European Union, EU,  including countries like UK,  Canada, Japan Korea, Australia,  New Zealand, Switzerland, and many more,  the country’s $630 billion  war funds will be worthless as it will be hard on them to fight. He had attributed it to the fact that  that the west has chocking   Russia’s access to technology  that will sap the country’s economic strength and weaken its  military for years to come’’ due to the Ukraine crisis.

The US President may have shocked Americans in his state of the nation address when he revealed that the Russian rubble had currently lost  30% of its  value while the Russia  stock market lost 40% , as trading remains suspended which was not good for the economy. According to him the’’ Russian economy is reeling and Putin alone is the one to blame’’.

Putin: Blamed For Russian Crumbling Economy By Biden

The Russian President, appears to be making efforts to reconcile with neighboring countries, by telling that ‘’there are no hard intentions towards any one of them’’, urging the countries not ‘’to introduce any restrictions’’ to Russia. He was said to have assured the neighbouring countries who are sympathetic to Ukraine that Russia will ’’fulfill it obligations and will continue to fulfill them’’, stressing that the attacks on Ukraine was due to their unfriendly actions against the Russia Federations.

The Ukrainian Leadership may have known that Putin, the Russian President is not in hurry to end the war that he has taken the bold initiative to   drag Russia   to the International Court of Justice, ICJ., a United Nations, UN, Court,  based in Hague, to seek emergency measures that will force Putin, to suspend the Special military operations in his country  and embrace peace in order to end the sufferings of the people   and prevent further loss of lives.  President Zelenskyy of Ukraine may have taken the case to the ICJ, for an interpretation of a 1948 treaty   on the prevention of genocide that was said to have been signed by Russia and Ukraine.

Zelenskyy: Embattled Ukraine President, Needs More European Nations’ Support To Fight Russia

There are  indications that  Russia’s attack  on  Ukraine has created over one million  refugees, confirming what Pastor Enock Adeboye , the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian of God, RCCG, had said on January 1, 2022, during the  Church Holy Ghost service, in Nigeria, that there will be too many refuges in the world .  He may not have had in mind that Russia will attack Ukraine which will create the refuge problem.   

The inability of MANY countries to evacuate their citizens, who are mostly students from Ukraine due to the intense fighting in the countr , may have informed why Russian Representatives  had informed the UN, Security Council, that the country is ready at the crossing points  to go into the eastern Ukrainian cities of Kharkiv and Sumy ‘’to evacuate , at least  some 500 India students and other foreign nationals who are stranded, amidst  the raging conflict  in the East European country.  The Nigerian may not have been one of such countries that could not evacuate its citizens from the war-torn Ukraine.

   Engaging he services of Air Peace, the Nigerian government had evacuated 183 evacuees, who were said to have landed  at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, the Feral Capital Territory, FCT, on Friday, March 4, 2022, comprising of 180 adults and three children, on Friday, March 4, 2022.  It was the second of such major evacuation of Nigerians from Ukraine by the government.  A Ministry of Foreign Affairs, sources had said that there are over 5,000 Nigerians mostly students, studying in Ukraine who had been trapped in the crisis.   Note that the first batch of the Nigerian evacuees numbering 416, had arrived the country through Romania, one of the Ukraine neighbouring countries to Ukraines, on board Max Air.

  While many countries are still making effort to evacuate their citizens from the war-torn Ukraine, Elon Musk , the US, multi-billionaire owner of Space X, who was said to have been under pressure from the Ukrainian government including the US and its allies ‘’to block  Russian News sources’’. He may have been disappointed them as he had said that it could only be done  at ‘’gunpoint’’ , meaning that he will not do it.

Musk: Under Pressure To use Space X Company To Block Russia Sources Of News To Weaken their Fighting Capability In Ukraine

 Describing himself  as a ‘’free speech absolutist’’, who must not be seen as going contrary to his business philosophy,  the US, software, business mogul fears that its  Starlink   could be targeted  in Ukraine by Russia forces  if he bows to pressure to block the country News sources.

 Indeed, the refusal of the US  multi-illionaire Space X owner to block Russia News sources may have encouraged the Ukrainian Authorities,  to engage  the services  of its   volunteer’’hacker ‘’corps’’ to hack into Russian website   The volunteer workers  , according to informed sources, use the ’’software  tools  that let Smartphones and Computer owners  anywhere   ‘’to participate  in distributing  denial-service attacks on official Russian websites, block information, let people report Russia troops Locations  and offer instructions  on assembling Molotov cocktails and First  aid’’.

 Many see the Ukrainian Leadership resorts to the use the services

 of its hundreds of –strong hacker Corps to hack into Russia websites as another phase of the Ukrainian crisis which may lead to an unexpected end.   


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