2023 Elections: ‘’The People Have Spoken’’-Buhari

By Suleiman Umaru

 In spite of the technical problems  encountered with the electronic transmission  of the Presidential and National Aseembly elections of  Saturday, February 25,  2023,  President Muhammadu Buhari,  had said that ‘’none of the issues  registered  present a challenge  ‘’to the freeness and fairness of the elections’’, stressing that’’the people have spken’’.

The Katsina state born Nigerian President had agreed   with Nigerians that ‘’there will be areas  that need work  to bring  further transparency  and credibility  to the  voting procedure  in the country’s future elections.Appealing to those aggrieved by the results of the Presidential and National Assembly elections and who can prove  the fraud they claim  is committed against them  ‘’to bring forward  the evidence’’.  He may have alluded to Atiku Abubakar  of the lead   Opposition People’s Democratic Party, PDP, and Peter Obi, a former governor of Anambra state and Candidate of the Labour Party, LP.

Tinubu: Nigeria President-Elect

He noted that if they cannot do so, it will be assumed that the elections has been concluded. He urged the aggrieved parties that if they feel the need to challenge the Presidential elections results, they should please take the case’’ to the Courts, not to the streets’’. He averred that taking the elections issue to the streets will not be in the interest of Nigerians but ‘’inflame, put the people in alarm’s way and all for their personal and selfish gains’’.

Given the outcome of the penultimate Saturday Presidential elections, the Nigerian President, may have unbarred his mind when he declared that ‘’never has the country’s electoral map shifted so drastically in one cycle’’, noting that the Presidential elections has made a bold Statement as states  in all the six geopolitical regions  across the country  appear to have ‘’changed colour’’.

He had alluded to the fact that Katsina, his home state , which many expected  Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, popular, Jagaban , a former governor of Lagos state and Presidential Candidate of the ruling All Progressive Cngress, APC, ought to win on a platter of gold but lost it to Atiku of the PDP.

 He was said to  have also cited Lagos, the nation’s Commercial nerve centre, which has remained the political base of  the APC, Presidential Candidate, which was lost to  Obi, of the LP.  He has a message for politicians that the era of taking voters for granted is over.

Gen. Babangia, rtd: Described Tinubu As A Good Man To Lead Nigeria In This Trying Times

Ibrahim Babangida, a retired Army General a former Nigerian military President may have parted ways with former President Olusegun Obasanjo on the outcome of the Nigerian  Presidential elections  as he has commended Nigerians for ‘’voting rights and electing someone like  Tinubu as the next   President.

He stoppes shotin describing the President-elect as the best man for the job, as declared by Buhari but simply described him   as a ‘’good man for the job’’, stating that that he will ‘’take Nigeria to the next level’’. The former Nigerian military President was emphatic that the President-elect who is coming from a background of a performer would give the country   a sense of direction as he knows ‘’how to put a square peg in a round hole’’.

Appealing to Nigerians and the losers in the just concluded Presidential elections   to join hands with Tinubu, the President-elect  in the business  of repairing the nation that had been damaged over the last seven years, ’ and also to see the emergence of the former Lagos state governor as the next President of Nigeria as ‘’the will of God ‘’.       

 He was emphatic that the work  of nation-building  requires that all hands must be on deck   and  not to polarize the nation on political- divides’’.

Oba Ogunwusi:Oni Of Ife, Urges Tinubu Not Disappoint Nigerians

 Oba Adeye Ogunwusi,  the Oni of Ife, in Oun state,  who may have congratulated the Nigerian  President-elect  in his capacity as the Chairman , National Council of Traditional  Rulers of Nigeria, NCTRN, has urged him ‘’to  ensure  he doesn’t  disappoint Nigerians  and the people of Africa’’.

Describing Tinubu, the President –elect, who has been given his Certificate of Returns , alongside with Kashim Shetima, the Vice President elect, by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, as  a ‘’man of destiny and game changer’’,  he had said that the former Lagos state governor  ‘’not only merit the victory in the highly Competitive elections  but also  has ‘’adequate  proven capacity  to lead the country to enviable  height  in the global  Committee of nations’’.

He would want  the President –elect  ‘’to immediately assemble cerebral men and women  to come up with  an economic recovery Blue prints  and swiftly  upon  his inauguration  on May 29, 2023, , move into action  in a way  that will further  assure Nigerians  of the  ‘’Renewed Hope’’. The revered Oni of Ife said Nigerians cannot wait to be liberated from the unbearable economic hardship that has bedeviled the country over the last four months.

Given the wind of change in the political Leadership of Nigeria, Rishi Sunak,  the British Prime minister, who has joined other world Leaders to send Congratulatory messages to the Nigeria President –elect,  had said that he is ‘’looking forward  to working together with the new  government to grow  Nigeria’s security  and trade ties ‘’ as well as opening  opportunities  for businesses and creating  prosperity  in two  countries.

Sunak: UK,PM, Looking Forward To Working With Tinubu, President-Elect

The British Prime minister was said to have reminded the Nigerian President-elect of the longstanding relationship between the United Kingdom, UK, and Nigeria,that has withstood the country’s over 62 year -old independence from Britain.

While Tinubu, the APC, Candidate, who had won the just concluded 2023, Presidential elections in Nigeria  is still basking in the euphoria of the winning the Presidential elections ,   Samson Itodo,  Executive  Director , Yiaga Africa, a non- governmental  Organisation, NGO, and foremost Election Observer  in South Africa appears to have had  a different opinion about the Nigerian  elections. 

Itodo, the foremost election observer had said that 200 million Ballot papers were wasted in the Presidential and National Assembly elections. Based on the information at his disposal, the South African Election Observer had said that he Nigerian government   expended between six to eight of the North American country of the United states, US, dollars,  per voter,  yet millions of people did  not show  up to cast  their votes.

  This is an indications that billions of tax payers’ money has gone down the drain in the guise of elections. This should be a source worry to Nigerians  as this is money that  could have been used  to provided  drugs  to the nation’s healtcare-  centres and   tertiary Institutions which are at the brink of collapse  because of underfunding  by past and present Administrations.      

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